Doctors or Traders !

The remuneration you have when you see a smile of serenity and gratification on the sufferer’s visage, only a Doctor can tell you, and he is the only one who can relish those feelings. This contentment of healing the sufferer is the real essence of this gallant profession. Doctor is a symbol of hope, sympathy and above all ‘Life’. It’s not a conventional profession one may plunge into for wealth; these people are the chosen ones I believe. This is something that makes it the noblest of the professions.

But are the present day doctors up to this spirit? I am afraid the answer is certainly ‘No’. The word ‘Doctor’ is certainly at the verge of losing its dignity because of some people who have made it more or less a ‘Trade’. The patients are somewhat customers to them and it has maligned the repute of this profession to that tangible a magnitude that some people are now even reluctant to go to doctors.

A story I’d like to relate lively witnessed by me, a middle classed kid had been recommended an operation and with hope in his eyes, he managed to negotiate with a doctor on the half price for the operation, but the day his operation was due, that doctor went on leave. The other doctor continued the proceedings, even he was anesthetized, but somehow the doctor asked the child about payment. Being told the amount the child had, he was mercilessly sent away home to bring the complete amount amidst the unfinished operation. And the child went away with a broken smile. 

Alas! There are humans I see but where has the humanity gone. I’ve seen some doctors doing much more, I’ve seen them exchanging patients, I’ve seen them medicating wrong intentionally, I’ve seen them refusing to examine because it was not their duty time, I’ve seen them being rude with the sufferers, summarizing, I’ve seen them ridiculing the humanity.
The point is “How a Doctor should be”. He should be just like what the profession demands. The crux of medical profession lies in feeling the pain of patients. A doctor bridges the gap between medical science and society. He is the one through which scientific knowledge is expressed in the best possible way and society is benefited. So, responsibility lies on a doctor to deliver such information with utmost honesty and supreme care. He should be cautious and vigilant in his judgments and must know the ultimate consequences of his decisions as it may lead to drastic effects including costing the precious life of the patient. He should maintain a proper doctor-patient relation sympathizing with his relatives and always giving ultimate preference to the health of the patient. There are doctors which can be epitomized as being the crowns of the profession, who laden with the feel for humanity are doing their duties selflessly, benefiting the ailing humanity in a striking manner. But the other side of coin is really heartrending that needs to be tackled publically. Those cold hearted doctors are playing with fire and certainly making a bad name for this noble profession.

Being a medical student, this question strikes my contemplations and pinches my head all the time, what are “We” going to be, “Doctors” or “Traders”? “


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