Prof Sick Syndrome- It's that time of the year again !

by Laiba Khalid



(PART 1)

  •  Which sucks all the happiness out of you & you feel you will never be happy again !

  • When Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main; You make various pit stops on your way to the study room/table because this seems the hardest journey every morning and you literally have to drag yourself to it.

  • When Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main ;

While sitting down to study you get lost in thoughts about just anything & everything. So there is absolutely no room for more info in your brain.

  • When Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main ; A typical viva scenario -_-

  • When you constantly have to remind yourself that its nothing but the prof effect !
Admit it ! this scares the hell out of you :P

  • When no matter how many resolutions you made last matter how brilliantly u aced your last matter how easy some things seem or how fit your prep is …
Freaking out is a must !

  •  When the suicidal as well as homicidal tendencies are at their peaks. (So if you had a dangerous encounter with a kemcolian, it's probably not his fault.)

  •  When some solemnly make this unbreakable vow…

while some suffer the wrath of the broken pledge..

  • When those rare creative cells in your pea-brain show metastatic growth, produce craziest of the ideas (like this blog :P) but die by apoptosis as soon as it’s over.

( Here’s hoping this idea wont die :P Stay tuned for more ! )


  1. haha another great post..! you always make me laugh my head off! =)

  2. Rofl , prof really was something :D

  3. Finally something new in the blog :D

  4. Laiba........mashallah mashallah its awesome, loved it... good going girl !! <3 <3 <3

  5. lolz that was hilariously relatable... esp the dozing off part while studying, realizing jhootay nikly sb mere waaday of "ainda se sth sth prhna ha" and all the brilliant post-prof ideas n plans eating the dust once profs are over! (Y) Hella job baji

  6. Thank you thank you ! You all are far too kind :D


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