KEDS Executive Cabinet 2016

The new executive cabinet of King Edward Debating Society was announced on 23rd March 2016.

Here is what Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS '15) had to say as he transferred charge to the new cabinet:

"So here it goes. 
It was an honor indeed to be the leader of this prestigious society.
Time well spent; Memories made; achievements unlocked. ^_^kiki emoticon
Thank you everyone. You guys are the best. May Allah bless you all. :)smile emoticon
On behalf of the outgoing final year cabinet; Moaz Bin Saeed (Secretary General MUN), M. Umair Rana (Incharge KEDS council) and Asnia Latif (Head General Council), this is Shaarif Bashir signing off as the President - King Edward Debating Society 2015.
Allah Hafiz. :)smile emoticon
P.S Good luck to the new cabinet. Congratulations to Ruhma Ihsan andSyed Ahmad Raza; totally deserved it. Pretty sure that both of you will lead KEDS to more excellence and success. :) "

We at KemUnited wish the entire team of KEDS all the very best for their future endeavours. 

The Family! KEDS 2016


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