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Upper Limb Spotting


Lecture Slides : Community medicine; Meningitis


Lecture slides: Community medicine ; Pertussis


The Lantern Eve aka ( LIGHTS OF HOPE) !


The Event was organized by the SPWS (Student patient Welfare Society), with of sole purpose of fund raising for charity. This society has been working for decades, to improve the health and living standards of patients of MAYO Hospital Lahore and for the Students of KEMU. The Society is run by a group of enthusiastic medical students, under the Guidance of their Patron In Chief, the Vice Chancellor and Staff Presidents. We carry many events around the year like Bake Sales, Movie nights and Awareness seminars for the betterment of society and to raise funds. These very funds are transparently allocated to the betterment and advancement of Hospital Equipment and the help of needy students. To fulfill the same purpose , this Year SPWS came up with yet another Exciting fun filled activity with a noble cause at hand! Our team worked Day and Night to make this event a success, which we suppose paid off, Since Every Kemcolian has a cover and Display with a lante…
United States Clinical Experience (USCE ):

This is really important part of steps journey . I will try best to explain it in simplest way
Those days are over when people with triple 99 only used to get residencies . USA hospitals now require some clinical experience inside USA before you apply . Students work under supervision in hospitals and get LORs.
There are 3 forms of USCE ;(research is not part of USCE -a big misconception ):...
1 electives
2 externship
3 observership

1 Electives :
doing clinical work in USA while you are not graduated is called elective . Most people do it in 4 th yr final Yr vacation or immediately after final year . Each ejectors comprises of 4 week rotation in which you get one Lor . It is the best form of USCE . Some universities offer it free while other have some fees . People who have done step 1 are very likely to get electives for free in good universities . Elective also solves visa problem as you get 5  year visa on basis of electives which hel…

Optimism: You Gave me An Expression

By Saba Noor (1st Yr)
What should I tell all these people?? Will they believe the story behind me changing black ink to bright red one in my pen?It is just a teifle for them. But for me, it is something around which my ideas, my thoughts, my fantasy, my pages, my pen circumambulates because its me, only me who understands this magic, who knows.."Who was the sorcerer?"

         I was a writer. What a writer I was! Writing black stories in black ink at black time on white papers of life. I was a black writer. I had a market opened around me where I would buy sorrows and price was so high. The price was my HAPPINESS. I had made life hard sitting on a "still" swing in my backyard. You, from somewhere, came out and tossed the swing. Oh! There I was flying in cool breeze...the breeze making me forget hard parts of life, longing to talk about softer one. I loved to write about gloomy sky before rain. And you made me look at bright sky after rain.Your little magic working on…

Lecture Slides: Eye; UVEITIS


USMLE Step 1 Preparation Scheme


By Dr. Waqas Nawaz (Score: 242)
Founder K.E. USMLE Forum

I am going to explain how one can start for step 1 de novo. I will try to make it as simple as possible:

USMLE step 1 needs 4 reads in total.

Materials required
Kaplan series
First Aid
100 cases by Conrad fischer ( blue book )
Online NBME 


 3 months (1st read)+2 months and 10 days (2nd read) +2 months and 10days (3rd read) +6 days whole 1st AID and NBME, then 10 days ( 4th read) =Total 8 months

Post-Graduate Residency training in Pakistan and USA: Benefits and risks.

Post-Graduate Residency training in Pakistan and USA: Benefits and risks. (Dr. Faran Ahmad, King Edward Medical University, 2004-10)

Over the years, post graduate training programs have such a drastic downfall in Pakistan that our young medical graduates are in genuine panic. Their future is at stake while our so called leadership is blindly indulged in power politics. Firstly, the entrance exam to post graduate training, FCPS-1 is such an ambiguous and futile exam that it’s the fate which helps you pass it. Secondly, even if you pass that famous FCPS-1 exam, chances of getting a training spot under a serious and dedicated supervisor are totally dismal. Our Supervisors are lot more busy in their private clinics and money making tactics that they don’t even prefer or consider their post graduate trainees. You are lucky if your supervisor is caring enough that he knows your name and credentials.
 Now, here comes the most important question: What should a fresh graduate do? This question…

Hostelites vs day-scholars!!!

