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Top Eat-Outs around KEMU: Guide Re-Invented

Top Eat-Outs around KEMU: Guide Re-Invented Tour through a Changed Road by Taroob J. Latef Nothing stays for long, the good or the bad. Anarkali, in the face of its ever changing map sadly couldn’t stay put as described in Farkhanda Qaiser’s very popular 2011 guide. Top Eat-outs Around KEMU - 6 April 2011 This is a 2012 version, bleaker perhaps than last year’s, mentioning only the changed, disappeared and the new.  AlKarim Neither changed nor disappeared or new. But Yesss! The legend that is Alkarim still deserves a mention for staying evergreen as it has. That little thing has been to students what perhaps no other spot will become. Through thick and thin and by that I mean the times with and without a uni khoka, it has been nothing but loyal to all of us. Popular Items : Bun Makhan Shaami, Chicken Rolls, a continuous supply of Wavy Lays in every flavor, Milo (not Alkarim’s own creation duh but a very substantial source of its income) The Rage : Bread Roll

Ten things I love about Kemcolians...

Ten things I love about Kemcolians: by Sidrah Latif (4th Year)      1.   Amazing sense of direction:  When standing infront of Ghari ward they ask “Baji where is medicine ward!” When infront of Pathology they demand where is pathology lab. When infront of Facility area they demand to know where can they get a printing facility. And most importantly they are confused which one is the zero point and which one its anti. Such sweet, loveable simplicity, like that of an old-age Hippo trying to remember what it used to be a part of Shakespearean tango.      2.   Risqué sense of humor:   Since Kemcolians take pride in being Kemcolians, somehow they need to communicate it to the outer world that they are the protagonist of the show, crème-de-la-crème of the nation. And what method they choose it to flaunt? Of all the possibilities, ribald sense of humor. Infact I want to open up thesaurus right now to draft up a whole list of vocabulary to give them a topon ki salami! So

The dream that was KE...

The dream that was KE... Fatima Qamar (1st Year) Society, our society that is, is driven by certain clichés . Favored profession for one's kids-doctor/ engineer being one such norm and my parents were no exception. Oh and my grandparents too! Taking a career choice of becoming a doctor was majorly influenced by the people I mentioned above. This was irritating as well as overwhelming. The very bus I now travel in to KE, passed by once while we had our car parked on the road. Instantly, dad said that Fatima would be in it by next year Insha Allah. Again, we were passing by anarkali when for the first time I set my eyes on that tall white frame of domes. It was pretty I admit(not being dramatic though) despite my not-much-eagerness. But there again mom dad gazed at it wistfully and reminded me thats where they wanted to see me. ah.. expectations! I hate them especially when they are linked to me because the pressure of not being able to fulfill them and causing a d

The King Edward Film Festival 2012: Interclass Video Competition with Music show - Registration form

The King Edward Film Festival 2012: Interclass Video Competition with Music show - Registration form <p>Loading...</p>

A Guide to the Social Circus

A Guide to the Social Circus by Taroob J. Latef  Societies: Pose for Me To the majority of freshmen who are busy trying to ace the first few tests and dig in their flags for the professors to see, a word of caution. Slow down. A . Nobody cares about the total you hit in the first sub-stage (except of course your fragile heart and self-esteem), save the sweat for the prof. B . This is university, not your school or college. If you want a certain teacher to remember your name, this is certainly the wrong road to be travelling. So while you were at it, let us re-wind and wonder about that certain mystery guy who attended only two lectures this week (and by the way slipped out early of one of the two he did bother to attend), has not showed up at AlKarim once in his ‘own’ break time, has no idea what his fellow batch mate is called but has been seen rote learning a list of sacred first and second names that hold no meaning to you, has been found running err

The Bird's Eye View of Laptop Distribution in KEMU

BY Farkhanda Qaiser MBBS 3rd year Getting those DELL Inspiron N4050 laptops wasn't as easy as it may sound. Here's an in-depth analysis of what conspired both on-screen and backstage. There'll be many an interesting tale never made public before. So read on and enjoy...! In KEMU , it all started in the first week of March with a top-notch meeting of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan with the Presidents and Executive Members o f all societies. And a whirl of activity followed soon afterwards. There was alot to be done and little time at hand because the laptop distribution ceremony had been scheduled right after the Sports Week. Majority of workload fell on the frail shoulders of KAPS - managing the decor of the entire event as well as training the kemcolian choir. Whereas KEDS provided the speakers for hosting and speeches. All the organizers worked day and night to make this event a success. Yet they couldn't bear to miss the Clash of Titans i.

