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How To Fail-A Complete Guide

by Aneeqa Javed 1st Year Confused? Wondering why I’d rather post ways to fail the tests than give you some advice? The answer is quite simple. Everyone at KE is a topper, the cream of nation. They must have never failed in their lives. So I thought it’d be good to fail, just for a change. And the nerds around here are giving me the creeps. They need to go easy with this nerdy stuff. And try something new, something as fresh as a failure! :) Punctuality: The one thing you need to keep in mind is, always be late to your lectures. Never be on time. Punctuality will spoil you. Spoil you bad. All you have to do is fool around in the Piccadilly or the lawns a little after your classmates rush past you to the lecture theatres. Trust me, this will help. Lectures: Secondly do not dare to listen to the lectures. It would only leave you befuddled and struggling for breath when all the others around you ask such questions which you could never have come up with, not even in your

First Year Reactions

(By Romesa Qaiser Khan)     During Physiology lecture: ·          Finally managing to get out of the anatomy lecture theatre:         On finding somebody scored more than you:

FCPS Part-I in ''Medicine & Allied Specialties'' --- The Study Guidelines - FCPS medicine preparation

FCPS Part-I in ''Medicine & Allied Specialties'' --- The Study Guidelines by Dr. Muhammad Tauseef Omer FCPS-II Resident Paeds., Medicine. (Updated March,2018) (for the purpose of addition of updates from time to time , the guidelines and preparation tips are available at author's own page , Click here to continue .) Tags: FCPS Part-I in ''Medicine & Allied Specialties'' --- The Study Guidelines - FCPS medicine preparation FCPS preparation FCPS Medicine FCPS Paediatrics Medicine and Allied FCPS Preparation FCPS Medicine Books

Third Year Study Guide 2014 - A Prescription

Third Year Study Guide 2014 “These are not Tips, it’s a Prescription” By Sidra Chishti & Taroob Latef Pharmacology Core Book: Mini Katzung Learn and understand Mini Kat A to Z. Many students use Lippin as the core book for want of more detail but tests are always set according to the style of text in Mini Kat. It is eventually easy to handle in prof and of course easy to retain too. Long term benefit in terms of concepts too! Also, Mcqs at the end of each chapter in Kat are high yield from the point of view of Prof Exam. Additional Books: Big Kat If you want an extra-thorough understanding, you’ll love big kat! For A.N.S I read big kat and then eventually read mini in prof (And let me stress here that ANS is the root of all Pharma, spend as much time on it as you need because without it you are a goner ). Some other topics I want to mention specially are calcium channel blockers, diuretics, contraceptives, blood, GIT. Any topics you think you

'Aesay mae thori si ankhein bhar ana...'

Fatima Akbar Shah 5-10-2013 They say places grow over you. I could never comprehend this clichéd clause until last night when it jeered across my head and heart while the vice chancellor gave his farewell speech: “This is the evening which is going to be none other……wherever you go drop a line to us… will always be our part. Thank you for being us” Did it really end? Why so early. It was just now that I had developed an intimacy with this place. “They say places grow over you”. It has rubbed onto me. Suits, cameras, macho poses and clicks. With puffs, bangs and spikes there were even those whose seldom visits to the lectures would arouse the suspicion of being  outsiders. What were they all feeling: happy, sad or… ‘Throat choking fear of sir Akram. Mam Attiya, ‘first year or second year mae no baat. Third year, khulli chutti. (bechari mam) ‘Any intelligent in the class’ Turkish rock and roll.

Biochemistry Practical/Viva Questions 2nd Year 2013

compiled by Qudrat Ullah Major Viva: External: mutations. transition, transversion.   ketone bodies. normal level. fate of fatty acids and acetyl coA. function of lactosamine.  (jo Mam k zehn mein point ho jb tk aap woh na bolen tb tk mam "OR OR MODE" py hoti hain, she is obsessed with Liver Function Tests & Renal Function Tests) Galactose metbolism with all enzymes  galactosemia alcohol raised in galactosemia? fructose via sorbitol pyrimidine names?

Physiology Practical/Viva Questions 2nd Year 2013

Compiled by Qudrat Ullah Major viva: Internal: What is GH? Functions of GH? functions of Estrogen? functions of progestrone? Relaxin is released by? Second messenger systems? Phospholipase C system? products produced by action of Phospholipase C and the functions of products? Preovulatory Surge?

