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3rd Year Resource Bank for Practicals And Viva

3rd Year Resource bank For Practicals And Viva For viewing pictures in Picasa Read the instructions here first !! PATHOLOGY NEW & Updated (2013) Pathology Slides+Models+Agars by Muhammad Fahad OLD Slides and Models 1 .Pathology Slide With Reasons Of Identification Folder 1 2 .Pathology Slides And Models KEMCANA Folder 1 3 .Pathology Slides And Models KEMCANA Folder 2 4 .Pathology Urine And Stool Examination 5 .Hematology 6 .Histopathology FORENSIC Forensic Models  Forensic Biological Slides Forensic Instruments Forensic Toxicology  Firearms Radiographs & Bones  (old) Radiographs (updated 2013) PHARMACOLOGY Specimens Instruments

Pharmacology Mnemonics

     · Cardioselective betablockers are :   "Betablockers Acting Exclusively At Myocardium "   Betaxolol Acebutelol Esmolol Atenolol Metoprolol Beta-blocker main contraindications / cautions ABCDE: * Asthma * Block (heart block) * COPD * Diabetes mellitus * Electrolyte (hyperkalemia) B-agonist tocolytic (contraindication or warning)  ABCDE: Angina (Heart disease) BP high Chorioamnionitis Diabetes Excessive bleeding   Beta-1 vs Beta-2 receptor location "You have 1 heart and 2 lungs": Beta-1 are therefore primarily in the heart. Beta-2 primarily in the lungs. Zero Order Kinetics - zero WATT Power Warfarin A lcohol Theophylline Phenytoin Phenytoin advrse effct. PHENYTOIN. Peripheral neuropathy. Hirsutism. Enlargement of gum(gum hypertrophy). Nystigmus. Yellow colouratn of skin. Teratogenecity. Osteomalacia. Increasd sleep. Neurological(ataxia

Anatomy Mnemonics

For Upper Limb Mnemonics Click Here For Lower Limb mnemonics , Click Here Cranial Nerves Mnemonic For Harry Potter fans... On On On They Travelled And Find Voldemort Guarding Very Ancient Horcruxes Olfactory Sensory Optic Sensory Oculomotor Motor Trochlear Moter Trigeminal both Abducens motor Facial both Vestibulocochlear sensory Glossopharyngeal both Vagas both Accessory motor Hypoglossal motor You have I nose. You have II eyes. (I - Olfactory; II -- Optic) Cranial nerves Sensory/motor/mixed Sensory- 128 Mixed- 5790 Motor- rest are motor. Note: here 0 represents 10. The Boundaries of The Triangle Of Calot >> 3C' s : 1. C-ystic Duct 2. C-ommon bile Duct 3. C-ystic Artery Branches Of Facial Nerve Two Zombies Beat My Cat: From superior to inferior: T-emporal branch Z-ygomatic branch B-uccal branch M-andibular branch C-ervical branch Relationship of Thoracic duct to Esophagous and Azygous >

Physiology Mnemonics

   WBC Count: " Never Let Momma Eat Beans (60, 30, 6, 3, 1) Neutrophils 60% Lymphocytes 30% Monocytes 6% Eosinophils 3% Basophils 1% Symptoms of Grave's disease.. GOITRE Goitre

Getting jobs after AMC 1!!!!!

Also read AMC Step 1 Guide  Jobs after AMC step 1 Salam all, Its been a long time when i posted last but here is something I've recently experienced while applying for a job in Australia for medical officer position. As I've mentioned in my previous post on AMC, getting jobs here is becoming very tough day by day. 2-3 years back, hospitals used to send a person to receive you on airport and offer you air tickets and stay at the time of joining, and now, all these things are offered no more.

Articles on Dengue Fever

Articles on Dengue Fever :   (If you are a doctor – Read this article.) 1. A GLIMPSE ON DENGUE FEVER(click here) -------------------------------------By Dr. M Arslan Baig   (If you are NOT a doctor , read this simplified article to know all about dengue fever) 2. Dengue Fever Epidemic (click here) ----------------------------------By Dr. M Tauseef Omer ------------------------------------Do give your feed back in the comments on the articles once you read them. You can add to the discussion too, in comments.

Best Way To Relax During Study Break

After the mind-whipping episodes of arduous study hours , mind sends out a strong appeal to let it have a break. The best way to relax during a break is not do nothing but to do something entirely different , says the study experts. What can one do ? Texting ,facebooking ,watching a drama series , reading a book/blog , listening to music or sometimes watching a full-flash movie/s ; the simple entertainments comfortably available within the confines of our homes. It kills stress and refreshes the mind. But theres a little problem with them . They just don't direct you back to course books. Rather make the learning process appear more tedious, dry and torturous. Is there an entertainment that not only fulfill your enjoyment demands but also motivates you to study with more interest ,more passion? It appears , there is !  You see, if a book/music/movie revolves around your central aim i.e medicine and doctors-patients in light-hearted/interesting manner ,it lets you realize why w