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Toxicology OSPE Made Easy

Toxicology OSPE Made Easy: By M.Salik This 2 page document contains everything you need to know for the Toxicology OSPE. OSPE contains Seeds, Fruits, other poisons, two apparatus instrument and one slide for identification and 2-3 related questions like fatal dose, fatal period or active principle. Total Marks are 15 but these highly influence your Toxi Viva marking. These documents are perfectly made. Prep time = 2 days for Whole toxi Viva + OSPE if you did some of the Toxi in Exams otherwise 3 days.

Pathology Scenario Questions for Practical



by  Mahnoor Leel First Year MBBS Batch’20 Appearing in MCAT is considered to be a tough phase but I think it gets even tougher for people who belong to areas away from the developed cities of Punjab. I myself belong to Bhakkar, an underdeveloped district of our province. For us, the world changes right after Fsc exams. Firstly, if you belong to such an area, be proud of it.We do have greater challenges but you have to prove yourselves.I admit I’m not so extraordinary MCAT scorer but I hope that overall my experiences will be helpful for my juniors of such areas in tackling this phase.  I secured 1007/1100 in Fsc in session 2012-2014,topped the districts  Bhakkar and Mianwali. Got 4th position in BISE Sargodha. Hopes of my parents and teachers were high.They expected from me soon to be in one of the highly ranked medical colleges of the Punjab province. But, then everything changed on the very day of 30thAugust,2014  when I couldn’t finish the test in given time and ended up wi

The Unmistakable Signs of a Kemcolian

Ayesha Mushtaq 2nd Year MBBS They love to show off their identity with every step they take.                 and invent a whole range of products for the purpose too. Have uploaded at least one photo of Patiala Block to their Facebook.  Easily the most photogenic part of the university Live by the tagline, "Yaar kuch nahi parha" .                But during a test, they can be seen filling away bundles and bundles of sheets.  Judgmental people. Very judgmental. They'll judge you by every single thing you do. And by what you dont.   Chronically allergic to overalls. Everyday, we risk getting exiled from labs and dissection hall at the cost of dear attendance, but still keep our overalls at more than an arm's length.  yes, this is where we believe an overall belongs. And when thrown out of DH,                          That momentary pang of guilt But at the end of the

2nd professional pathology major viva questions 2015

2nd professional Pathology practical spots and questions 2015

Pharmcology Practical (Prescriptions, specimens, instuments, barks and leaves theory)


3rd year Pathology agars and slides


3rd Year Pathology models


10 Most Obvious Mistakes most Pre-meds make while preparing for MCAT

Hassaan Wajid   Batch 2020.   Still doing Fsc/A-levels? Wanna be mentally prepared for what to do and what not to do for the big test “The MCAT”? If so,then you’re reading the right article.So,let’s examine some 404s students encounter while preparing for MCAT ;) 1) Joining the MCAT session before Fsc-exams is(according to me) one of the worst mistakes students make. At the time being there is practically no need of joining any MCAT session since you will get double minded whether to prepare for Fsc or the MCAT,since the nature of judging and the MCQs for both the exams is quite different. So there is practically no need of joining any session for MCAT preparation before the exams,since Fsc accounts for your 40% aggregate and you don’t want to ruin your score. 2) Under-estimation. Most students when start preparing for MCAT underestimate their skills and extremities. They start believing that clearing MCAT is unachievable for them simply because just 6-8% students make it to