The King Edward Diaries - Year 1

The King Edward Diaries - Year 1  By Aleesha Kainat, Noor-un-Nissa Zia and Anosha Anwar     A glance at life at KEMU so far…… by Aleesha Kainat KE... Indeed A dream come true ! Its almost only four and half months since I officially joined KEMU and there already exists  a whole lot of delightful memories about this place ! I remember the very beginning with teachers compelling us to believe that we were the  cream of nation despite of the fact that nothing practically made us feel that way in the start . The reason being the “PROF” was in progress and the only residents of  the campus were pigeons !......Honestly  ! The whole university was abandoned and was at the sake New First Year’s hands which was whole time busy working out whether to study BD for gross or go with R.J last ! -That very time I honestly believed I made a huge mistake making a career choice  !  However Time passed ! One day out of nowhere we saw some new faces making us believe that finally “THE” proff

King Edward Medical University - 13th All-Pakistan Bilingual Declamation 2012 - Topics and Registration form

King Edward Medical University - 13th All-Pakistan Bilingual Declamation 2012 - Topics and Registration form <p><p><p><p>Loading...</p></p></p></p>


By Farkhanda Qaiser MBBS 3rd Year KAPS presents PHOTO SALE EXTRAVAGANZA '12 Every year KAPS provides photo coverage to the most exciting week in KEMU i.e. Sports week. Whether you're part of a stall in funfair or you've just won a race, our photographers capture it all. So if you want to immortalize those memories then come to library hall from 9th-12th april 2012 from 10 am to 2 pm The procedure is simple. All the pictures will be displayed and you can select and order the pictures you want to buy. After a week, the pictures will be given to the KAPS CRs and GRs and you can collect from them. However this year we're also offering deals on the purchase of pictures. For every 6 (4x6) photographs that you buy, there will one free (5x7) photograph... Also for every 2 (10x8) you will get one (5x7) photograph free ! FREE FREE FREE... so don't miss this golden opportunity...! This year, struggling through the sizzling heat and battling many a

6th KAPS Inter-Class Video Competition with Music Performances

KAPS Presents "THE KING EDWARD FILM FESTIVAL" 6th Annual Inter-Class Video Competition with Music Show on 21st April,2012 Every year, Kemcolians display their aesthetics and creativity by making short videos. This year, we provide you that platform again to showcase your ideas and talents. Venue: KEMU Auditorium Shows: The event comprises of three shows. All shows are alike and include short films and music performances. The prizes are given to the top three films at the end of first show. Music performances are just for the entertainment purpose and are not the part of competition. Only the ticket bearers are allowed entry to the show. Theme: Any theme can be used. Feel free to explore. Be Creative. The Judging: Videos will be judged based on the criteria below. The decision taken by the judges will be deemed final. 1 Creativity: Originality of the plot; use of original ideas, illustrations, and stylep. 2 Coherence: Link of


CALL FOR THE APPLICATIONS FOR Students’ Patient Welfare Society EXECUTIVE AND GENERAL BODY 2012-13 SPWS is inviting applications along with CVs for the following posts of executive and general body. Interviews will be held on 11th april, 2012 at 10:30 A.M onwards in the society office (Room No. 19 OPD). Submit ur application and cv in the spws ofice. Candidates can also mail their CVs to . The posts are as under: EXECUTIVE BODY 1. SECRETARIES A. Medicine Section (4th year/3rd year) B. Blood donation Section (4th year/3rd year) C. Health Promotion Section (4th year/3rd year) D. Media and Press Section (4th year/3rd year) E. Donation and sponsorship section (4th year/3rd year) 2. EXECUTIVES A. Executive Members: 12 Executive members from: 4th Year...... (2 boys, 2 girls) 3rd Year….... (2 boys, 2 girls) 2nd Year…. (2 boys, 2 girls) B. Class Representatives: 1 CR and 1 GR each from 1st and 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year. GENERAL BODY ASSIST

Kemcol 2012: Urdu Section Student Survey

Kemcol Urdu Survey 2012 this is your chance to express all your humour and witty answers to survey can use nicknames etc to fill it. enjoy the questions :P and make them more joyous with your funny answers....... * Required NAME/NICK NAME CLASS .wo hamsafr to tha laikin....? agar ap Misba Ul Haq hotay?  * petrol ki qeematain asmaan se kia batain krti hain? .ke main barhti hui khwatein ki tadad?  * .kachwa race jita q hai dengue ka ilaj papita q hai??? .ap ki shakal kis se milti hai???  * KE main kon c cheez faltu hai? kabootaron k manzoor e nazar afraad ki khasusiaat? .mujh per aik ehsaan krna k...??  * .khokhay se picadily cafe tak ka safar....apki nazar main?? .kis din mera viyah howay ga? larkian group ki shakal main q chalti hain? laptop milne aur baad ka farq????/ laptop kisi ka,........................... larkon ka sir pe kantay kaisay ai??? fb post 50 lik