Hostelites vs day-scholars!!!
-Lubaba Mukhtar, 1st year
When I’m sitting at home (on the weekend) and writing about this hostelites vs day-scholars’ (who’s at more advantage) topic, its really easy to be biased towards the day-scholars and their homely comforts. In the university hours, when the two teams “hostelites and day-scholars” come anywhere near each other: the scenes, the dialogues exchanged and the looks thrown at each other are definitely worth a million bucks of entertainment. :D
HOSTEL BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Scene 1: a group of hostelites slumbering (the usual behavior of most hostelites) on the bench right in front of where a bunch of day-scholars are already sitting (that’s what most day scholars do) in the lecture theatre. 1st girl: oh God yar, couldn’t study anatomy at all, the birthday party of “a certain girl” in the nearby room took up all the evening! It was so much fun by the way, I mean we don’t even know them that well, but still it was so sweet of them to invite us ove…

Lectures Slides; Community medicine: Measles


Lecture Slides; Community Medicine : RUBELLA


Lecture slides ; ENT : Tumours of Salivary Glands


The Princess and The Doc---Ode To an Exiled Princess.

By: Usama Irshad. 
2nd Year MB , BS.

Lahore of yore was the greatest metropolis if there ever was one. With its rich diversity, its  congenial folks,and its lush expansive gardens,it was no wonder they nicknamed it the"Paris of the East".The City saw a multitude of invasions and rulers,but none of them left such a lasting impression on Lahore's Culture as did the Sikhs.

The Sikhs cherished the city and it soon blossomed into the most modern and beloved city in India. With their colorful turbans and flowing beards,Sikhs added to the colors of this wonderfully flamboyant city. Amongst the Sikh rulers of Punjab,the name of Ranjit Singh stands out. Brave and iron-willed,he steered
Punjab on its path to glory. But soon the iron shackles closed in around

Past Papers Second Professional Annual Examination 2013


3rd Yr Pharmacology Class Test Papers 2013


Physiology Important Questions for Nerve and Muscle (Plus Class Test)

Important Questions Physiology (Nerve and Muscle)
Muhammad Mohsin Ali Dynamo
Thought you would find these useful near profs :D
The questions from the class test conducted on 18-02-2014 have been added as well.

Lecture Slides: Community Medicine;Smallpox


Lecture Slides: Community Medicine;Oral Re-hydration Therapy (module)


Lecture Slides: Community Medicine; Respiratory Infections


Lecture Slides: Community Medicine;Chickenpox


Lecture Slides: Community Medicine; Mumps


Lecture Slides: Medicine; Cholera and Amebiasis

Medicine Unit Tutor: 4th Year Date:

Lecture Slides: Medicine; Diarrhea Causing States

Medicine Unit Tutor: 4th Year Date:

Societies at KEMU


Us Against The Odds

by Larabe Farrukh Chaudry
(1st Year)
Life is something that happens to us without us realizing, and It was life that happened to bring us into this veteran of façade, thus known as KEMU. I still remember having that rush of adrenaline, realizing that I had finally made it there, Oh, what joy! I am finally going to become the greatest neurophysician on the face of the planet. Such lies, such infidelity.

Day 1, at the Oh mighty KEMU, seniors hunting us down like vultures, making us do all sorts of pathetically pointless stuff which now I realize was out of desperation, as they had been stuck in this mole hole for more than a year, and we were the shiny new toys from the outside world with still a bit of sanity somewhere deep within. Then there was this not so oriented orientation week, in which they tried to prepare our unaware minds for what was coming for us and was going to take us down eventually. 

Our newfound love for Piccadilly with its very “sharai” sort of sitting place having a wa…

Biochemistry Lipids!

Lipids lecture transparencies
Give them a look after you are done with mushtaq!
Courtesy : Sarah Arif!

1st year - Spotting resource Bank

Histolog slides by M.Bilal folder 2


Histology Slides by Muhammad Bilal Folder 1


Gross Anatomy Museum Models!


Histology Slides by M.Bilal Folder 3


Histology slides - Kemcaana


histology slides for revision-2013


Embryology Models (some are labelled)


Firstulas, This Valentine's Day.

