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The US Residency Application Season – Part 1

Now that you are done with your USMLE exams or are in the process of giving your last one, it’s a good time to start thinking about the final step in this journey towards attaining a residency in the United States.  The first thing that you need to do to begin the season, is to register on ERAS . It costs 80 or so bucks, and the registration begins sometime in June with a timeline for the season already fixed. The deadline is usually September 15 th when your documents are released to the programs.  Of course, you can still apply later until end of the interview season but for an international medical graduate it’s recommended that you should be done uploading your documents beforehand. In all sorts of ways, this part of the journey requires a lot of help from your colleagues and seniors so make sure you keep in touch with people who have gone through this process before you. This year, that is the 2021 application cycle , will be totally different. Virtual interviews are all but

Ophthalmology - How do you take an excellent history?

                                                                 History taking for any case is asking the patient questions about the complaint that he is having and then arriving at a diagnosis that will help you prescribe a medication or indicate towards a surgical solution.The following points is a detailed compilation of what complaints you may hear from patients in Ophthalmology and how you can diagnose the patients. From exam point of view these are sufficient but you may add more if needed. Clinically, the history taking must be complete from every aspect. BIO DATA Name:  Father's name:  Age:  Gender:  Marital Status:  Occupation:  Date of Admission:  Presentation:  My patient Mr. Ahmed S/O Mr. Nadeem,a 45 yrs, a old male, married, farmer by profession, resident of Gujranwala, presented in OPD on 20-04-2020 with the complaint of.. PRESENTING COMPLAINTS : These can be of many types, 1)Visual Disturbance: Dimness of vision/Loss of vision. *.nea