Med Life: A Song of Ice and Fire

Med Life: A Song of Ice and Fire By Muhammad Mohsin Ali Time is perhaps the greatest contender of human intellect. We pit ourselves against time, only to find that it has already defeated us. And reading Zeno’s paradoxes in a quantum mechanics book does not help when you are supposed to be studying Guyton and KLM. These things just happen, all by themselves. Like you get up at 6:30 to the sound of a trilling alarm, snooze it and flick the sheets over yourself only to get up 5 minutes later to find it is 8 o’ clock. There is, as Patras would have said, no human or extraterrestrial explanation for this phenomenon. There is a strange feeling (giddiness maybe) when you stroll to the classroom only to find that a diligent and punctual teacher, acting on the advice of some equally diligent specie belonging to the students subcategory, has closed the doors for latecomers. You try to get in, but the door doesn’t budge; it has got stuck due to years of rust. So you resig

Guide to FSc & MCAT

Assalam- o-alaikum , I am Maryam  Akbar,I did my F.Sc from KIPS COLLEGE and got 1 st  position in BISE Lahore by securing 1030/1100 marks. Currently I am a student of 4th year MBBS at King Edward Medical University Lahore and I have been delivering motivational lectures to intermediate students since 2010. Through KEMUNITED i found an opportunity to share my experience with those students who are ambitious to become doctor but they have a few doubts in their mind regarding F.Sc and MCAT. To answer the questions which students generally ask during intermediate i am going to discuss a few myths and i'll answer them. Hope you will find solution of your confusions up to some extent. *MYTH # 1: To get good score in F.Sc should we cram each and every word of our books? I think both concepts and learning of the text written in your books is necessary. If you try to cram things without any concept then you will be able to remember it for a few hours but in the long run it


Ahmed Ali Aziz 1st Year MBBS I still remember the 2nd floor biology lab in GCU when my biology teacher told me that we are going to dissect the cockroach today and I asked him this stupid question that broke out a roar of laughter in the class that “ sir kia ye lateral cuts laganay k liye is cockroach ko haath main pakarna zaroori ha i”? I, Ahmed Ali Aziz, who at the age of 17 found it so hard to even squash a cockroach with a 90 kilo burdened chapel under his feet, would now hold a cockroach in his hands…….., well that really was terrible. Given two cockroaches on a wooden board I remember I gazed at those two black –arthropods surrounded by 4 common pins for almost 30 minutes. Roaming around the lab and seeing everyone getting over with their dissection poured in some courage in me and I finally started with my work.

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Dr. Arsalan Baig (240)

USMLE Step 1 Experience  by Dr. Arsalan Baig (240) In the name of Allah The most Beneficent and Merciful. Just received my score of USMLE step one which came out to be 240. The main objective of writing this review wouldnot be to tell what I did correct but to pinpoint my mistakes for that might be helpful for some. I graduated from King Edward Medical Univeristy Lahore, Pakistan in march 2012 and then did one year of housejob. During my medical school I did pharmacology, pathology and specially final year clinical subjects from kaplan books and they helped me get an idea of what USMLE exam prep is about. After my housejob I started prep properly from 1st May 2013. My prep plan was very simple. I went through all kaplan books (excluding pathology) along with video lectures and did goljan along with lectures for patho. It took around 3 months. Followed the sequence of phyio, biochem, pharma, micro, anatomy, behavioural and patho finally. Did the same in same sequence in sec

A Month At Dorm..

(Made on 31st Dec) It is that time of the year again, when you are just lying in your bed, fully covered by blankets and surrounded by peanuts. You try to be productive but No! Staying in bed and watching the recent episodes of HIMYM is better. (Which I missed before) Happy New Year everyone. This month was the longest month for almost all of 1st year, specially for the hostilities. And I've decided to write about this roller-coaster ride I had here. It was fun and full of surprises and experiences. First Day:  Finding the hostel was the toughest job. But I was lucky as I had already visited that place. Actually, I came on Sunday with all my bags packed but they didn't allow me to stay as the allotment process was to be be done the very next day. Sad Life. First Day at hostel was really hectic as there were a lot of forms to be filled and made. I spent the whole day from one bank to the other, asking for directions and filling out the forms.

Characteristic beliefs of a freshmen!!!

-Romesa Qaiser Khan, 1st Year MBBS You know you're a freshman when :  1. You feel the overpowering urge to enlighten the whole world with wise, pressing questions (which aren't very wise or pressing at all -.-)

MBBS 2nd year syllabus

-Thanks to Ayesha Shahid, Batch'16

Do Something! - Tackling Inertness, One Excuse At A Time.

Do Something! - Tackling Inertness, One Excuse At A Time. So you see another classmate winning some competition on the batch group. A lengthy post, mentioning all his achievements with a photo of him lifting the trophy. You sigh and think back to the time when you had won something similar but it seems so long ago. You plan to take part in the next event but quickly dismiss the idea as wishful thinking. You hit Like, maybe type a "Congratulations!", struggle to think of an appropriate smiley, move on, and forget. Until the next post... It's okay, Dean understands. Don't be that guy! 

What we do in KE-- #Sophomore

-Unsa Athar, Batch'17 Each day of the never-ending prof we be like: How we were treated when we arrived as freshmen and how the new first year is treated #Rounds of the campus and Mayo

Know your Society _ Societies in KEMU

“Being the society freak” -Unsa Athar Batch'17 Hey Freshies, This article is for those among you who are looking forward to more fun at KEMU. Since I am known to be a freak jerking around in all the societies, some of your felllows were asking me about them. So here it is, happy reading!!