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Book Review: Darbaar-e-dil by Umera Ahmed

By Lubaba mukhtar
1st year

It’s an Umera Ahmed novel so many of you must have already read it, but I thought it’s such a teaching piece of literature that it should be farther recommended to those who haven’t yet had the privilege of reading it.
It’s a must read for girls especially of ages 14-18; even if you’re older than this; I think it can still teach any lass a lot. It’s a story laying emphasis on the beautiful fact that there is no one who loves us more than our Lord. It’s a story of the strength of prayer, it’s a story of the foolishness of “ashraf-ul-makhlookat”. It’s a story of bending our destiny, changing our fate by the strength of prayer. It’s a story teaching us that:

“[b/Israel 17:11] And man prays for evil like the way he seeks goodness; and man is very hasty.”

It’s a story underlining the significance of the fact that Allah chooses what is best for us always.
It’s the story of the life of a girl who preferred the love of a mortal man and abandoned the love of God for it, she forgot:

Her life was moulded by her prayers and to find out the answers of her Almighty Lord to her prayers, do read: “darbaar-e-dil.” You won’t be wasting your time or energy.
This book is now available at KemUnited E-library.


  1. Ive read only 2 novels by Umera Ahmed so far which were very powerful. Made me a fan. But this one was a lil disappointing, I mean how could a girl or anybody with that strong character and faith fall in "ishq" with a voice over the phone ?! the plot could have been better but the message is good ! nice recommend :)

  2. i thought it was a good read for young immature minds, i basically recommended it for everyone's younger sisters :) i'll try to recommend one that doesn't disappoint you in the least bit; which two of umera's novels have u read?

  3. i thought it was a good read for young immature minds, i basically recommended it for everyone's younger sisters :) i'll try to recommend one that doesn't disappoint you in the least bit; which two of umera ahmed's novels have u read?

  4. ah yes it will be a good read for young immature minds :) Peer-e-kamil and La-hasil.

  5. yup, they are both brilliant but la hasil was really depressing! i'm trying to get my hands on a novel not available anywhere on the internet; you'll probably like that a lot, u just have to wait until i get it :)

  6. yeah quite a shattering one !
    inbox me :)


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