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Bismillah irr Rahman nir Raheem Well, Apparently all the super duper surgeons become so busy immediately after passing their FCPS part 1 that they forget their juniors and don’t care to give a lil bit of their piece of advice which might help poor souls like us who always look up to somebody else :P Enough of the Rant :P Well I wanted to do that!! Let’s begin the journey of FCPS part 1 Surgery and Allied! As I prepared for my part 1 in 6 months so I’ll give a detailed guideline for 6 monthers but all of the following is applicable to 3 monthers too… You’ll need following books/material: Snell’s Review Netters Atlas Kaplan Anatomy High yield Embryology Pathoma for Pathology BRS physiology First Aid Chandkians MCQ books/ Rabia Ali Past papers PHYSIOLOGY: Do BRS physiology A to Z with special focus on all tables. TABLES ARE TO BE CRAMMED.I repeat. Pani mai Ghol k pee lo: P An imp note: BRS is one of the best physiology books out there. I have read Kap

Doctors or Traders !

The remuneration you have when you see a smile of serenity and gratification on the sufferer’s visage, only a Doctor can tell you, and he is the only one who can relish those feelings. This contentment of healing the sufferer is the real essence of this gallant profession. Doctor is a symbol of hope, sympathy and above all ‘Life’. It’s not a conventional profession one may plunge into for wealth; these people are the chosen ones I believe. This is something that makes it the noblest of the professions. But are the present day doctors up to this spirit? I am afraid the answer is certainly ‘No’. The word ‘Doctor’ is certainly at the verge of losing its dignity because of some people who have made it more or less a ‘Trade’. The patients are somewhat customers to them and it has maligned the repute of this profession to that tangible a magnitude that some people are now even reluctant to go to doctors. A story I’d like to relate lively witnessed by me, a middle classed kid had be


By Ammar Anwar 2nd Year MBBS I am not going to sugar-coat it. KEMU main Ragging hoti hai aur buhat hoti hai. Before coming to KE I used to think KEMU main tou sab shareef theetay he hotay hain, koi Ragging nai karta ho ga , but I was wrong. This extremely nonsensical and idiotic tradition is still present everywhere and that includes KE as well. I was ragged, you are going to be ragged, and everyone gets ragged at least once. It all depends what kind of seniors are doing the Ragging. Meaning no offence to the seniors, with respect to the type of Ragging they do, initially you are going to group all the seniors as either good seniors or bad seniors. The ones in the 'good' group are the ones who will do the light Ragging in the university, maybe even in the hostel but this is mostly the kind done by the female seniors in the university. The bad seniors to you will be the ones who do the Ragging in the hostel rooms at unknown locations in groups and terri

UMT Declamations

It's another TEAM TROPHY, Ladies and Gentlemen!   KEDS wins team trophy at UMT Declamations 2015 with the youngest team ever in the history of KEDS to win a trophy. Numra Urooj   winning the 2nd position in English (serious) category with her fearless style and flawless delivery of speech. She is on a winning streak since last few tournaments and carried the form today. Deserved it big time! And   Fatima Ahmed , 3rd Position in Urdu (Humorous) category! The quali ty humor and her priceless expressions were a treat to watch and were appreciated a lot by the crowd and adjudicators. It was her first ever competition outside KE; Already turning pro Fatima, MashAllah. And   Syed Ahmad Raza   deserves a special mention here. With his proff in less than 2 weeks; he worked tirelessly with our champions from writing the speeches to polishing their delivery and accompanied them too on both days.  Alhamdulillah, such a pleasure to see KEDS flying so high. Keep it up everyone

Prof Insomnia much?

So the most dreaded time of the year draws near. 10 days to go. (aaaaaaaaaaaaa, *totally freaking out*) One question bothers me the whole day in prof, and that is not whether I would be done by my timetable wala kaam by the end of the day, no sir, what bothers me the most is ; "Will I be able to sleep at night?" Usually I am so adrenaline pumped up during exams, that I would be mentally drained by six in the morning (the time I usually go to sleep ) and yet neend would be qoson door. Never in my three profs at K.E have I ever slept a full hour before any written or any viva, cause I just can't. But I have, nonetheless figured out a few ways to cut down on the anxiety insomnia. I know a lot of you who are plagued by the same problem (cause there are only two types of people in the world either insomniacs or the ones that can't get out of the razai ) so here you go ; Drink lots of water during the day. A hydrated brain is more likely to go into


THE SURVIVAL GUIDE: FOOD By  Ammar Anwar  2nd Year MBBS Hello, dear juniors. I welcome you to “THE” King Edward Medical University. I’m sure you guys have had quite a lot of fun in the post-MCAT holidays and you still cannot believe that you’ve made it to the dream University of Millions of students in Pakistan. Well, you have! Congratulations! You now know that you have what it takes to rise above the competition and that is great! The magnificent Patiala is one of the many reasons to be thankful for admission to KEMU lol Life at KEMU is going to be fun. Trust me. The first few weeks are going to be tough as hell. But after the few initial bumps, you’re going to find a spot in the wide canvas of KEMU to express your colors. The initial depression and the overwhelming amount of home sickness is going to be tough at first but then you’re just going to grow out of it, like we all eventually do. I am very sure most of you are not used to the hostel-life experience