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Revision Notes For Biochemistry (2nd Year)

These concise yet comprehensive notes will help you review and revise extensive units like Carbohydrate Metabolism in the minimum possible time especially if you have given one read to these chapters from Lippincott before.They really helped me in send-ups, prof- written and vivas when I was short on time. Best wishes!

Salar Haider
Final Year MBBS.

Download Links

Notes On Amino Acid Metabolism (PDF)
Notes On Carbohydrate Metabolism (PDF)
Notes On Fatty Acid & TAG Metabolism (PDF)
Notes On Feed Fast Cycle (PDF)

The Train of the Dead

-Samee Ullah

The ominous abode of a hallway in his castle, lit by the gleaming light of a dying bonfire, just as his staggering emotions waiting for her.   Had he died? Had his feelings, after having endured the austerities of time, also died?  The flower bloomed out of broken stone tiles, in the middle of a roofless hallway lit scantily by my bonfire. I watched it for a while before I felt compelled to get up and pick it. Silver-blue petals, stretching out like curved tongues of the dead, trapped between the glows of the full moon and the fire. A cold breeze descended into the hallway, and the petals fluttered. The fire fought, eroded, and died. I already had the stem of the flower between my fingers, so I picked it. The breeze became a hand, a grasp, and it wrapped itself around by hand, cradled it. "Leave it," I could hear a soundless voice whisper at me, "It's for the one who escapes the train of the dead." I bent, put the flower down on the dark tile and sa…

Surgery Viva and OSCE Guide 2018-19

Medicine Viva and OSPE Guide 2018-19