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Step 1 Study Guide - Score 259

STEP 1 STUDY GUIDE Non-US IMG Medical school: In Pakistan Exam taken during final year of MBBS Prep time: Approximately 10 months with breaks in between Step 1 Score: 259 Current Status: Matched into Internal Medicine Residency 2020 Study materials used: First Aid, Uworld, 100 cases of ethics by Conrad Fischer, biostatistics uworld, Kaplan video lectures and books, sketchy micro, pathoma, DIT lectures. UWORLD first pass: 83% NBMEs/UWSAs range 230s to 260s Phase 1: The first phase is to understand all the concepts thoroughly. You need to start with the basics and you need to make sure you understand each and everything. Don’t get discouraged if your concepts are not concrete during this phase and you keep forgetting things as this happens to everyone. You just need to try your best. Start with Kaplan video lectures for all the subjects and make notes on your Kaplan books. For micro, you must study Sketchy Micro. It is the best resource out there for microbiology and for pathology there