The King Edward Diaries - Year 1

The King Edward Diaries - Year 1 
By Aleesha Kainat, Noor-un-Nissa Zia and Anosha Anwar

   A glance at life at KEMU so far……
by Aleesha Kainat
KE... Indeed A dream come true !

Its almost only four and half months since I officially joined KEMU and there already exists  a whole lot of delightful memories about this place ! I remember the very beginning with teachers compelling us to believe that we were the  cream of nation despite of the fact that nothing practically made us feel that way in the start . The reason being the “PROF” was in progress and the only residents of  the campus were pigeons !......Honestly  ! The whole university was abandoned and was at the sake New First Year’s hands which was whole time busy working out whether to study BD for gross or go with R.J last !

-That very time I honestly believed I made a huge mistake making a career choice  !

 However Time passed ! One day out of nowhere we saw some new faces making us believe that finally “THE” proff has ended and seniors have finally come back to life ! But to our great surprise we were actually very warmly welcomed by our seniors  in the most obvious manner –Ragging ! I don’t know how but somehow all the seniors  could easily identify us as the First year and managed to fool us in every possible way. No matter how much we were made fun of  but we really did enjoy that part and I still cherish the Ragging ERA !

Finally The life at KEMU begins !

The most awaited welcome party arrived ! With super hilarious skits, songs, some great performances  and scrumptious dinner 2nd year really made our survival at KE real easier.                A big Thanks to my immediate seniors !
The Enthralling Stage Background !

Amidst all the tests and substages  we found different  societies showing up out of blue introducing themselves to us . Seriously their multimedia presentations really worked good enough to impress us BIG TIME !  Every passing day campus’ building got filled with posters and banners of various kinds ! There came a whole bunch of events ! With KAPS presenting street art competition and KEDS with Inter class as well as various debating events ! With SPWS coming up with RAMP movement and IFMSA with Undergraduate Open day  It was one great a start to a professional life.

The list of events continue with  Mehfil-e-milaad  and Dr Tariq Jameel’s lecture Which I personally believe was a very great effort ! The more time I spend at KE the more and more Interesting it gets and more and more  I fall in love with this Special place!

Coming towards what we actually came here for – Studies! It was time for our first Stage. It was one horrible time we had to go through but in the end we passed
J Alhamdulillah and that’s actually what matters in the end.
Then was the most exciting event so far ! Yes The Sports week 2012! With a whole week of fun filled activities it was one great refreshment!  Theme day and the experience of dressing as a roman for me was just awesome ! Its not every day that you get to see Desi, Punjabi, dakoos, Egyptians, Arabians etc at one place. With a unique concept of dedications and ‘Forced’  Mehndis Funfair  was an event  in itself. Moreover the ideas of each class wearing a different colour , the class skits,the  final year’s Tug Of War were admirable. 

Sports week's events- A glance !

The Physio and biochem tests continue and so do the events !

With Mushaira and spelling bee in the week next to sports’ I wonder what is next ! The UCP convention with most thought provoking zero thalassemia  mission was quite a moving event.
A group Picture At UCP Convetion !
Then Our one day class trip  to Islamabad was organized which apparently was really good ! Then came the best part of being a student – Vacations !!!
Now the Spring break is almost over and I believe with Vidgala, All Pak debates and Picture extravaganza there is yet a lot more to come so       Stay Tuned! ;)


NOOR- UN -NISAA ZIA                                                                                                                                                                                               1ST YEAR

King Edward. As long as I remember these two words have meant the world to me. And I didn’t have enough faith in myself to actually believe that one day I’l make it there. One day I too would be called a kemcolian. But I guess dreams do come true.

