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The Celebs of KE - Interviews

Behind the Curtains with Salman Ahmed [Interview] (session 10)

Master of All Trades, Jack of None

Doctor. Guitarist. Singer. Author. Teacher. Cricketer. Actor. Ambassador. Salman Ahmad has done much and proven more.

IMG_1008 (2).JPG
Graduate of King Edward (1988) with a “junoon” for music like no other, Salman Ahmad loved Physiology, hated Forensic, used to captain the King Edward cricket team, formed a band at KE “The Doctors’ League” and has almost single-handedly begun the trend of Sufi music in the current era.

The story behind the larger-than-life figure, for whom the students lovingly chant, "Shakeel tere jaanisar, beshumaar beshumaar"

Dr. Ramzan has devoted his whole life to the place he so loves. As Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Unit I he has gained respect and admiration among the students, and has taught the likes of Professor Zahid Kamal.

A family man to the core and a gentleman by nature, Dr. Azhar Hameed is soft spoken, places extreme importance in morality and yearns to spend more time with his children.

With the world's every possible degree to his asset and with the biggest social circle any doctor ever had, Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal is every right a master of all trades - the face of Pakistan's surgery across the world.

Author of numerous published papers, Dr. Pal holds special interest in nasal and sinus surgery.Humble and soft hearted inside, he talks about himself and his profession.

1. Behind the Curtains Session 6 - Dr. Attya Mubarik Ex Prof Anatomy
The commander of the biggest fan following in KE and the most popular Professor of Anatomy to date, Dr. Attya Mubarik SPEAKS HER HEART OUT (Literally!) 

2.Behind The Curtains Session 5 - Dr. M. Zahid Prof of Pharmacology
The Gold Medalist of Pharma quietly talks about his life over a cup of tea.

3.Behind the Curtains Session 4 - Dr. Rafea Tafweez Prof of Anatomy
The Ring Leader of the biggest Dept of KE, read here about her personal and professional journey.

4.Behind the Curtains Session 3 - Dr. Kamran Aziz Ex-Prof Biochemistry
The elegant former Biochem Genius has alot to say on the current and past affairs.

5.Behind the Curtains Session 2 - The Legendary Anwar Kala
Humble and blushing, Anwar Kala tells us the origin of "Daaksaab Chai Paani?!"

6.Behind the Curtains Session 1 - Pro VC & Prof Ophthalmology
As lovable as he appears to be, see how the shy Dr. Asad gives a bold interview.

Other Interviews

A detailed insight into his life, how Dr Asad becomes a huge name in Ophthalmology?!

Tweety Talks !
With his love for crisp and white eastern-wear, the very straight and median “maang”, the toothbrush-y mustache, and that ever green, ever kind smile, that’s Tweety aka Javed Iqbal uncle for you.

Interview with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud
 * Kemcol English Section Sneak Peek *

Magnate Meets Medicine--Uzair IkramThis is a success story , when we think of one, we expect it be the cliched but Uzair breaks that stereotype.

Gudoo Finger Chips Anarkali "Getting candid with the man behind it all."
How selling chips outside KE changes his life overnight?

Living Legends of KE

A Walk Back in History -
Dr. Akhtar Khan Ex. Principal
Prof Dr. Imran Akram Sahaf -
Legend of KE - Pride of Pakistan

Pride of KEMU: Illustrious Kemcolian Authors

What we do in KE: Graduation Special 
The Little Things in Life by Ayesha Shahid
KE: Through a Minion's eyes  By Maryum Ayoub
Ten things I love about Kemcolians By Sidrah Latif
Ten things I *hate* about Kemcolians... By Sidrah Latif
To be at a place at which THEY were... By Unsa Athar
Life in Practice : Wards and DH
Expectation VS Reality By Aneeqa Javed
Wards Dissected -- For third years By Sadaf Hafeez
Wards 101: Welcome to wards 

Societies @ KEMU  

Click here: Societies @ KEMU

Events @ KEMU

KemArchives: Sports Inside '15 by Awais Raza

KemUnited Annual Honor Ceremony - Event Review   By Anosha Anwar

BAKE SALE '14 - Relived.   By Romesa Qaiser Khan

"The All Pakistan Intercollegiate Convention for Story writers" brought forth by KELS! By Fatima Qamar

