Eye / Ophthalmology Instruments

 Plane mirror with sight hole ( homemade )
(The original one is Prisley smith retinoscope)

vana scissor ( smallest of all scissors ) : cut iris , posterior capsulotomy

Simco's Suction Irrigation Canula

1-spring scissor - Cut conjunctiva and silk suture .

Also used in ptosis and squint correction surgery .

2-corneal scissor - to cut cornea
3-vana scissor- cut iris

Measurement for squint , ptosis , retinal detachment surgery
Localization of foreign body in X-ray film
caliper---used for making measurements eg in squint(resection recession) giving intravitreal injection, pars plana vitrectomy.

1-suture tieing forceps 2-corneal forceps 3-tooth forceps 4-plane forceps

tooth forceps 
plane forceps

Direct ophthalmoscope

Plane forceps

Lacrimal probe

Squint Hook
manipulate muscle in squint surgery

Spring Scissors

1- iris repositor 2- wire vectis 3-squint hook 4-lens dialer

Condensing lens : condense light rays during indirect ophthalmoscopy.

corneal scissors

used to support lid nd protect cornea in ptosis surgery

bard parker knife holder

Corneal forceps and suture tieing forceps are exactly same . They can be differentiated by touching the tips ; a small tooth is felt in corneal forceps to hold cornea . Tooth is absent in suture tieing forceps .

Chalazaion scoop
Use: chalazion surgery

Toothed forceps

Chalazion clamp : eversion of lid and fixing the chalazion
 makes the chalazion prominent and reduces bleeding
ring side is towards the conjunctiva, flat side towards skin(opposite to entropion clamp)


mullers self retainng retractor.---used in DCR surgery

wire speculum

Desmarre's lid retractor
multiple uses..squint surgry, conjunctiva, etc open lids in case of severe blepharospasm ans swelling eccymosis .

Plain scissors

westcott spring scissor( largest blades)

artery forceps

punctum dilator ; dilate the pounctum for probing

entropion clamp
lid clamp
Use: entropion surgery

Corneal loop

Needle holder : hold needle with thread during stitching
needle holder. (2 sizes) bigger---4/0 5/0 nylon in squint n DCR surgery smaller---10/0 nylon suture in cataract surgery.
Acc to Jatoi: smaller serrated one is called "spring action needle holder" , larger one is " castroviejo's needle holder"
(also micro and macro)

wire vectus : ECCE and correct anterior dislocation of lens

artery clamp

iris repositor

left- lens dialor
right - chopper

Left : Mc Pherson's lens holding forceps : IOL implantation
Right: Utrata forcepts : CCC

Paddle used in immature cataract to feed phaco prevents pos capsule damage by chopper

Desmarres lid retractorwith cat's paw retractor- used to retract tissues


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