FORMUN '16 (Forman Model United Nations, FC College Lahore) came to an end with the delegates from KE winning the following awards:
Wajeeha Naveed - Outstanding Diplomacy Award (Delegate of Japan in DISEC)
Tehreem Khalid - Outstanding Diplomacy Award (Delegate of KSA in HRC)
Shehbaz Baloch - Honorable Mention (Delegate of Japan in HRC)

and last but certainly not the least, best represented country on the Global Village, winning a prize of Rs. 10,000/- (that's right); KE Alpha, the delegation of KSA.
KEDS registered a record 5 delegations for this event, each comprising 7-8 members; with one delegation comprised solely of the energetic, enthusiastic firstulas! Way to go first year.
Congratulations, guys. You did a great job. Much more to come.


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