 King Edward Film Festival 2014  By Laiba Khalid

The Lantern Eve aka ( LIGHTS OF HOPE) ! By Aleesha Kainat

MAKE-A-DREAM FUNDRAISER: A Week In Review.      By Romesa Qaiser Khan

 Winners KemComics Fiesta 2014  By Laiba Khalid

KemComics Fiesta 2014   By Laiba Khalid

 Laptop distribution ceremony'13  By Khawar Sana

The Bird's Eye View of Laptop Distribution in KEMU     By Farkhanda Qaiser
From Palace to Slums Season 2  By Sidra chishti, Waseem Sajjad
From Palace to Slums By Sidra chishti, Waseem Sajjad

Hostel Life

A Month At Dorm.. by M.Usama
Soon to be exiled 1st Years   by Lubaba Mukhtar
Of rats and soggy croissants - the ultimate hostel survival guide by Amna Khalil
Hostel Life: Expectations Vs. Reality By Aqsa Mumtaz.
The Broome Hall Sojourn....!By Usama Irshad
Hostelites vs day-scholars! By Lubaba Mukhtar
Surviving the 'Dorm-Storm'---the Ultimate Guide To a Happier Dorm Life (# For Male Freshmen)   
By Usama Irshad
Living with 'alien cats' and surviving the cat-fights for allotment:the ultimate hostel guide (#for Female Freshmen)  By Unsa Athar

Eat-outs Around KE

Drink tea. by Amna Khalil
Top Places to Eat, around KEMU! All Questions related to food around KEMU answered! with brilliant maps and accurate reviews !
Top Eat-Outs around KEMU: Guide Re-Invented by Taroob Latef

Study Tips/guides

Time Management! (A general analysis) by Syed Ahmad Raza
Coarse Prof Resuscitation (CPR) _ A basic guideline when even ABC stops making sense! by Anosha Anwar
Relaxing During Study-Breaks - Fun stuff !
Wisdom of Time-management by Sadaf Hafeez
The BSc English Exam: Guide to Becoming a Graduate before completing your MBBS !!
General Tips for Vivas by Dr. Naeem Majeed
General Tips for Written Papers by Dr. Naeem Majeed
Study Less, Learn more (Part1)by Sadaf Hafeez
Discover and Learn the accelerated learning techniques in this series and do more in less time !
Study Less, Learn More (Part2)
Study Less , Learn More Part 4
You Are Not Alone ! Here's a series of articles in which medical students and experts share how they cope with the challenges of Medical Training

Research for Medical Students

Research for Medical Students (Part 1) By Dr Asad Khizar. Must-read!
Research for Medical Students Part 2


How To Read a CT Scan of the Brain (Part 1) by Dr. Asad Khizar
How To Read a CT Scan of the Brain (Part 2)
Wards or No wards!!!!!!!! by Dr. Asad Khizar
The importance of going to wards and not sitting at zero-point !


Students at KEMU Syeda Kanza Afzal
The Art of Making a CV by Taroob Latef
How to install windows 7 on shahbaz sharif laptops by McFearless
Random things I learnt from school and college which I think will help me in university! by Unsa Athar

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KEMU couples be like...

Urdu Blogs 

استدعا by Ayesha Shahid

Main Kia Likhun میں کیا لکھوں۔۔۔؟
by Qudrat Ullah
بلا عنوان....
                                         رب نوں یار منیے 

English Blogs 

Optimism: You Gave me An Expression The Power of Optimism!
Saba Noor (1st Year) writes her thoughts on a journey from hopelessness to hope...
The Woman Of Today
A “Knight-ingale” (A tribute to Sidra Latif)
Bye Bye Final Year
His Last Bow [An Excerpt from the diary of Dr. John E. Hall]
 Thinking outside the Box 1: Robotic Surgery  By Muhammad Mohsin Ali
Med School Blues
 Reminder: Be human.
Through the Looking Glass


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