Physiology Mnemonics

 WBC Count:

"Never Let Momma Eat Beans(60, 30, 6, 3, 1)

Neutrophils 60%
Lymphocytes 30%
Monocytes 6%
Eosinophils 3%
Basophils 1%
Symptoms of Grave's disease.. GOITRE
Ophthalmic symptoms
Irritability/Intolerance to heat
  Microcytic anemia: causes

"Find Those Small Cells"

Fe deficiency
Chronic disease
Murmurs: innocent murmur features 8 S's:
Sounds (S1 & S2) normal
Special tests normal (X-ray, EKG)
Standing/ Sitting (vary with position)
Sternal depression
Pheochromocytoma = The 10% Tumor :
10% Bilateral
10% Malignant
10% Extra-adrenal
10% multiple
10% familial
10% occur in children
Mnemonic for Cushing Syndrome
C - Central obesity, Cervical fat pads, Collagen fibre weakness ..
U - Urinary free cortisol and glucose increase
S - Striae(Broad volacious striae), Suppressed immunity
H - Hypercortisolism, Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, Hypercholesterolemia, Hirsutism
I - Iatrogenic (Increased administration of corticosteroids)
N - Noniatrogenic (Neoplasms)
G - Glucose intolerance, Growth retardation
Broca's vs. Wernick's area: effect of damage to speech center >>>

"(Bro)ca": your speech machinery is (Bro)ken.
· BROKA is wanting to speak, but articulation doesn't work, and very slow.

"Wer-nick": "were" and "nick" are both words of English language, but together they are nonsensical.
· Wernick is having good articulation, but saying words that don't make sense together.
The classic signs and symptoms of Parkinson disease are often remembered by the mnemonic TRAP :

* T-remor at rest (is the most apparent and well-known symptom) ..

* R-igidity (lead-pipe rigidity) or (cogwheel rigidity) ..

* A-kinesia (actually Bradykinesia which is slowness of movement is
better description for the early stage ) ..

* P-ostural instability (typical in the late stages of the disease, leading to
impaired balance and frequent falls) ..
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