November 2012, my first day in the university and it was just love at first site. The majestic Patiala block, the beautiful pharma lawn overlooking the vast cricket ground and the antique stairs of physio department.  So blinded by the happiness of actually making it here I was in love with each and every thing be it lame excuse for the cafĂ© we had or the small overstuffed labs.
First week over smoothly and I realized people were actually right when they said MBBS was TOUGH. A single clavicle had more things than a whole skeleton of frog, couldn’t figure out what medial and lateral meant, guyton’s  thickness gave a heart attack and I was pretty sure that biochemistry  was actually a joke.
First interesting thing at KE ……..ELECTIONS!!!!!!  spent a week adorning the whole university with charts, distributed badges and ribbons and it finally paid off in the end when the candidates we supported actually won! Experienced a little bit of ragging. Thankfully not as much as the hostellites. But at the same time found amazing friends and guides in seniors. Topped a substage, got distinction in a test and failed one too.  Finally got over the fear of seeing bodies in DH and tried dissection. Had the most awesome fun filled welcome party.
Had heard a lot about sports week from seniors but experiencing it was nothing like I had imagined. A whole week of fun without any dread of tests seemed too good to be true.  Theme day……..everyone dressed up in amazing costumes,clicking lots of pictures,winning the first prize. Colour day………..the whole university clad in their chosen colours, decorating the tent we had, hooting and cheering for the athletes. Funfair ……….handling the stalls, eating everything from everywhere, the constant fear of being caught and thrown in jail. Dramatics…………the races and the heart touching plays with their well written script and powerful acting. In short this week had the whole year’s fun packed into a mere four days.                                                 
There are so many other things to write about. Can’t understand how I can put 4 months worth of memories into just a few paragraphs. The flowers fallen the night before that seem to welcome you each morning, the pigeons waiting to ruin your perfect hair day, the constant fear of looming substages and tests and the amazing time spent at zero point with friends.

And then there are the most awaited spring vacations with the towering workload of homework and the awaiting mountain of tests. They are almost over now but I’l look forward to Monday because every day here is a new experience. And of one thing I am absolutely sure before I graduate I am gonna have a whole lot of memories of the amazing time spent at this amazing place.

The Time of our Lives.... 
by Anosha Anwar

Summer haze and time of total idlensess, with hours floating away in front of screens, or day dreaming with loud music on when my usual routine was disrupted and the result of MCAT came!, and I pounced upon the calculator to evaluate my chances of getting into the place, every med student dreamed of, and after repeating the same mathematical operation again and again I realized my dream had just come true.. I had a "solid" chance of getting in KEMU.

After a period of desperate attempts to fulfill every recreational desire, in fear of not having enough time to enjoy, once the so cautioned dreary routine commenced, the university took off.
First day_ Auditorium_ I remember us all in form of a scattered mob, greeting all the familiar faces, some with sheer joy and some with masked surprise. Taking oath in loud voices, just like juvenile children promising to behave in order to get some treats, we encountered our HODs and our V.C who welcomed us with the priceless gift of kemcolian pride and the belief of being "Cream la Cream".
        The initial days were very dull and full of melancholy, with all dreams of having a blast after coming to uni fading into oblivion. The main reason being, first year was the only class which was present in the seemingly abandoned uni, with all seniors buried deep in books due to profs. It seemed like a place where gloom dominated, hopes perished, and a gauntlet of ordeals stared right at you.
            But soon our "lovable" seniors came back with a bang and gave us the welcome every student has nightmares about, the Godzilla of ragging! and contradictory to all we were anticipating,  life slowly started to have colours when we saw guys with inverted overalls performing ridiculous tasks, some respectable seniors cutting us a slack on gender basis and stalking the grounds in search of sights of more  amusing ragging. Infact some of us pulled a prank on our own class fellows by posing as seniors and even got one to sing the barbie song though we were forced to shrink with regret soon enough!
           Then came the tests , one after the other, with us still being at odds about what to go with; the words of our seniors who admirably managed to survive so far or that of our  teachers who had solidarity on our report cards! It was B.D or Last's! Ratta or concept! Guyton or ganong! and before our first stage the majority of class had successfully completed the "theeta transformation" though many of them seemed to be suffering from it congenitally...

