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Kemcolian Legacy – Story of Reunion ‘88

By Ruhma Ihsan
3rd Year

It was a gloomy and dark day when Dr.Sidra gave me the news that I have to stay here in winter vacations to help our seniors in planning their reunion. I agreed, "seniors, ahan" *sighs*

They are planning their 25th anniversary of graduation and I was like what??  What will we do in party of some old dry sophisticated papery doctors?!

Then the show started. Day after day of meetings and discussions followed. Surprisingly we enjoyed those meetings; the spice of the meetings was Dr.Nadeem Ali Khan. The way he smiled at us like a beloved father and said,"Guriya" filled our hearts with affection for him. He holds a prestigious office and yet he is so humble. *Respect Sir*       
On that day (25th December) we woke up planning that we will stay serious and behave in a mature manner. After promising ourselves thus, we reached Patiala cricket ground. There we were told that more than one class has come. Match was planned between classes of 1988 and 1993. Stalls of Golgappy, pathory, samosay and dhai bhaly were there to entertain the guests and it was quite a highlight. Match started and everybody’s focus turned to the commentator. She was a breath of fresh air, man enough to challenge every man in that ground, making jokes about everyone there. People were laughing like hell. Her free style and taunting jokes in cute Punjabi made the match most enjoyable item of the day.

Then after taking pictures and chatting, we took them to Patiala lecture theatre no 2 which was decorated by tayyaba, shabab and zahra for them. It was the moment where the whole event turned around for us. The seniors came from all over the world for this reunion and they were thanking us and telling us how much the Kemcolian legacy meant to them. They told us about the time when they were not allowed to talk to girls and they were quite sad about this. :p Dr.Adeem even told us that once a girl asked him for time and he couldn’t sleep for the next 3 nights!! They told us how blessed and honored we are to study in such a prestigious University. One of them said, "I have never met a single Kemcolian who is not proud of being a Kemcolian." 

 This was truly the time where we felt our hearts filling with pride. Yes we stand apart in our shiny armors .Yes, we are Kemcolians! Alhumdulilah.

 They kept telling us that they wanted to give back to KE and if any of us needed any help we are most welcome. Thanking us again and again that we have helped them picture themselves in these corridors and grounds again. They felt like young College boys and girls again.

  They told us many of them have come from England, America, Bangladesh and many other countries and they were the most excited ones with unshed tears in their eyes. They felt as if they’d give anything to bring back that time when they were reckless students here; when their lives were all about substages and roaming around in anarkali.

Evening ceremony started with us welcoming them in new auditorium. There a comment wall had been made where everyone from Batch ‘88 gave their comments about how they felt about coming to KE after such a long time. They were so caught in this moment, overwhelmed by their happiness and kept appreciating us.They spent the evening telling each other where they are now and we were amazed by the diversity of their success.

PSO to Vice chancellor of KEMU, Chairman Anmol, Directors of Akhuwat, Doctor of PCB, Examiner of pleb and F exams in UK, Consultants, Surgeons, Professors, Income tax commissioner, Foreign officers and many more and it was only one batch. We felt so happy as if we were told of our successes but yes it was the achievements of KEMU and we all are a part of this. Kemu is one of the very few Colleges in the world whose doctors have an active community all over the world. They look out for each other. Yes, I am blessed to be a part of Kemcolian legacy. We felt burdened by the expectations that we have to match this level of achievement. It was like 157 years of eggs in our basket!

Day ended with a royal banquet and guests started departing with a promise to themselves that they will come again next year, they have to....


  1. chaaa gy hain ap :) :)

  2. well done ruhma, thubs up

  3. Naveed Qadir MalghaniJanuary 5, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    Wow, NOSTALGIC. My immediate Senior class. All Known faces

  4. Great information. Thanks for providing us such a useful information. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time. Stay Cheerful With Cricket


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