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How to join Pakistan Army as Doctor - Male & Female

CAREER as ARMY DOCTOR By Captain Dr. Saad KEMU 2011-16  DISCLAIMER:  The article is based on personal views and does not represent or conform to any official policy of the Army.  KE  has a bright history of close association with the Army. The most renowned personality of Army Medical Corps  Lt General Mushtaq Ahmad Baig  was a kemcolian, and first muslim principal of KEMC  Colonel Elahi Buksh  belonged to Army Medical Corps. Interestingly, our beautiful campus of KEMU was, once upon a time, Artillery Barracks of British Indian Army. Colonel Elahi Buksh Lt. General Mushtaq Ahmad Baig Recently I have seen a positive and welcome trend of more kemcolians showing interest in Military career after MBBS than before. I often get messages from juniors regarding the career prospects, and quite often the ambiguities in the young minds are more or less the same. So, I will briefly summarize the career structure of a military doctor and the joining procedure while busting some common myths.