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Volunteer @ KemUnited!

Volunteer for multiple available roles at kemunited blog  Email your CV/resume and few words about your interest   

Stepwise process for PGs joining at KEMU /Mayo Hospital

Stepwise process for PGs joining at KEMU /Mayo Hospital: Dr Waqas Ahmad PGR [This is organized to reduce walking between the offices to conserve energy for the training 😅] 1)Take 2 sets of your academic certificates, 2 stamp papers and 4 pictures (all attested) 2)Go to the assistant registrar office(1st floor in front of patiala block on the left side stairs) sign your prp joining. Scan QR code for instructions WhatsApp group. (for MS,MD candidates get challan form from room 1 nearby right side of patiala block and get it paid in BOP.) 3)Go to piccadilly cafe canteen,get three forms: *PG Joining performa *PG pay performa for MS office  *Paid orders form  *Get specimens(attached with joining performa and pay performa)printed out on stamp papers. 4)Get signed 3 performas and stamp papers from your supervisor and head of department. (for FCPS complete step 1 of rtmc,you will get a form in email, get it signed from supervisor and do get faculty List performa from department and get it sig