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-Ayesha Saeed Malik
1st year

A wise person once said:"if you think shy, you act shy." That wise person couldn't have been more right. For THOUGHTS  are 'the great ancient mysteries' elevating mankind to the throne of creations. Their contemplation is beyond our ability, an enigma we all endeavor to solve. Like the simplest of things that appear so complex, our thoughts take root as docile fabrications of our mind that twist and knot into deep and unfathomable intricacies, wherein lies the ultimate power to control our actions.

BUT our thoughts get manipulated during the course of life into slackness, removed from the highest ranks of hierarchy, rendered incapable of inspiring and motivating, of working their magic in our lives. 

We all suffer from self-depreciating thoughts,for no one escapes this world unharmed. We begin doubting ourselves and all the big dreams we carry in our pocket, suspecting our staunch beliefs, losing hope and sight of ambitions that once seemed only a breath away, guiding us out of the darkness and into the light. Life becomes a big pool of disappointment and dejection. The strength to continue,to fight back, to win, vanishes. The only thing that stays behind is fear of failure and humiliation.

Unfortunately,what we forget in this dilemma is that we hold power over all! Our thoughts and actions abide by our rules. They take the course we put them on. It is we, who gives them the authority to effect us. We are INCHARGE of everything! Yet, we are Frightened into dormancy by what has now become a national dilemma; 'what would people say? What would people think?' And so we quench our potentials before honing them, quitting before even beginning . It is quite depressing ,if you ask me, because we are missing the fun, the thrill, the exhilaration of living and exploring, of discovering newer and wider horizons! We are foolish to give into people's gibberish babbling, born of nothing but their crude insecurities. Hence,even more foolish to be missing on a lot of new amazing experiences waiting to be unfurled. 

The ugly truth is: we are COWARDS, who are unable to unchain themselves from the century old traditions, to try newer ideas and to unravel the intriguing mysteries of the universe. Afraid that some ghoulish form of reality might  pounce on us the minute we leave the shelter of our blissful yet spineless haven. 

In living a life dominated by our fears, we miss our chance at actually living. We let our inane thoughts override our bold ones and get trampled upon, time after time, by the courageous people who don't think shy and certainly don't act shy! The world belongs to those who are willing to take a chance at tempting fate. These are 'the masters of time' ,who succeed in enslaving 'fate' into a vessel formed purely of their will.

I say we break free of these shackles! Its time to say Goodbye to our fears once and for all! Its NOW or NEVER! Let's s embark on an adventure and find ourselves! Let's breathe fresh,wild air and bask in the sun and never get trampled upon! Let's LIVE LIFE!!! What are you waiting for? LETS DO IT!


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