4th Lyallpur Arts and Literature Festival 2016

So Ladies and Gentlemen, here come the warriors of KEDS after nailing UAF All Pakistan Declamation Competition...
It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Aemaz Rehman at his debut grabs 3rd position in English Category. This is big for a first timer at such a mega event.
Shaharyar Naeem and Shamayel Safdar both speaking for the first time, qualified in the Finals of UAF declamations as a team.

Ali Haider Jafferi and Muhammad Anas Tahir put up a splendid show of oratory at the podium but missed the prize with a narrow margin. Hard luck though. But hats off to them for helping the qualifiers with their speeches till the end and mentoring them like responsible seniors. (Y)
We congratulate the winners on their success and welcome them to the club of glory. :)

A Special mention to Hammad Shafi, Syed Ahmad Raza,Fatima Ahmedfor helping the speakers in writing their speeches.


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