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Words of A Kemcolian Pixie.

Knowledge and Information. Parhai Or Taleem..? Unsa Athar He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a   fool . Shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is   simple . Teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is   asleep . Wake him. He who knows, and knows that he knows, is   wise . Follow him.   The demonstrator explains the clavicle. I listen. I frown. Itna kuch itni si bone mein :-|  I learn it. I revise it with friends. Holidyas. I think  Chalo clavicle hi revise kr letey hain. I try. But I cannot remember much about it. CLAVICLE TK BHOOL GYI. Why? Because it was some idiotic information that just doesn’t stay in my brain. It keeps on slipping out. I just have to cram and cram and cram it to memorize things.  Every year, the same incidents happen. Conceptual study jitni b krlo, marna to end mein ratta hi hota hai. I wake up till 3 o clock, trying to revise the entire course.  I get a permanent acne and hair

Prof Sick Syndrome- It's that time of the year again !

by Laiba Khalid PROF SICK SYNDROME- IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN !!! (PART 1)  Which sucks all the happiness out of you & you feel you will never be happy again ! When  Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main;  You make various pit stops on your way to the study room/table because this seems the hardest journey every morning and you literally have to drag yourself to it. When  Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main  ; While sitting down to study you get lost in thoughts about just anything & everything. So there is absolutely no room for more info in your brain. When  Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main  ;  A typical viva scenario -_- When you constantly have to remind yourself that its nothing but the prof effect ! Admit it ! this scares the hell out of you :P When no matter how many resolutions you made last year..n o matter how brilliantly u aced your last prof..n o

KemStories: Every time your friends get more marks than you.

Every time all your friends get more marks than you!


Having problems with your study schedule? Clueless regarding where to start and how to start? Puzzled on how to get in the studios/nerdy mode efficiently without risking much of your sanity? Looking for a few tips every now and then that might help you through this gauntlet of studies? If No?? then this is not for you. You just wasted a not-so-significant click of yours. And if Yes??? Then you are in the right place! Good for you ^_^ So getting started with the business, here we go:

Time Management! (A general analysis)

There is a God-forsaken quagmire at the rear of my place. You cannot negotiate with it as to assuming that you would walk through it and that too with a reluctantly sluggish tread, and still expect it not to gulp your whimsical entity in. Cruel, isn’t it? So is “time”. Want to swallow the bitter fact that “When you fail to plan, you actually plan to fail”? Not that delicious, I know.   Embarking on with recalling our old school times- How many times did you ask your teacher “Mam, May I go to drink water?” or “May I go to washroom?” and end up without making a comprehensive joy round of the whole campus in the name of accomplishing the expected task (water/washroom)? :P And speaking of our day to day life even in university now, don’t most of us have Facebook notification alerts on our “cell-phones”? According to an analytical observation, people waste most of their time in seeing and replying to text messages that pop up every now and then; and you can verily judge how

Tales of A Kemcolian Pixie. (Part 2)

Unsa Athar Walks to remember... The Silent trees.. the foggy buildings.. The moist grounds.. the fallen leaves.. <3 The first days at KEMU were not as good as I expected.. but with the passage of time I am falling in love with the university!(nai, wo wala love nai :-p ) The history of KE is reflected in its each and every wall. Every pigeon that does "guttar goo guttar goo" seems to be saying "Welcome doctor saab". Seeing the freshmen getting ragged in some really odd ways hurts but I pray that the seniors spare them soon so that they may also enjoy Kemlife. The last week in KE before the winter hols has been..amazing! The long long walks from cafe to patiala block, sitting under the sun in front of white building, going to Al-kareem and still not getting an ice-cream ;( , strolling in the Kitab Mela  aimlessly, going to Union, coming back and then being dragged to Union again by friends for not bringing notes for them, trying to understand what phys

The Epic Adventure Begins

The Epic Adventure Begins: First day at KEMU! Muhammad Salik This is how it started on the very first day at KEMU.   Rising early.... taking a hot bath. Grinding teeth with tooth brush for the first day in the most prestigious medical institute...... had breakfast and here we headed to the dream of our life, K.E… Entered K.E.. the beautiful architecture of Patiala block… the students in white coats…such a delightful sight…. And we don’t know where to go… thinking fast what to do….-click- be smart and ask someone…. “Baji where is the welcome speech taking place" eyes full of fear of getting fooled but heart still believing that this is K.E and the seniors here are the brightest, most respectable students of all Pakistan so they cannot do such horrible thing like ragging....... and as expected of our senior female students they gladly showed us the way to the auditorium. "Go there and then there and then turn left and you'll be in front of the Auditorium." Y


