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Blessings of KE

By Larraib Saleem (2015-20) We have been in KE for four months but it feels like this journey started years ago.The feeling of belonging to this land since long prevails everyday.During all this short time span,KEMU has been the most amazing experience so far in my life.Even though we are the batch facing the renovation crisis with most of our time being spent in the legendary old auditorium.We hope our juniors will be able to avail the physiology lecture theatre :p.We are the batch who don't even know who is our HOD for biochemistry.( total confusion hai) :/ But KE has blessed us with such awesome things we never imagined of. 1.Dome thingy :                            We firstulas believe in capturing pictures of the historic domes of Patiala at least once in a week and putting them as DPs and cover photos.Along with the picture we never miss the hashtags like #KEMU #KEMCOLIAN :') 2.Variety of people : There is a large variety of people in my class and I am

4th Lyallpur Arts and Literature Festival 2016

So Ladies and Gentlemen, here come the warriors of KEDS after nailing UAF All Pakistan Declamation Competition... It gives us immense pleasure to announce that   Aemaz Rehman   at his debut grabs 3rd position in English Category. This is big for a first timer at such a mega event. Shaharyar Naeem and   Shamayel Safdar   both speaking for the first time, qualified in the Finals of UAF declamations as a team. Ali Haider Jafferi and   Muhammad Anas Tahir   put up a splendid show of oratory at the podium but missed the prize with a narrow margin. Hard luck though. But hats off to them for helping the qualifiers with their speeches till the end and mentoring them like responsible seniors. (Y) We congratulate the winners on their success and welcome them to the club of glory. :) A Special mention to   Hammad Shafi ,   Syed Ahmad Raza , Fatima Ahmed for helping the speakers in writing their speeches.

Abdomen and Pelvis Made Easy Notes

Okay, so here's a treat for all the people in 2nd year MBBS studying all the Organs in the body. We have made a 2 page document to completely cover all the essentials of almost all the organs. If you know these, prepping is going to be a whole lot easier hopefully. Enjoy the Abdomen and Pelvis notes in the KemUnited's MBBS Made Easy Series.

Mein Kiske Naam Likhun Jo Alam Guzar Rahay Hain

                                                                                                             By  Larabe Farrukh Chaudry It was a Sunday, but not just any other Sunday, it was the Sunday on which abba jaan had promised to take me out to the park. I had been waiting for this day for weeks now and I was unbelievably excited. Ammi jaan gave me a new pair of shoes to go along with my Spiderman shirt, I swear it was the happiest day of my life. I kept roaming around the house all day, anxiously waiting for abba jaan. Ammi had been laughing and admonishing me lightly for my impatience but I couldn’t help it. Finally someone knocked at the door, I scurried to open it, it was abba jaan of course and he had brought my uncle’s motorcycle just like he had promised. I was over the moon.  I am an 8 year old, and this was my first motorcycle ride ever. I got to sit in the front, a little scared I was but it was worth it. We rode through the dimly lit streets of Iqbal t

21st GCU All Pakistan Parliamentary Debating Championship

KEDS participated in the 21st All Pakistan Parliamentary Debating Championship held at Government College University (GCU) Lahore from 25th to 27th March 2016. It gives us immense pleasure and pride to announce that Ruhma Ihsan, Maryam Fatima and Muhammad Youshay Jawad broke into the quarter finals of Urdu category, and missed a semi spot  by a close margin. In English, the team consisting Ayesha Mushtaq, Areeba Saleem and Faizaan Asghar put up a great show and missed a quarters break by a only the narrowest of margins. The other teams, comprising Amsha Ilyas, Kainat Zaffar, Usman Shami; Ali Naveed, Ali Shehbaz, Jamal Awan; and Taimoor Bajwa, Ahsan Khan, Ghumza Farooq also performed really well throughout the tournament, and won much praise from the teams and adjudicators alike. Congratulations KEDS on yet another successful tournament!

