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Prof Dr. Imran Akram Sahaf - Legend of KE - Pride of Pakistan

Legend of KE - Pride of Pakistan
 Prof Dr. Imran Akram Sahaf 
Awardee of the President of Pakistan OSP Novel Christy 
Gold Medal for the year 2014

Borne in 1955 in Lahore, Dr Imran Akram Sahaf, graduate of the King Edward Medical College, is a devoted, dedicated and a pious Pakistani Ophthalmologist. He is currently serving as the professor and head of Ophthalmology Department, Mayo Hospital/King Edward Medical University Lahore. 

Keeping in view his keen interest for outstanding contributions to Eye Care in Pakistan, he is awarded the President of Pakistan OSP Novel Christy Gold Medal for year 2014.

His other notable achievements and services are:

  • · Awardee Of the OSP M.Daud Khan Gold Medal for the year 2009
  • · He graduated from King Edward Medical College, obtained MCPS from College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan CPSP and FRSC from UK.
  • · He has keen interest in research & development in Ophthalmology. He has so far published 15 research papers & presented more than 50 papers in national and international conferences and conducted Symposia and Seminars at international level.
  • · He is also keen on designing new support devices and new surgical approaches. He has three ocular implants in his name which are being used world over. 

  • · He is also credited with four new surgical procedures for glaucoma and cataract and modification of procedures in many others.
  • · He has 2 patients to his credits and yet more are in pipeline.
  • · His other interests include Ocular Malignancies and Pediatrics Ophthalmology especially congenital anomalies.
  • · Apart from being an excellent teacher at undergraduate level, he is also an approved supervisor for postgraduate students of College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan CPSP.
Eye Unit 1
  • · He is the pioneer in oculoplastic surgery in Punjab and trained many opthalmologists in oculoplastic surgery in Pakistan and abroad.
  • · He has designed curricula for MBBS, DOMS, MS for University of Health Sciences and World Health Organization.
  • · He is an eminent oculoplastic surgeon of international repute. He has conducted workshops in foreign countries and trained eye surgeons from Bangladesh, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan.
  • · He has the distinction of being President of Oculoplastic Society of Pakistan.


  1. sir Imran Akram is a legand... Its a great honour of being his student..


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