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Road To Prestige...Choosing The Right Institution

 It feels good when you see people having a clear vision of life. And it feels even better when such people come out to be aspiring kemcolians! Here We are sharing an article by a young fellow discussing the importance of making a right choice in life. Road To Prestige...Choosing The Right Institution by Muhammad Usama Original article at “ It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. ” Our goals have significant importance in our lives. Often we see them as mighty mountains which we are determined to climb. Or, In moments of sadness and darkness, they are dim speck of light, often hope, that keep giving us something to struggle for.  This is life. Setting goals, moving forward, taking turns, from one place to another. But keep looking around too.  “ Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. ” During our journey, we som

Prof Mode: Relaxing Vines To Calm Your Nerves

Prof Mode: Relaxing Vines To Calm Your Nerves ( Taken from BuzzFeed ) Having one of those days where you feel like this ferret in a trashcan fighting a plastic bag? It happens. Just put on your headphones, turn the volume up, switch off the lights, watch these and let it all melt away.

Histology Guide 2nd Yr

Must read everything related to the diagrams given in Laiq. All the labelled parts. Given below is your checklist. Also read the comparison tables in practical notebook or concise histology. ( Skip the topics that you guys were not taught this year) Endo: Pituitary gland Adrenal imp zones Medulla Thyroid Respiratory: Resp epithelium - cells Trachea Lungs Intrapulmonary bronchi (differences) Digestive: Lips Tongue Papillae Glands Taste buds Esophagus Stomach Glands of stomach principle gastric gland imp Prof ques- cardiac end of stomach (differences v imp) Small intestine Rectum Appendix Parotid Submandibular Sublingual Pancreas Liver imp Sendup ques- difference between lobules Duct sys of liver Gall bladder Urinary: Kidney Juxtaglomerular complex imp Ureter Urinary bladder Reproductive sys Testes Seminiferous tubules Ductus deferens Epididymis Seminal vesicle Prostate Ovary Uterine tubes Endometrium phases (Cervix & Vagina) Mammary g

Prof Mode: Alternatives to staring at the walls

Prof Mode: Alternatives to staring at the walls There comes the time, right in the middle of prof, when you catch yourself time and again. Staring at blank walls all of sudden gets so interesting! We provide you another alternative to that! Behold, some infinitely lopping gifs. (Taken from collegehumor) Lego Block via  sheepfilms

Behind the Curtains with Dr. M. Zahid - An Interview with HOD Pharmacology

Behind the Curtains With Dr. Zahid By: Taroob Latef & Moeed Ahmed The HOD dedicated to teaching his students himself Gold Medalist in Pharmacology Professor and a die-hard fan of poetry Dr. Zahid has profound love for his mother, admires the ex VC of KEMU Prof. Mumtaz and  is very fond of having company around him. Started career in Mayo Hospital as a Medical Officer. Did M. Phil From KE in 1996. When we first pursued him for an interview his adamant reply then and many times after that was “why do you want my interview? Im an ordinary man.” That being said Dr. Zahid is an extremely down-to-earth person, very sensitive about manners and etiquettes and repeatedly during our three hour log session we realized that he is extremely friendly and jolly. When did you join KE? 1993 (as a demonstrator)

Bye Bye Final Year

This ending is simply all yours,   It shall open,   so many doors. Countless memories,   you've created,   Personal philosophies,   polished and updated.