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What We Do In KE #3


What We Do In KE #2

By Laiba Khalid On Sundays at home

What We Do In KE #1

By Laiba Khalid Old final year on graduating !


Thursday, 28 March 2013  9:00 A.M.  until 2 :00 P.M. SO you are YOU thinking of pursuing medicine as a career? If yes, the undergrad open day will surely give you a clear idea on what it takes to be doctor...It's not another boring seminar!!! The King Edward Medical University Open Day offers you an insight to undergrads medical life, a key on how to get into K.E.M.U after doing A levels or Fsc, Details of courses offered here, 1st hand stories of STEM alumini and people who have managed it here after a real strong competition, workshops like "so you think you give a diagnosis?" to give exposure to undergrads about life as a doctor...and some more fun stuff like videos and songs etc..

First Professional PART II 2012

ANNUAL EXAMINATION First Prof PART II 2012 Click here:    Past Papers 2012 Anatomy and Histology 

My Epic Tale

By Hassan Saed Ragging Vs. Shawarma :D                Most of you wouldn’t believe the story I am about to tell you, and believe me neither do I. But, nonetheless, it is true. So, I got admission in KEMU and was very pleased (naturally) but at the same time the thoughts of being the freshman there and being fooled and embarrassed haunted me.

Unit 2 Ward Test Obs&Gyne Guide

By Sadaf Hafeez (class of 2013) The test is conducted on your last day in unit 2.Its conducted by PGs.Passing percentage is 60%.One can appear again with next batch in case you flunk it on first attempt.There are three stations. First station has viva from any topic taught to your batch in unit 2.Ma'am goes into details of one topic like if she asks about Twin Pregnancy,she starts from its definition to its types,risk factors, complications etc You can't get away with superficial study on this station :( Second Station is of Instrument: You're asked to identify and tell the use of some instrument. Some similar-looking instruments:

Behind the Curtains with The Anwar Kala - An Interview with the guy whose tales were told!

Behind the Curtains With The Anwar Kaala Interview by: Usama Pasha, M.Bilal, Sadaf Hafeez, Moeed Ahmed, Taroob Latef, Laiba Khalid and M.Salik Written by: Taroob Latef and Moeed Ahmed                  The Legend that still lives in DH

3rd Year Pharmacology Past Papers 2012

By Farkhanda Qaiser 4th Year At the end of last year, when I asked my class fellows, how would they describe 3 rd year? Most of the people answered, Pharma, pharma and pharma…! Well I don’t mean to scare you but pharmacology really is one of the scariest subjects that I’ve encountered so far. And it did take up most of our time too (8 class tests, one test every month…!) However, it’s very interesting once you get the hang of it.

No More Worlds to Conquer

By Anam Naz Final Year I’ve always been a very active child. I loved the games involving physical activity and preferred them over Luddo,Cards etc. Watching Olympics and Asian games on TV left me with a longing to take part in these games myself (stupid childhood dreams). Unfortunately, there wasn't any organized weekly/monthly or even yearly sports activity at my school and all I was left with to quench my thirst was to play 'Pakran-Pakrai', 'Go-Go', 'Baraf-Pani' and 'Pithhu-Garam' with my friends and brothers. Life was quite the same at college where the girls belonging to sports department were the only ones allowed to take part in different games and we, the boring science-girls could only watch and envy. I had almost accepted my life like that and decided that the first thing I’d demand upon entering the Heavens would be a race track with a bunch of people to compete with. :p

My first ever sports week at KE.

A review of the fun-filled days from the CR of 2017 by Ali Naveed Malghani (our parlty CR ;P ) WOW ! What a week, probably the best days at KE so far.. Man that was fun Show started when our flight took off and landed directly to the theme day and horribly we were all dressed as gangsters on GOTH theme !! Terrible :P sorry for that! We knew nothing really how this theme day was to go about but all in all things went well. Day 2 was the funfair. Now that was something for people absent to be envious of. Had great fun. KEMUHOLICS, KEMU LOUNGE, THE IRRITANTS and LALEY DI HATTI made first years the best stall holders in KEMU. Day 3 was colour day. The FALSAY rocked a big time. Cute faces in purple rocked the day. Day 4 was the variety show day. Our skit again rocked the day. And we got Second position too :) Then the prize distribution ceremony was hell of a fun too :D MEMORABLE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SPORTS WEEK: DAY 1 Dressed in gangsters on a GOTH theme and still scream

To be at a place at which THEY were...

This blog has been written for three people, so if only these three of them read and like it, I would be more than happy :) Unsa Athar (1 st  Year) Saad Javed M. Awais Aftab M.Bilal I live in my own world. I have a built an imaginary world around me, where I add the things I love and remove the things I hate. I imagine. I dream with open eyes and that’s the li’l secret that makes me different from others.

Anatomy (Important Topics)

Well, anything can be important from examiner’s point of view but the topics repeated and important most of the time are as follows:     Gross Anatomy:     Bones:           Never compromise in this part as almost every region has some bone. Some bones are done separately while hand,foot,pelvis are done as a whole.Their anatomical position, side determination,features and attachments,clinicals are important in vivas as well as spotting(osteology and X-rays). A bone or any viscera is to be held according to your anatomical position, not according to examiner’s anatomical position. Ossification of some exceptional bones i.e. clavicle (first bone to ossify and ossify in membrane), femur (secondary centre for lower end appear at end of 9 th month of IU life), humerus etc. is important. Law of ossification is very important. Sesamoid bones are also important.

Upper limb

By Fatima Qamar Topics you must cover: HAND  Flexor extensor retinaculum  structures passing through them.  Muscle tables arches arteries & branches median/ulnar nerves  their area of supply  dual supplies and their injury clinicals  e.g ape thumb etc bursas,sheaths carpal tunnel syndrome ulnar claw hand wrist joint palmar aponeurosis actions of hand muscle Spaces

Neuroanatomy Models Labelled


Embryology Models 2nd Year (labelled)

                     Embryology Models 2nd Year (labelled)     Development of Cardiovascular System Embryology model: Atrial Septal Formation Embryology model: Cardiovascular system Embryology model: Development of heart labelled Embryology model: Development of heart labelled

2nd Year Viva Questions 2012

Courtesy : Class of 2015 Anatomy Major Ext.Neuro:dura,folds,contents,venous sinuses Csf production and drainage,dural nerve supply,arterial supply of cerebellum,lesions of cerebellum..AP:features of stomach,attachment of lesser omentum on liver,contents of portahepatis,extrahepatic biliary app. its blood supply,cholilithiasis,sigmoid mesocolon attachment contents sigmoid colon arterial supply.... Int.HN:structures passing through foramena,venous sinuses,sup vena cava formation,lymphatic drainage of tounge,most common site for cancer in tounge,nerve supply of toung,larynx cartilages,cartilage involed in vocal cord formation,main cartilage for speech,abductor of larynx nerve supply,cause of origin of recrunt layrngeal,ligamentum venosum formation,development of liver,development of diaphragm, batch E, Ext: spleen, borders, impressions, pelvimetry, three conjugates, obstetric, true and diagonal, identifying male from female pelvis, medulla, nuclei present