My first ever sports week at KE.

A review of the fun-filled days from the CR of 2017 by Ali Naveed Malghani (our parlty CR ;P )

WOW ! What a week, probably the best days at KE so far.. Man that was fun

Show started when our flight took off and landed directly to the theme day and horribly we were all dressed as gangsters on GOTH theme !! Terrible :P sorry for that!

We knew nothing really how this theme day was to go about but all in all things went well.

Day 2 was the funfair. Now that was something for people absent to be envious of. Had great fun. KEMUHOLICS, KEMU LOUNGE, THE IRRITANTS and LALEY DI HATTI made first years the best stall holders in KEMU.

Day 3 was colour day. The FALSAY rocked a big time. Cute faces in purple rocked the day.
Day 4 was the variety show day. Our skit again rocked the day. And we got Second position too :)
Then the prize distribution ceremony was hell of a fun too :D



  • Dressed in gangsters on a GOTH theme and still screaming 1st year zinda baad like we have achieved something :D
  • The JOKERS of first year leading the walk :/
  • Stall decoration at the very last moment
  • Taking 100s of photos on the 1st day of our 1st sports week

  • The irritant tease every second person in the function with the ear tearing "peepi aur bajay" as shown on SAMAA TV.
  • Salman Imran Butt paying Rs.1000 takein rakhi na bandhi jaye usei :P
  • The standing ride on the beautifully decorated tonga
  • The cold coffee getting 100 sales 
  • CR and GR ka rakhi bandhan
  • Spending all my money on 1st year stalls
  • name in Chinese writing
  • The LALA of LALAY ki hatti falling many times, due to low sale than the investment on his hatti
  • Requesting people to come to the stalls and eat tasteless eatables and if they dont agree, snatching their glasses or tearing their ear drums
  • CHITTA KUKAR dedication to 1st year :D 
  • CR running all over anarkali to find purple things
  • beautiful decoration of FALSAY stall
  • The first .. THAT MAHAM KHAN ki RACE.. Maham was half the track when students of other classes started running (unfortunately those were the 2nd persons of 4 people relay race)
  • then that IZZA ka run.. yo man! we were back in competition but little too late. Zabreen ran with whole 1st year screaming GR GR
  • 2nd race!! AMMAD.. Speeeeeeeeed.. 1st lap we were 1st. 2nd lap Hamid... zapppaaaak we were again 1st. 3rd lap...shoooootttt .. AB rafay! Again at 1st just before the ending of the lap. Then a slip. And OMG Khwaja Hassan begins at 5th. Man! HE CAN RUN! we finally end up 3rd!
  • Basharat running with an injured ankle and survived. HATS OFF
  • The kemu leaflet distributed for them to be used as fans ;)
  • Yet again, 1st year ZINDBAAD!!
The reward day
  • news comes, skit at 9, OMG we never ever have all the participants at uni at 8. BHAAGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • The fake call to CR k larai ho gyi hai, bhaag k aao and his run :P
  • AB rafay and Unsa's jhagra in the skit :P 
  • Their MATAM ;(
  • Ahmad Rafay's heart touching poetry :)
  • YA KHUDA grabbed 2nd position
  • Ammad bagged 7 medals
  • mixed relay, ammad, hassan, izza, maryam fatima got silver medals
  • khwaja hassan bagged 4 medals
  • hamid ali bagged 3 medals 
  • maham khan , muzna shah, bakhtawar altaf also got medals

Special thanks to Khawaja Hassan
Ayesha Tasneem
Hamid Ali
Manaqib zain
Maham Khan
And all others who got shields and medals

Thanx for making us all proud :)

The sports week would have been impossible without the services of

Zabreen Tahir
Zainab Ahmad
Unsa Athar
Maryam Amin
Ayesha Seerat

Shereeen , ur drawing , thankku for making those stalls special :)

Mubashir tanvir , thankku for being that tall guy for stalls . Awais Raza !! Yo man :)

Photographers !! Ahmad Latif , Naurez , Noormah and all others who helped us steal those moments and keep them together wid us forever .

Salman Imran Butt , sir , ur energy motivated me and all of us to stand up for all our classmates .

Thankkku all others too . U all worked wid us :) our class worked together

Zoraiz and Uneeb , buddies u rocked :)

Jhummar wid Khawar , anas , nashit ... was fantabulous

Thanx jawad for responding to be the terrorist in skit

Tayyab , asim , jafri sahab :*

OMG ahmad rafay afzal , u rock in narration too :)

AB Rafay and Jibran , jb tm dono ke baari aye to saari dunya dkhti reh gye :)

Wsy we have an awsm class . Sorry if i missd any

Yh !!! Not to miss taimoor , talha tarar , awais , ashar and sheri for great dressing on all days

I dun know names of some girls who workd in skit and helpd zabreen alot in stall decoration thanx to u too :) 

Gothic gals :D
Khawaja u rock!


Sangeeen, its ok man :P dil pe na lo
so lucky hassan :P

Prizes :D
abdullah ki choti si family :P
 Our skit grabbing 2nd position :P
LALEY DI HATTI ; Best Stall!!


  1. awla yr :) parh kr aur bi maza aya :) nd its a pity missed the last two day :('

  2. :) nice piece ov writing (Y) ... kemlyf rocks.. kemcolians rock n batch 17' keep on rocking :D

  3. well done ali,,proving yourself to b a good C.R,,keep it up, its the fun season, 2 or 3 more such events ...............and then the HORRIBLE prof dayz.......



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