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Chottay…2 chaaae…

by lubaba mukhtar (soon to be 2nd year inshAllah!)
chottay... 2 chaae...
This was the common phrase my brother used whenever he wanted me to get him a cup of tea, this obviously irritated me, and he didn’t get his tea for at least an hour until he had groveled for it; but I guess that’s the thing about brothers…they can wait for tea but they cannot stop themselves from being irritating. He picked this phrase from all the chaae dhabaas where usually a little boy runs back and forth serving tea to the customers and, his name, no matter what it is; he is normally and popularly called: “chottay”

Now a sensible question arises: why am I writing a blog about “tea”? The simple answer is, I have a tea lover friend who thinks it is my responsibility to tell the world; to tell everyone I possibly can that life without tea is colorless, dreary, useless and purposeless!! I don’t obviously believe the whole statement but it is partly true. Have you seen a chaae lover when he is denied tea?


By Aimen Saeed Ex 1st Year

The clocks ticking fast..... Tick tock.. tick tock. tick tock. The countdown has begun: [robotic style] This article will self-destruct in: 5 . . 4 . . 3 . . 2 . . . 1.------------------------- Wait a second..... The situation here is even scarier than ""self-destruction"".... If you think that this countdown is to welcome the year 2015 then I must tell you k “”aap sara sar mughaltay par hay”’ because this countdown is not just an ordinary countdown but the countdown to the Dooms-day (ya Allah reham) or rather I should say ""THE PRAAAF RESULT""

The tormenting view of dreadful WALK to PATIALLA makes your hackles rise whenever appearing in your mind The clamorous corridors, humungous crowd in front of the Patiala notice board, surfeit of triumphs or failures, GOD knows.

Random Rambling: Lessons I learnt in two years.

-Unsa Athar (Hopefully, 3rd year MBBS)
To whom it may concern 
Winters.  Holidays.  Razai. I should write something. It’s about time you know. Let’s break the block. Meh.  What should I write about?
*racks the brain* *nothing*
It’s been two years Alhamdulilah. Two well spent years.
Oh man, It was one not-so- smoooooooooooth journey.  The academic session lasted for six months and the remaining six months were ruled by prof season.
                                 *this is how I feel at the end of sophomore year!*
Let’s not get into the details of this year because frankly I do not remember half of the stuff that happened:P I think I am just going to write down some of the random lessons I learnt this year which might help my juniors.

And once you are in ...

(Musings of a Firstula) - Ayesha Mushtaq 1st Year MBBS (Class of 2014-2019)
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(By Hajra Saeed)
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So, it has been one month at King Edward Medical University (okay, slightly over a month). One month at the oldest medical school of Pakistan; one month of being a medical student. Oh, and a month of being a hostellite. Which means no more homely comforts, no more doing as I please. No more having the whole bedroom to myself. No more steaming hot lunch and dinner, lovingly cooked by mother dearest and waiting on the dining table only to be consumed :’) No more breakfast in the mornings and no more ironed clothes. Becoming a hostellite also meant spending only one day per week at home, and the frenzy every Monday morning, leaving home while it would it still be dark…

That said, it also marked a transition from being a protected child to a responsible adult. This month had its various shades, from the satisfaction of settling in a much…

Through a stranger's eyes!

Ahmad Jalil 
(1st year)

Sometimes in life you come across some moments which mean a lot to you but they seem meaningless to the others. They leave an everlasting impression on your mind. I'm very fortunate to have quite some moments of my own. Then there are those days that create a 'deja vu' like feeling, when you get to relive some of your best memories and this experience takes you back to the first time you ever felt like that. I recently had the pleasure of going through something like that and the way things are, I think it's going to stay with me for quite a while. Actually it all started about a couple of years ago when I first boarded the GC University bus.

They say you can actually feel if your day's going to be good or bad, the moment you wake up in the morning. If it's a good one, you will find humor and bliss even in the taste of your burnt toast. It was one of those fine mornings, when even the death of your pet cat can't bring you down from yo…

With Love, To Peshawar.

By~ Romesa Qaiser Khan | Muhammad Mohsin Ali | Hatib Zia - KEMU '18.

Guest Bloggers~ Hamza Khan | Zainab Ahmed | Iqraa Arshad

As 25th December, the birthday of our beloved Quaid dawns, we take out time to bring you a glimpse of Jinnah's true Pakistan. To remember those of our brothers and sisters who have been victims of the monsters amongst us. The extremists who are at this very moment, the biggest threat to the integrity of our nation. Today we have brave this tragedy. Today we swear to never forget the blow they have dealt us. Today we show that we are resilient. Today we stand united in our hatred against the enemy within us. Today we honour the martyrs of 16-12-14.

