10 Most Obvious Mistakes most Pre-meds make while preparing for MCAT

Hassaan Wajid 
 Batch 2020.
Still doing Fsc/A-levels? Wanna be mentally prepared for what to do and what not to do for the big test “The MCAT”? If so,then you’re reading the right article.So,let’s examine some 404s students encounter while preparing for MCAT

1) Joining the MCAT session before Fsc-exams is(according to me) one of the worst mistakes students make.
At the time being there is practically no need of joining any MCAT session since you will get double minded whether to prepare for Fsc or the MCAT,since the nature of judging and the MCQs for both the exams is quite different.
So there is practically no need of joining any session for MCAT preparation before the exams,since Fsc accounts for your 40% aggregate and you don’t want to ruin your score.
2) Under-estimation.Most students when start preparing for MCAT underestimate their skills and extremities.
They start believing that clearing MCAT is unachievable for them simply because just 6-8% students make it to medical and dental colleges. It doesn’t mean that you have just 6-8% chance of securing admission.Every student always has 100% chances if he studies with full dedication and devotion.

3) Roaming around from one academy to another has always proved a bad option.You’ll always keep receiving pamphlets like these:-

But believe me it doesn’t matter if you are comfortable and satisfied at one place but your friends go to some other.All that helps at the end is your hardwork and self preparation.
4) Putting the text books aside.Some students just buy some MCAT preparatory stuff and consider that enough for MCAT preparation,but take my word you simply CANNOT ace MCAT without reading the required topics from your text books(the Fsc books are an essence if you are an A-levels student since most of the MCQs are related to the Fsc books).
Read the MCAT specific books just for revising what you have already learned and for solving MCQs too but do your basic learning from your text books.
5) Not studying properly just because it’s just MCQs.If you are one of those who believe that it’s just MCQs and you don’t need to thoroughly read and understand the topic,then you definitely need some guidance.
6) Using cramming for preparation.MCAT ain’t like Fsc or matric where you can pass with flying colours using the traditional cramming method.You need good concepts and a good understanding of every topic you read.
Sure it helps to some extent in biology but that won’t be enough for you to secure admission in a medical college.
7) Post-exam partying.

Of course everyone needs some time for rest and relaxation and if you kind of get out of your mind preparing for the Fsc finals then my sympathies are with you.
But remember,every single student who went into a medical college had to pass through this grind of hardwork.So,my advice is not to party a lot just because the Fsc exams are over since it proves to be fatal at the later stage.Clear the MCAT and then you will get plenty of time 2-3 months for partying and hanging out with friends.
8) Solving the tests with discussions or cheating just to show off that you got all the MCQs in the test correct won’t take you anywhere.In fact,it will figuratively lead to your demise at the end.
So,try solving all the MCQs yourself.
9)Losing hope if you are studying properly but still not doing well in the tests.If this is the case,DO NOT worry a bit.The tests you take in academies/classes are made extra difficult so that you get prepared for the big challenge of MCAT.
Just keep going steadily and you’re gonna find MCAT a lot easier than the tests you took.
10)Not relaxing before the big day.Almost every student gets tensed like hell as to what is going to be on the test and keeps studying till the last minute from entering the examination hall.
But believe me you aren’t getting anything in the last few minutes.If you have studied well you are by the help of Allah going to do well in the test.
Personally,I didn’t touch a single book after 7pm the night before MCAT,and I am currently an undergraduate of King Edward Medical University.So,have firm belief in your Creator,keep working hard and ALTAPETE(Aim High).


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