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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

By Lubaba mukhtar
1st year

We can’t ever understand or feel what a cancer patient goes through; we can only imagine; and when I read “the fault in our stars” by john green; I felt like all the people in the clutches of this monster in this novel seemed to say:
When darkness engulfs me, when it becomes hard to breathe;
How I yearn to be free, from the worries that in me seethe;
I’m a prisoner of my fatigue, my stress making me stoop low,
My strength and hope vanishing, my own body is my deadly foe;
I feel lonely in a crowd, in the shrieks and screams of silence;
The enveloping distress makes the air I breathe in so dense,
When darkness swallows me, when it becomes hard to live,
How I desire to be free, but life has no sympathy to give;
I’m a prisoner of my fatigue, why is my fate not just and fair?
I’m a torture for my loved ones, a grenade for those who care;
I feel lonely in a crowd; in the noise of ache and sorrow;
Why can’t I ever feel the hope for a better tomorrow?
I want to cry out, call out; again and again I want to shout,
I am alone, I am in pain; please help me, get me out,
I want to kill all my senses, for the coming days and the past;
Who can answer my question: for how long’ll this agony last?
There’s no one out there; there’s no one free enough to hear,
I’m breaking into pieces; but my anguish continues to sneer.
It’s a beautiful story where the survivors can’t erode their memories of the pain they felt in their battle against cancer; the ones who lose this battle leave much wounded behind, but a great quality of human nature, ‘love’, still carves a way into all this pain and anguish for Augustus and Hazel. For those of you who can learn from someone’s pain:
This book is now available at KemUnited E-library.


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