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4th Year Guide Book

This is a comprehensive guide for 4th Year MBBS prepared by Syed Hassnain Zafar Bukhari, Rameesa Sarwar,  Qais Ul Malook, Maimoona Aiman and Osama Abdur Rehman. Contents General Instructions Special Pathology Community Medicine Ear, Nose & Throat Ophthalmology Professional Exam 19 Table of Specification This guide book ensures an excellent score in the finals as it discusses all the subjects in detail which includes the books you should read and the important topics. Click Here To Access the File

2nd Year Histology Diagrams

Uterus Uterus Urinary Bladder Ureter Trachea Tongue Thyroid Testis Sublingual Gland Stomach Seminal Vesicle Rectum Prostate Pituitary Gland Pinna Parotid & Submandibular Gland Pancreas Oviduct Ovary Mammary Gland Lung Liver Lip Kidney Jejunum Ileum Gallbladder Eyelid Eyeball Esophagus Epididymis Duodenum Ductus Deferens Cornea Appendix Adrenal Gland

3rd Year Practical Related Material - 2018

Pathology Practical Copy Forensic Practical Copy Experimental Pharmacology Practical Copy Pharmacy Practical Copy

4th Year Practical Related Material - 2019

Pathology Practical Copy Special Pathology Slides ENT Assignment Book C. Med Logbook (Lectures) C. Med Logbook (Field Trips)

A Man of Implacable Wisdom: Professor Dr. Faisal Masud (1954-2019) - Part 1

A Man of Implacable Wisdom: Professor Dr. Faisal Masud (1954-2019) By Ali Madeeh Hashmi "For Leon Daudet, Charcot was a diagnostician and observer of genius, a man of vast erudition and 'implacable wisdom', whose case summaries were as concentrated as an Ingres drawing; he was without leniency towards humanity (though full of pity for animals), found the illness more interesting than the patient, and 'observed the malfunctioning of the human machine as an astronomer observes the movement of the stars'.                                                                                Alphonse Daudet- “In The Land of Pain” My first two years in medical college were, by turns, excruciatingly boring and intensely terrifying. In the first two years of medical college, students, most of whom are bright, inquisitive, motivated people, are subjected to a martial regimen of lectures and tests. This is both a reflection of the authoritarian mind-set of the pe


Special Thanks To Anum Sohail (Batch '21) For Contributing To This Guideline!   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم We Welcome you onboard to Flight KE-350. We'll be flying in a few minutes from the normal world to the World of The Abnormals - The Pathology Island. The sky is clear and we expect no delays. However the exact duration of our journey depends upon, how devotedly you undertake it. For your safety and convenience, we have Robbin's Basic Pathology (Medium one - 10th Edition), who will be serving as our guide on this journey! So, upright your seats and fasten your seatbelts as we are ready to take off! 🔴 MOST IMPORTANT  🔵 IMPORTANT  ⚪ LESS IMPORTANT CHAPTER 01: THE CELL AS A UNIT OF HEALTH AND DISEASE ⚪Table 1.1 🔵Cell Cycle checkpoints Fig 1.17 🔵Difference between CNV and SNP  🔵Difference between embryonic stem cell and tissue stem cell CHAPTER 02: CELL INJURY, CELL DEATH AND ADAPTATIONS ⚪Causes