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Congratulations toKhawaja Hassan Akhtaron securing 3rd position in Urdu at UCL Declamations 2016 continuing the form of last year into his first tournament of 2016. The team comprised of Syed Ahmad Raza and Khawaja Hassan Akhtar.
As for Parliamentary category,Ahmed Rafay AfzalandHamza Shahabbroke in the quarters with wins over some very veteran teams of the circuit. Congrats guys.

The beginning of the end

Four days in the final year and even though the result is out (which means thank God we can't go back to the hell which is special patho ) it still feels so unreal. When Kemunited's photo came on my timeline with the caption "Congratulations new final year" I truly experienced what bittersweet meant. I know it will seem laughable to first year but it really seems like yesterday when we were in first year and our new final year was celebrating. 

These four years have gone too fast and too slow. Like a tortoise in a blur. I remember each and every substage and my unexplainable fear of them. But they came and they went. I remember the biochem tests of second year (which I failed all) and pharmacology tests of third year (which I failed most) . I remember the orientation day and the day of first written and of course the day of first viva as if it happened yesterday but also as if it happened a lifetime ago (by lifetime ofcourse I mean special patho and pharma ago ;) ) . …

Winners BioEthika 2016

KEDS wins yet another trophy.
Tabish Javaid,Maryam FatimaandHamza Shahabwere declared the Champions of BioEthika 2016 held at FCC University.

All the three speakers were impressive throughout the tournament, defeated some veteran teams and won by a unanimous decision in the finals. Job well done guys!
Special congratulations to Hamza as it was his first final as well as first trophy.
PS: Also, do check out this article about the competition on  ;)

BHS Declamations

KEDS won the Runners up Trophy today at Bloomfield Hall Declamation Contest 2016.

Numra Uroojwas declared 1st in English category. Her speech and current form; flawless. Well done Numra! Going for the record consecutive best speaker awards. InshAllah.
Fatima Ahmedreceived the consolation prize in Urdu category. Her humorous speech and unique delivery style are always a treat to witness and got her a podium spot yet again.
Way to go, khawateen.


FORMUN '16 (Forman Model United Nations, FC College Lahore) came to an end with the delegates from KE winning the following awards: Wajeeha Naveed- Outstanding Diplomacy Award (Delegate of Japan in DISEC) Tehreem Khalid- Outstanding Diplomacy Award (Delegate of KSA in HRC) Shehbaz Baloch- Honorable Mention (Delegate of Japan in HRC)
and last but certainly not the least, best represented country on the Global Village, winning a prize of Rs. 10,000/- (that's right); KE Alpha, the delegation of KSA. KEDS registered a record 5 delegations for this event, each comprising 7-8 members; with one delegation comprised solely of the energetic, enthusiastic firstulas! Way to go first year. Congratulations, guys. You did a great job. Much more to come.

Lecture Slides; Surgery; Chronic lower limb ischemia


Lecture Slides; Surgery; past paper questions


Lecture Slides; Surgery; minimal invasive surgery


Lecture Slides; surgery; Test


Lecture Slides; Surgery; Hypocalcemic tetany


Lecture Slides; Surgery; Surgical HTN


Lecture Slides; Surgery: Hyperparathyroidism


Lecture Slides; Surgery; Right iliac fossa mass


Lecture Slides; Surgery; Breast cancer



By Maham Waqar (3rd Year)
Ok so prof has ended finally leaving some of us overweight and some underweight,some with acne, some with dry hair and some with freckles on the face.This is that time of the year when many of us are forced to think "why did I come in medicine?'
"Oh my God what have i done with my life?
"Kiya meri zindagi main sirf parhna reh gya hai?"
Anyways its over now.
 The storm that seemed to never calm down has finally settled. The HAPPINESS that we feel at the end if prof is a  feeling out of the world. Before prof we be like

But this year's prof was not the same as that of previous years for the girls living in KEMU old girls hostel, particularly residents of the extension and i was one of them...I would say it was more of an adventure than prof. Well it all started when we were off for ramzan preparing for send ups Construction of two new blocks  had started in our hostel and we were relieved with the thought that after the two blocks wou…