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                     THE CHAMP AND THE DUCKLING

Ayesha Hassan
Second Year

Hey,how are u ?
(The little creature wasn't bothered by the question much)
Whats Ur name buddy ?'
(He kept on staring the bed.....) how rude :(
Okkk, Anything you like or want something ?
(This time the angry bird was irritated much,he started crying)
This worked,I surrendered finally..
okkkk okkkk i won't question u anymore but don't cry.
This wasn't my day, i realized..

The little guy fell asleep in the lap of his mother in a minute or so.
His mother told us his name was SUBHAN and he was suffering from acute leukemia.He had been there in paeds cancer ward for six months.Due to continuous radio and chemo therapies the kiddo was so exhausted and was in continuous grumpy mode.

But today He was peevish because someone promised the toy car with champ but didn't bring one.
LIGHT BULB ...... ... :P 
That was an easy way to befriend the champ,i thought.
As I was just leaving the ward I saw a cute chubby little girl on the bed; a cheeky fellow busy with her notebook and colors.I moved to her and our never ending chatter began .... :D
How r u ?
Ma Theet hu ... (My heart moved at that...:') )
what's ur name ?
YUSHhhRA... (the little duckling innocently replied )

what r u doing ?
I was astounded but yeahhh she was saying "ANNNA MONTAAANA(HANNA MONTANA) MA COLORS KAR RE HU".

NOW give me the mango color, she demanded with her eyes fixed on me.
Meanwhile her aunt gave her history that the very young lady was Yusra and was suffering from osteopetrosis.Due to progression in the disease she is unable to see clearly .
What r u doing ??? 
A...a... what (i was hardly able to speak)
Apko colors karna nae ata bilkul.YAy pink ha mje mango color chaia (i heard a cute angry voice) 
The kido made me realized that i was poor at drawing and i accepted this fact whole-heartedly..:D
Here is the piece of artistry done by Yousra:

 The very next day I stepped in the ward ... yes with a car.. :)
The looks of angry bird really surprised me .He wasn't angry at all and responded positively.
Before even showing the car,the champ told me his name,class,sung for me the melodious nursery rhymes,recited Surah and certain Ayat Of Holy Quran and was much more enthusiastic as compared to the previous day.
I want to become a doctor,he added 
(My eyes filled with tears hearing this.....:'( )
He was very happy to see his car.We both planned to visit every place of lahore in this little Dinky ;)
  "Meleeee Vampiree wala Teethe"
   (mere vampire wala teeth), the little lady was trying to attract my attention towards her.
 yes, the cuteness is personified for that little duckling , i said to her aunt.
  The Champ and the Duckling were the part of Make a Dream project. These kids seriously enjoyed that activity alot. Both of them wished to use the play room more often
It wasn't the car, but the time I spent with the little guy that brought him close to me.
   "I'll teach u how to color but you have to visit me daily ",duckling reiterated for the seventh time.
   "U don't eat anything and irritate ur mother so i won't be coming again ,alright",i said looking into champ's eyes.
    "Do come",his eyes filled with discontentment.
     "I will",I pinky promised the little guy :')
 Thousands of champs and ducklings are waiting for u to make their short lives vivacious and scintillating.They value alot the magical moments chattering and laughing with a person wearing  white coat.These kids don't value material things much but they surely enjoy your delectable company.Bringing smiles on those tormented distressed faces won't cost you much but would offer a great deal for the innocent victims to overcome the gloomy circumstances with great strength and courage.


  1. so deep
    thumbs up (y)

  2. awsome...wht a job...really heart-tchng

  3. Awsome account of little angels. Thumbs up (y)


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