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Of rats and soggy croissants - the ultimate hostel survival guide

One year ago , around this very same time, I entered the bounds of the the gargantuan *pun intended* Old Girls Hostel , KEMU. Neela Gunbad tu thora agy jao,tey sajey hath muro thora agy ja k aik gali wich kala gate aye da, lo agya twada hostel. The daunting black gates, the threatening curfew notice on top (which by the way is never followed so jitney marzi bajey M.M.Alam se wapis aao) and the black-clad slightly stout uncles to greet you , your first impression of the hostel would no doubt be horrible, but you already knew you were not entering into the Ritz Carlton anyways. Don't let that scare you. Hostel , at first sight, was a nightmare.The allotment was more like throwing your mattress on any piece of carpeted ground you could find and claiming that space to be yours. Thirteen girls in a single room, with mattresses side to side , was no slumber party.Sadly on our first night there, the rugby-sized rats gate crashed as well and adde

Punjab Medical Colleges Merit List 2012. 1st List.

KEMU undoubtedly still the top choice for everyone! Congratulations to those who made it :)! Merit List 2012 KEMU 90.0039 AIMC 88.2342 SIMS 87.0152 Nishtar 86.5160 FJMC 86.5108 Ameer ud din 86.0017 PMC 85.6926 RMC 85.5853 QMC 85.1922 Sargoda 85.02 GMC 84.8892 Rahim yar khan 84.69 Gujrat 84.56 Sahiwal 84.51 Sialkot 84.46 DG Khan 84.36 Sincere shoutout to those who couldnot make it. This is not the end for you. Keep dreaming high.. Fate must have something even better in store for you.. Every thing happens for a reason.. Read this article for some advice: 2012/11/ failure-in-mcat-or-any-exam-is- not-end.html

Random things I learnt from school and college which I think will help me in university!

Random things I learnt from school  and college which I think will help me in university! Unsa Athar A funny list of things I learnt from school and college that might make you have the feeling of De Ja Vu. Ø   When you are done with your assignment, you always find a better way to do it. Ø   When you finally get the opportunity to go and buy all the stuff your teacher told you to, she/he will remember another one the very next day. And that too a thing very important! Ø   It’s no use telling your friend you have prepared for the tomorrow’s test or saying aik lafz nahi parhna . They will never believe it. Just say “ woi haalat hai jo sab ki hoti hai ” Ø   If you are the famous one in your class, be mentally prepared to hear some weird (really weird) rumours about yourself. Ø   Giving explanations to everyone will not kill the rumour. Saying just a “Whatever” will produce better results. Ø   If you once bring a frog for school dissection, you will always b

Entrer La King Edward !!

  Welcome Guide to Anxious Freshmen ( Batch 2012-17 )!! It is the same time of the year again, when King Edward desperately awaits the arrival of its First year. Oh and I am sure there are those Lucky 303 students out there, spending every moment in desperation to step into the magnificent Patiala with their heads held high in pride and recognition  of the fact that they belong here. Welcome Home Freshmen !! :D For those lucky Brats ( I mean Nerds :P ) here is a manual of instructions and basic rules and regulations to make their survival here in King Edward easier. Disclaimer : These instructions are purely based on personal experience of a freshman ( i.e me ) and the administration has nothing to do with these ;) Okay Since you read the first part and finally reached here I can imagine how desperate you guys are to know the tips to be a better Kemcolian, so from now on read every line a little more carefully because these are some real golden words to a fresh

Choosing the path to glory.. KEMU AIMC or FJMC..

A Step Further…By Unsa Athar                            Note : The Article has been written by a student who has not yet started her professional medical education. So If some professionals have strong disagreements to her ideas, Please ignore her:-P “So if it is so important to have an end in mind, how do you do it? The best way I have found is to write a mission statement. A personal mission statement is like a personal credo or motto that states what your life is about. It is like the blueprint to your life. Countries have constitutions, which function just like mission statement. And most companies, like Microsoft and Coca-Cola, have mission statements. But I think they work best with people.” says Sean Covey, in his book The 7 habits of highly effective teens . So why does Covey and a dear teacher of mine (who lent me the above mentioned book to read) emphasize so greatly on writing mission statements? Well now I know why. Because when you vow to do something and you w

For the future MCATIANs -Fighting your fears by Unsa Athar

When I was youngster of 8 th class, I was not sure which field I really wanted to choose. In our school, only sciences are taught. In 9 th class also, we had no choice between biology and mathematics. We only had biology to study to. Aur jab bachpan mn pocha jata tha k bdey ho k kia bno gai, my answer always was ‘ DOCTOR’ even though I had never thought about it.   Scoring good grades has this one short coming, you are expected to become a doctor or an engineer L . After acquiring good marks in Matric, and getting a bit time to think straight, I brooded over it and came to know that Yes, Medicine was my field! So my first advices for all those students of matriculation out there is to think, discuss and decide where they really want to go. Go through proper career counseling after Matriculation. Even If you are in pre-medical right now, take out time to discuss yourself with someone who is already in medicine and make sure you ar

Final Year Gynecology Past Papers


Final Year Obstetrics Past Papers

Final Year Obstetrics Past Papers 2014

Golden Pearls of Gynecology and Obstetrics by Dr. Nadeem Goraya

Golden Pearls of Gynecology and Obstetrics by Dr. Nadeem Goraya Dr. Nadeem Goraya - A legend of OB-GYN. Obstetrics Tips Tip. PUERPERAL PYREXIA . "Fever of more than 38 C after 24 hrs of delivery"  8 causes of PP: 1- Chest infection 2- Throat infection 3- Wound infection 4- Mastitis 5- UTI 6- Endometritis 7- Deep venous thrombosis 8- Phlebitis of branula vein Sites where you will look for the cause of PP. 1- Throat 2- Breast 3- Chest auscultation 4- Abdomen for fundal height & tenderness 5- Wound(incision or episiotomy) 6- Renal angle 7- Perinieum for infected discharge 8- Legs(DVT) 9- Branula site. 5 Imp tests for PP. 1- Urine 2- Pelvic USG(RPOCS) 3- X-ray chest. 4- Blood culture 5- High vaginal swab. Tip 2. INDICATIONS OF OUTLET FORCEPS Always keep this tip with you & read it daily.. 1-Prolonged 2nd stage of labor 2- Maternal exhaustion 3- mother not able to push 4- When pushing is n

Community Medicine Important Topics

COMMUNITY MEDICINE CHPT 1. Definitions of CM,Program,its types, illness,disease elimination,disease eradication,incubation period,agent. ... V imp Levels of prevention complete,v imp modes of intervention complete. CHPT 2. Definitions of health,risk factor n disease, Iceberg phenomena,names of determinants of health, names of indicators of health. CHPT 3 Epidemiology vimp Complete CHPT 4 definitions of infection,infestation,contamin ation,host,epidemic,sporadiac, pandemic,source,reservoir,case ,carrier,disinfection,isolatio n,quarantine,droplet infections. Chickenpox,Cholera,TB,Typhoid fever,DENGUE,diphtheria,M CHPT 5. Obesity. CHPT 6. Defintion of Immunity. Herd immunity,its mechanism,consequences,Vaccine s,types,examples,Cold Chain,shake test,Objectives of EPI, table of EPI vaccination vimp, Tetanus vaccination table, adverse reactions to vaccines. CHPT 7. Screening Sampling complete CHPT 8. Biostats Complete. Add equations n experiments from log book/prac copies