"the birth of a new nation"

by maham waqar (ex 1st-year)

Pakistani nation- a nation which emerged after facing the most tiring hardships, after fighting the deadliest of wars, after offering the most difficult of sacrifices; was wandering in the gloomy valley of hopelessness, fear and ignorance for the past few years, trying to find a way out of darkness, darkness that filled the minds, souls and hearts of the nation, darkness that never let us see the light of truth.
But when I say that a new nation was born on 16-12-14 I am not wrong .There are incidents that instill life in dead people ,that awaken the sleeping hearts ,that infuse courage in  the falling nations to stand up, face the world and reach the heights of glory.....yes the incident of 16-12-14 is such an incident because                “MARTYRS ARE NEEDED TO CREATE INCIDENTS.                INCIDENTS ARE NEEDED TO CREATE REVOLUTIONS                REVOLUTIONS ARE NEEDED TO CREATE PROGRESS"

Biochemistry Final Prof Viva and Practical Questions 2014

My class helped me collect all of these. Kudos Batch 18!VIVA QUESTIONS


By Aimen Saeed (Ex-1st year)

They said speed of light Is 3×10^8 m/s
I asked how do we get to that speed of light........?? No answer
I asked what's the speed of DARKNESS that prevails.........?? No answer.
I asked why is it penetrating our hearts.....??   No answer
Why this silence? why this deafening silence?? We need to break this silence. Is this what we have to bear for the rest of our lives being Muslims, being Pakistani?? Just another sunny day. You send your child in uniform and he returns in coffin.?? Leaving mothers in deep thoughts that " kash aj meray bachay nai school na jaanay ka koi bahana kr lia hota"

No doubt: "The smallest coffins are the heaviest to bear"
In peace sons bury their fathers..... But in WAR fathers bury their sons.
No doubt this is an irremovable Blood-stain in the history of massacre..... No doubt a big loss for the nation No doubt that this has given birth to much fear in our minds and more in our parents minds....... B…

Lessons from Peshawar.

By- Romesa Qaiser Khan.

I'm well aware of the plethora of platitudes and sympathies and condemnations circulating around the internet at this very moment. Everything that could be said, has been. I'm also aware of how inadequate words are, how pseudo it seems to claim that we feel the pain of Peshawar victims when in reality we can't even imagine their state at this time because no one can claim to have experienced a tragedy of this magnitude. Yet, for the very same reason that Facebook is cluttered with black displays and statuses full of anger and empathy, that people are lighting candles at vigils all over the world, we too need to at least say something to alleviate the helplessness and hopelessness that this incident has brought on and to glean whatever we can to make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

The Peshawar attack was senseless, inhumane, it goes without saying. But at the same time, there are lessons from this we need to learn. If God forbid, should we …

Terms Related to the Eye

Dark Room Tests (Eye / Ophthalmology)


Eye / Ophthalmology Drugs


Eye / Ophthalmology Instruments


2nd Year Biochemistry Viva Questions 2014 Major+Minor

2nd year Sendups and Professional exam question papers 2014


2nd Year Histology Slides Points of Identification


2nd year Histology Revision Slides 2014


2nd year Physiology Viva Questions Major and Minor 2014

2nd year Prof MCQs 2014


2nd Year Anatomy Viva Questions Major and Minor 2014

Setting Up the Stage - Orientation Guide for Firstullas (2014-19)

Setting Up the Stage Orientation Guide for Firstullas (2014-19)
By: Muhammad Mohsin Ali Dynamo [currently standing on the bridge between first and second year]
There are people who get into KEMU. And then there are people who don’t. No one resents it, except perhaps your great-grand-khala whose daughter hasn’t made it. And you can count on her to come up with something like this *add acrimonious voice*:
“It’s just a milestone, not the ultimate goal.”

Forensic High Yield topics

"Daactar Saab, teeka laga dain".

By~Romesa Qaiser Khan, that intermediate year between 1st and 2nd.

(All opinions expressed therein belong to the author and do not reflect on the University in any way neither is the University responsible for them.)

This cringe-worthy line of a title is exactly what it sounds like. One of the countless catcalls we've all heard at one point or another in time. Old/young, short/tall, conservative/modern, it makes no difference. Whether in an abaya or jeans, we're all part of the faceless to the layman out to vent his frustration. Merely "The Objects".


First Year EMBRYOLOGY HANDMADE DIAGRAMSBy Hadia Tahir and Bilal Rehman
Batch 2013-18These handmade diagrams serve as templates on which you can base your drawings. They simplified and easy-to-draw representations of various processes during the course of embryology.

Congenital Glaucoma


Electives in USA - List of Universities 2014

Electives in USA - 2014 list

By Farkhanda Qaiser
Final Year MBBS
Before you begin reading this blog, let me warn you that applying for electives is no piece of cake. Gone are the days when electives were easy to get. Now rejections are given out routinely and acceptances are painfully rare...! 

So you have got to be persistent all the way through. As you apply roughly 8-10 months in advance of your planned elective date so it is nearly 10 months of persistence…! I know many people who gave up halfway through because all the efforts seemed so much in vain. BUT there is light at the end of tunnel. Quite a few students have received acceptance for the coming spring semester in 2015 and that too in renowned and affordable universities (including myself). Thus, if you stay persistent and apply in the right places then you can be successful.
I have compiled the following list after a whole year’s hard work. Thankfully, two of my friends shared the workload so things became a bit easier. We sent …

2014 First Year Professional and Send Up Exams