Behind the Curtains Session 11: Dr Ramzan Assistant Professor Ophthalmology

Behind the Curtains With Dr. Ramzan By Haania Khan, Muhammad Salik, Unsa Athar,  Muhammad Mohsin Ali & Muhammad Sheharyar After joining KEMU as a student in 1976, Dr. Ramzan has devoted his whole life to the place he so loves. As Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Unit I he has gained respect and admiration among the students, and has taught the likes of Professor Zahid Kamal. Sensing his impending retirment, the Kemunited team sought a session to record his thoughts about his alma mater, and what follows is the story of a person who thinks he was "Born in KEMU". When did you come to K.E? I came to KE back in February  1976. Hailing from District Jhung, my admission was the first time I visited Lahore and the experience was memorable. How was your time at K.E? Very good. We were 5 boys from our class that came together to K.E. We were from a backward area therefore it took us some time to adjust here but after 5-6 months we were at home here and after

KEDS Executive Cabinet 2016

The new executive cabinet of King Edward Debating Society was announced on 23rd March 2016. Here is what Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS '15) had to say as he transferred charge to the new cabinet: " So here it goes.   It was an honor indeed to be the leader of this prestigious society. Time well spent; Memories made; achievements unlocked. ^_^ kiki emoticon *Alhumdullilah* Thank you everyone. You guys are the best. May Allah bless you all. :) smile emoticon On behalf of the outgoing final year cabinet;  Moaz Bin Saeed  (Secretary General MUN), M. Umair Rana (Incharge KEDS council) and  Asnia Latif  (Head General Council), this is  Shaarif Bashir  signing off as the President - King Edward Debating Society 2015. Allah Hafiz. :) smile emoticon P.S Good luck to the new cabinet. Congratulations to  Ruhma Ihsan  and Syed Ahmad Raza ; totally deserved it. Pretty sure that both of you will lead KEDS to more excellence and success. :) " We at KemUnited wish t

Study Material Reviews: Lecturio

Eesha Razia (2015-20) In this modern era of advancing research and technology, its an uphill task to keep up with the pace of the world. Especially the addition of discoveries and inventions into the archives of medical information knows no bounds. Relying on books to cope up with the contemporary studies has become obsolete. Carrying tons of books  around is not possible, leaving us with E - learning as the key source of study. But where to study from? “ ” is a medical e-learning platform launched by a small yet ambitious team having one goal:         “ To optimize and simplify online learning .”   Its been helping medical students all over the world since 2008 and is now a recognized learning website in the medical world visited not only by students but also by high profile professors.         Features: The website offers courses helping you through Pre-medical, MCAT, Basic Medical sciences, Clinical Scien

13 things you can do instead of studying in a lecture

(This list consist of hypothetical suggestions and doesn't imply or admit that ANONYMOUS writer has done any one or all of them) 1. Sleep Depending upon the teacher & the location you can do head down ,head-on-friend's-shoulder or good old fashioned sitting upright sleep. (The writer admits to being terribly inept at open-eyed sleep but the masters of craft should opt for that) 2. Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter The long news feeds seem much more exciting in the class than at home. And if you have earphones Snapchat also offers a delightful option. (All this if you have wi-fi or 3G) 3. Episodes/Movies It is the most fun option but can also prove dangerous because you can get too involved (and may miss teacher coming to you.)  4. Books The writer has hypothetically tried both physical and electronic options and most of the novels he/she has read in past years have been "not at home" 5. Games You can opt for Need for Speed ( the writer recommends Hot Pursuit and

Pioneers Debating Championship '16

Punjab University Parliamentary Debating Championship went really well for KEDS.  Congratulations to KEMU A ( Shaarif Bashir ,   Ruhma Ihsan   and Ahmed Rafay Afzal )   for breaking into the Urdu semi finals by defeating some favourite teams of the circuit and to   Ayesha Javed   and Hareem Farooq for breaking into Semi finals in the English category on their first tournament representing KEDS. A big round of applause for the kids.  And to Hamza Shahab and Maryam Fatima (KE A) and   Abyaz Asmar   and Noor us Sabah (KE D) fo r breaking into quarter finals in the English category of the Pioneers Parliamentary Debating Championship following wins over some very veteran teams of the circuit. Hareem and Ayesha deserve a special mention for being praised by senior judges of the circuit. Also, a shoutout to Aliza Mushtaq, Noor us Sabah, Aimen Mansoor, Abyaz for performing brilliantly in their debut tournament and to   Muhammad Youshay ,   Jamaal AQ Awan   Zara Zahid ,   Mahruk