The Unmistakable Signs of a Kemcolian

Ayesha Mushtaq
2nd Year MBBS

  • They love to show off their identity with every step they take.                
and invent a whole range of products for the purpose too.

  • Have uploaded at least one photo of Patiala Block to their Facebook. 
Easily the most photogenic part of the university

  • Live by the tagline, "Yaar kuch nahi parha" .               

  • But during a test, they can be seen filling away bundles and bundles of sheets. 

  • Judgmental people. Very judgmental. They'll judge you by every single thing you do. And by what you dont.  

  • Chronically allergic to overalls. Everyday, we risk getting exiled from labs and dissection hall at the cost of dear attendance, but still keep our overalls at more than an arm's length. 
    yes, this is where we believe an overall belongs.
And when thrown out of DH, 
That momentary pang of guilt
But at the end of the day, 

No regrets. Totally. 


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