 The routine was again boring but kudos to the societies for giving us some hope to linger on to while we began questioning our sanity for having chosen the profession. 
, The poster making competition,the interclass declamation, spelling bee contest, conventions for jehad against thalessemia and what not! First year reigned over it all!! And we developed a new sense of pride , we were not just kemcolians.. We were the NEW first year!

   Just when we though we had reached the verge of sanity, the end of our wits and lost hope of surviving further.... Sports week in form of a true blessing was bestowed upon us from above and we went bananas with sheer delight. Crackling up our white and grey matter with the stall management, arguing over the theme to follow and colour to represent, started the preparations of the week we longed for. And finally it was here and we were more than just ready to have the time of our lives! 

 Our class was a total potpourri on the theme day and our versatility stole the show! The totally rad cowboys and fabulous cowgirls, the jovial Arabians, Egyptian Pharaohs and a mummy, pretty Chinese maidens, traditionally beautiful Gilgitis nailed it as it was evident by the seniors and random strangers grapping us by the arm and taking pics with us. The funfair was just as awesome, setting up a stall, decorating it pathetically, getting on our salesman mojo and still managing to smile after evident financial loss and ending the things with a memorable stall party. "Zardey di daig" was our next adventure, dressing up in yellow, seeming like girls at mehndi and guys a petrol pump team but still marvellous , we stole the day once again with much earnded praise from all. And finally things ended with us going crazy over the gymkhana events, hooting madly and whistling crazily, becoming models and starting a photoshoot impetuously! The same day we spectated heart touching skits performed by all years and it all ended with our class proving to be the supernova!The event still remains vivid in our memories and brings smile to our forlorn faces when we are going psycho because of the unreasonable host of tests. 

Then followed the trip of Islamabad, which for me was the time of my life while some may beg to differ. A day full of messing in the kitchen, boating at lake view park, hiking at margalla hills and admiring the marvels of nature at saidpur village, posing for pics after everyhour and going nuts in the bus was the best part! A splendid time indeed...

      Finally the thought of which seemed surreal, arrived to rejuvenate our life-drained souls. Spring vacations atlast! Ample time to be wasted infront of facebook, or study for the horde of tests waiting ahead , to fall like a log on the bed and stay there, for the hostelites to catch up with their families or to simply take a break and discover yourself. They passed contradicting the way they had arrived, too soon, too fast... and then the last sunday!
Opening up books, counting pages of the chapters included in tests, making assignment, outlining a strategy on how to make it through the upcoming days..  We were back to the same old routine but memoirs remained to elate us and cheer us up when we decided to glance back and involuntarily made us giggle...


  1. Nicely put aleesha <3 a commendable effort :)

  2. aleesha u cheeeti<3

  3. nice effort.... "TRIP WAS APPARENTLY GOOD"... hmmmm

  4. Alisha! Its a nice effort... Keep writing to enhance your skills :)

  5. Aleesha! its a nice effort. Keep writing to enhance your skills :)

  6. Well who thought a one day trip which had a 6 hours run ( which leaves only 12 hours at hand) could be that much fun so the word Apparently ! :)

  7. Great to see you in the blogging world !

  8. aww!!a quick recap thanx aleesha! gud job!

  9. Veryy Nyc Aleesha! KeeP up the Good work! <3 :)

  10. Veryy Nyc Aleesha! KeeP up the Good work! <3 :)

  11. nisa... I liked it! U rock. :) and dont forget *sight in the 2nd paragraph :) u r too good with the pen.

  12. nisa <3 "simpler the better" well written piece of work...thumbs up:)

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  14. AoA, though i am not KEMCOLIAN but i like this initiative of the KEMUNITED idea. I have a request with KEMU graduates. I am looking for a good proposal of a lady doctor for my self. I am Hussain,30, CSP officer.any lady doctor if likes to consider me then may contact me on my email ID Take care and goodluck to you all


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