by Sania Mumtaz Tahir 2nd yr   It is to say, welcome juniors. It is almost customary to say that, “juniors bohat over hain yaar!” a nd rightly so, because each year surpasses the last in its confidence, merit and perhaps, talent. Yes, it hurts a bit to admit this. The first encounter of yours with your seniors, and attention, anatomical position!  No need denying it, everybody hates their seniors then. Some might go as far as cursing them which is definitely not good. Ragging is just a small intro to a lifelong friendship with the people who help you most. But let’s hear it from the seniors first on how do they feel about their junior. First impression: Hate them First encounter: Hate them still, they have no respect for the seniors at all. Slowly things might and usually do get better between us all. Thank God for that. But the real reason behind all this hostility is not so hostile after all. Let’s consider a kid who is youngest in the family and after a

Time Table and Academic Calender for 1st year

Time Table and Academic Calender for 1st year by Muhammad Salik For the K.E First year students as many are having difficulties with the time table and academic calender..... I present to you the Time Table of 1st year class..    After this I present to you the Academic calender of Anatomy That's all Folks!

Accessing and watching Youtube videos during ban in Pakistan. The solution for educational purposes only!

Accessing Youtube during ban in Pakistan. The solution for educational purposes only! Youtube ban may be affecting students as there are clinical method videos esp ENT ones for 4th year on it..  So here's the perfect solution 1) Download spotflux 2) Open the downloaded file and install it 3) It will prompt in the middle asking you to add the driver. Click yes. 4) At the end, it will ask you to install a bundled program.. It is recommended not to install that and click on cancel when it asks. 5) Now you're done. The program will sit in the notifications area. And you can watch Youtube clips just like before.

In a Soldier’s life

The fruit of tour de APDC (All Pakistan Declamation Contest) Risalpur, 2012, happened to fall in my lap, luckily. Speaking formally, I and Hammad Shafi were given a chance to represent KEMU in Risalpur. Although we didn’t win the trophy but still made it to the top ten teams out of 46 Universities of Pakistan. Well! We gave our best and left the rest to Allah. After all, it was another feather in the cap. Didactic, everything was.  Anyway, literally speaking, I am not jotting this 4-day (12-15 th December) event down to flaunt any privilege and apprise you of the particulars of the whole contest, neither am I going to enlist the names of the winners (GCU, Lahore won the trophy though). Leaving the details of all the lifetime fun and the memorable socializing we got to avail during those 4-day sojourn in PAF Academy; the exhilarating c130 experience to and fro Risalpur; those joyrides in the Mashak airplanes making Mardan, Noshehra and Peshawar look like ants under the w

Tales of A Kemcolian Pixie. (Part 1)

A FIRSTULA’S FEELINGS..! Unsa  Athar Seeing my name in the KEMU list…viola! I did it..! Happiness…ecstasy.. Feeling excited for the interview…butterflies in tummy.. 6 th December.. Waking up.. Getting all togged up.. Sitting in the cold lecture hall.. Excited parents.. Chattering students.. And then the drama begins..*Drum roll* Medical examination. Documents’ submission.  Former was fun. Latter was a tragedy.                                                                                       13 th December 2012, entering the gates of the most prestigious institution of all times.  Entering the auditorium.. and that is where it all started. Listening to the VC, taking that oath, and the group photo scene was pretty cool. The best part was getting the forms for Shahbaz Shareef’s laptop forms :-P And then we were told to go to the physiology department. Scared baby freshmen walking in groups and seniors eyeing us as we were something to eat. With nast

FSc Pre Medical Road to Success- A Detailed Guide by Toppers

Written By:  Unsa Athar (Batch 2017) Updated By:  Fazeela, Tuaseen and Mahrukh (Batch 2024) (Dedicated to my teachers who not only taught me the fsc books but also many priceless lessons of life)   (Unsa Athar) Hello FSc people! 2020 is already here and you all must have geared up to ace the ordeal coming ahead: Admission into Medical College. It’s the time to soar high in the sky and see your dreams come true, the dreams you’ve had so passionately in your heart for so long. But the big question that you hear almost everywhere is: “How to get good marks in FSc Pre Medical?” By  UHS Admission Criteria 2019 , FSc makes 50%of your aggregate, so getting a high score in FSc is vital. But you don’t need to be scared because we are here to ease your sufferings and push you towards your goal. This is an in-depth FSc Pre Medical guide that covers everything from paper presentation tips to acing the practical exams. Ready? Let’s get started.