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4th Year Community Medicine Viva Questions 2009-10

4th Year Community Medicine Viva Questions 2009-10

4th Year: ENT Instruments

4th year ENT intruments

4th Year: Pathology slides

4th year pathology slides Latest shown on 30-12-2011


4th Year: Gross Pathology Models


4th Year: ENT Viva questions 2010

ENT Viva Questions 2010

SPWS Beat Hepatitis C, Treat Hepatitis C Campaign Report

By Farkhanda Qaiser (2nd Year) & Shafaq Tabassum (3rd Year)
From 3rd to 7th May 2011, SPWS with the collaboration of APPNA took the initiative to launch a unique yet interactive week long campaign to educate medical students, patients, nurses and paramedical staff about hepatitis C. Moreover, barbers and beauticians of Anarkali and Neela Gumbad were also well informed about this infectious disease. Under the able leadership of the Advisor In Chief, Rafeh Saeed (President SPWS 2011-2012, 4th Year) and the intense and dedicated hard work of Project Advisor, Ahmad Naseer (4th Year) and Project Director, Shafaq Tabassum (3rd Year), the following events were organized for the campaign, 1)Poster competition 2)Interactive Seminar 3)Awareness Campaign in various wards of Mayo Hospital 4)Visit to the barbers and beauticians Moreover 5 Project Managers and 20 Project Organizers were selected from MBBS 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Years who coordinated and meticulously organized all the above mentione…

The firstulas' chest

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinkerwhat he thinks into it".

On that note KemUnited warmly welcomes Batch2011-2016 to King Edward Medical University - The den of the Kings and Queens. You've paid the dues, time after time. You did the sentence, You've had your share sand kicked in your face, but you've come through. YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS, my friends. And you will keep on fighting till the end ! So here's a breakdown of the life of a 1st Year at KEMU!!
KEMU Timeline :-
The Beginning:
First 2 Months: Expect the following not necessarily in the same order.
-Fooling - Its fun and make sure you get your share or you will feel left out and wont have any story to tell your kids!
-A visit to Anarkali - For Harry Potter fans, consider it like this. You get an acceptance letter from KEMU (Not via an owl but via the postal service) You head toward Anarkali! That is like the Diagon Alley of the Kemcolians! There is union bookstore, which will be one of th…


Students' Patient Welfare Society hosts once again the most appetizing week of the year, the week of our BakeSale. Here's us presenting you the BAKESALE 2012 !!

All for a Cause !!
This year its the I.C.U. and H.D.U. of West and South Medicine Wards of Mayo, that we aim to upgrade through the funds of BakeSale 2012.

Last Year Stats ..

This money was spent on the upgradation of East Medicine Ward of Mayo under limb-I and South Surgery under limb-II. Limb-I was completed on 27th July, 2011 with the following successful installations: 1.Up gradation/ complete overhaul of central air compressor system. 2. Up gradation of 2 cardiac monitors.
3. Up gradation of 3 oxygen ports.
4. Up gradation of suction machine.
5. Up gradation of central suction system and piping.
6. Up gradation of 1 ventilator.
7. Up gradation/repair of 2 X-ray illuminators.

While the limb-II was completed on 27th March, 2012. Upgradations:

1. Donation of 1 cardiac monitor

2. Donation of 1 ventilator

3. Donation of 1 defi…

Kemcol 2011: Pictorial Section Sneak-peek !!

Well the time of the year is here and the brand new Kemcol is out !!! Grab your copy from the library ASAP! 

Here's a sneak-peak of the Pictorial section !!!

Click to enlarge pictures !!!
Whole section will be out online soon as well !! Feedback is welcome :)

More photos

Final Year Prof Pediatrics Past papers

Final Year Prof Pediatrics Past papers

Sendup 2012 MCQs  (Answers not verified)