By Romesa Qaiser Khan, 1st year.
Many believe medical students lack sentimentality, but  based on the number of “who will be your valentine?” posts on social networks, I beg to differ. Some of us are indeed so inclined and all of us are in for a whole lot of disappointment.
·The day begins- you imagined yourself waking up with a smile, the wind blowing your room’s curtains and the doves cooing on your windowsill. You’d probably have a hot cup of coffee while staring at the rainy weather outside and then proceed to carefully dress-to-impress while taking your time. You’d enter the university smiling and loiter to your first class and see the object of your interest.

Soon to be exiled 1st Years


The painful, lonely starting days at hostel were made all the way better when the bajis came to our rooms in the “extension of new hostel building” and announced with great pathos that their fate, when they had arrived as 1st years, had landed them among towering, raging and scary seniors of 4th year and final year (that’s how we find the seniors until we are ragged), their sad faces clearly depicted that their fate had not played that good a game with them. Our poor seniors of 2nd and 3rd year had landed in already overcrowded rooms with walls showing intricate patterns of fungal growth, and if the helpless souls had had the bad luck of staying on a mattress in a basement room then they had the breath taking experience of sleeping amongst the original tenants of old girls’ hostel….still need to guess (mice and voles of course)!!!

A “Knight-ingale” (A tribute to Sidra Latif)

The place was swarming with many a restless head.
Tough was the clash, and the day was red.
Her name was called; she left her place,
And stepped on stage with an exceptional grace.
Sturdy and strong, she took hold of the dais
With a warm and distinctive look on her face.
She began to address ‘em and let her lips apart
In a remarkable way that’d touch one’s heart.
Expressing her thoughts without a flaw,
She left the audience in sheer awe.
And as she ended her speech with a touching clause,
The air reverberated with cheers and applause.
She’s unique in her own way, not like the rest.
Perfect with words; with thoughts the best.
She was born to lead; back, she couldn’t   stay
And it’s not the story of a single day.
In every contest, in every battle
She won the day and proved her mettle.
Be it speaking, writing or medical field,
She won’t let her name remain concealed.
In looks, she’s graceful and elegant,
In nature, assiduous and diligent.
With unique thoughts, she’s a lady of letters

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King Edward Medical University Administration offers Email Accounts with KEMCAANA collaboration to all Students, Faculty Members and Administrative Staff of King Edward University & Allied Hospitals, Lahore.This service has powerful Gmail features like 25 GB web space for every email account, Blast email facility to Administrative Staff, Calendar and Documents sharing, Departments Web pages and collaboration tools etc.
And NOW you can also access the KemUnited Digital Library using account ! (Click the link)

How to sign up for Gmail account ? To create new account visit Main KEMCAANA Computer Lab in Department of Biochemistry (1st Floor, Bawalpur Block). Take a copy of your University/Department card as well.Contact Mr. Rashid Javed (Manager KEMCAANA Computer Labs) and register your account. You will be required to fill in a few details and your contact information. Your account will be created on the spot.To Login go to :…

You know you’re a medical student when…

By Fatima Baluch
1st Year

1. This is how people generally greet you:

     2. You are the favorite kid in the family. Without a doubt. PERIOD.

Dishing up MCAT vocab for you!

By Muhammad Tayyab Zia 1st Yr

Mcat vocab part 1

Passion of welfare
The acupuncture(treatment with needles) facility was available and the aboriginal(native) people were accumulating in the ward. The situation was an accolade(praise, tribute, honor) for the medical men of the firm and they didn’t want to abnegate( give up, renounce) their duties. A few aberrations(oddities) were abstruse(puzzling, complex) and the patients that had accrued(accumulate) there were steadily acclimating(adapting, accomodating). All the diseased were acquiesced(allowed) without any charges.

A hero

There is an adage(saying) that the acumen(wisdom) of a some people is adamantine(stubborn). Its a mark of determination. An adonis(handsome young man) with alacrity(enthusiasm), afflatus(inspiration, creative impulse) and adroitness(skill) who performs aerobics(warming-up, exercise) activities affects the ambitious and allays(soothe,pacify) the agony of poor as he is altruistic(kind, selfless). He ameliorates(improve) t…