Forensic High Yield topics


Autopsy & Exhumation
·         Information from “Skeleton found” or “Skeletal data”
·         Objectives of Autposy
·        Identification from “head” of a suicide Bomber.
·        Negative autopsy and its causes.
·        Specimens taken in suspected poisoning.
·        Autopsy of skeletal remains.
·        Principles of specimen collection, preservation and dispatch.


·        Late P/M changes? How they help in finding P/M interval?
·        Cadaveric Spasm? M/L importance.
·        Immediate Signs of Death.
·        Brain Death and its M/L importance.


·        Indicators of suicidal death by Firearm.
·        Incised wound VS Lacerated Wound on the skull
·        Ricochetting Phenomenon.
·        How to measure distance of Fire.
·        Manner of death
·        The entry wound VS the exit wound.
·        How would you determine the direction of Fire?
·        Define
i) Carbonization
ii) Metalisation
iii) Magnetization
·        Indicators of traumatic suicide?
·        Cause appearance in Laceration
·        F/A entry wound from 6”.

Sexual Assaults

·        Protocol of examination?
·        Specimens collected in exam?
·        Causes of death in Criminal Abortions? In chronological order.
·        Define offense of Zina.
·        Role of doctor in Criminal Abortions?
·        Duties of doctor in Criminal Abortions?

·        Qualified privilege and 3 examples.
·        5 conditions of Modifying Consent Procedure.
·        Voluntary submission
·        Conditions that decrease criminal responsibility
·        Classify HURT
·        Civil negligence VS Criminal negligence
·        Medical negligence and its types
·        Conditions of Solid Contract
·        Legal duties of Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP)
·        Misconduct V Negligence
RTA; Burns; Trace Evidence
·        Injuries sustained by the passenger
·        Injuries sustained by the driver
·        Coup VS counter coup injury
·        A/M VS P/M burns
·        Dry VS Wet burns
·        Definition of Trace Evidence
·        Locard’s principle
·        How to collect specimen of Saliva
·        Autopsy findings in Burns
·        Joule’s burn

Asphyxia & Drowning

·        Fracture of hyoid bone
·        A/M VS P/M drowning
·        Nonspecific signs of asphyxia
·        Types of Asphyxia
·        Types of Suffocation
·        Burking Phenomenon
·        Traumatic asphyxia
·        Hanging and its types
·        A/M VS P/M hanging
·        CafĂ© coronary
·        Ligature Mark
·        Hanging VS strangulation
·        Freshwater VS salt water drowning
·        Autopsy findings in drowning

·        Diatoms and their importance 

(compiled by Qudratullah)


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