Bye Bye Final Year

This ending is
simply all yours, 
It shall open, 
so many doors.

Countless memories, 
you've created, 
Personal philosophies, 
polished and updated.

You're no longer afraid, 
of obstacles or rejection. 
Now that you know, 
your true direction.

You've worked so hard, 
we are aware, 
About your support, 
we truly care.

You've reached the goal, 
with your class, 
You've done well, 
not just a pass.

As we look at you, 
we're exceptionally proud, 
You're our supporters, 
you are our crowd.

Whatever you choose, 
and wherever you go, 
Passion for life, 
continue to show.

Your future looks, 
wonderfully bright, 
Pursue your passions, 
and your path will right.

If you need help, 
on which path to choose, 
Check out some helpful, 
Kemunited reviews.

Life will be, 
completely new, 
Expect a journey, 
with a different view.

It's just the beginning, 
your future is bright, 
We know you'll accomplish, 
the goals in your sight

We wish you luck, 
on your new career, 
You will do great things, 
on our blue sphere.


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