Punjab Medical Colleges Merit List 2012. 1st List.

KEMU undoubtedly still the top choice for everyone!
Congratulations to those who made it :)!
Merit List 2012
KEMU 90.0039
AIMC 88.2342
SIMS 87.0152
Nishtar 86.5160
FJMC 86.5108
Ameer ud din 86.0017
PMC 85.6926
RMC 85.5853
QMC 85.1922
Sargoda 85.02
GMC 84.8892
Rahim yar khan 84.69
Gujrat 84.56
Sahiwal 84.51
Sialkot 84.46
DG Khan 84.36

Sincere shoutout to those who couldnot make it. This is not the end for you. Keep dreaming high.. Fate must have something even better in store for you.. Every thing happens for a reason..
Read this article for some advice: http://kemunited.blogspot.com/2012/11/failure-in-mcat-or-any-exam-is-not-end.html


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  3. itna merit meri to paaat gaye

  4. i have got 999 in matric and hardworking for 1000 in fsc what i will do to achieve this

  5. siraf 1 improve krna hai

  6. if some gets 971 marks in matric then how many marks are required in fsc and entry test and please tell me that what is the scheme percentage while making merit for example what percentage of fsc is counted and what percentage of fsc is counted

  7. Matric 10%
    FSc 40%
    MCAT 50%

  8. Some Pakistani Education's Boards Announcement Admission Merit List 2014. Here you can get the all Boards Merit List Entry Test Result 2014.
    This is best place from where one can find you more information's.

  9. Mohammad Danyal BawaOctober 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM

    when will be the merit list for 2014 announced as well as, the session start??

    actually i am confused because last year i guess it was 16 nov announcement but this year may be 30 oct announcement and 15 noc start of the session!!

    can u help plz??Tried calling K.E they told to ask uhs and uhs aint answering!

  10. http://www.kemunited.com/2014/10/kemu-open-merit-list-2014.html

  11. Now, the entry test has come to an end, only those students who get above 1000 marks in FSC will be promoted at KEM?


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