Dishing up MCAT vocab for you!

By Muhammad Tayyab Zia
1st Yr

Mcat vocab part 1

Passion of welfare   
The acupuncture(treatment with needles) facility was available and the aboriginal(native) people were accumulating in the ward. The situation was an accolade(praise, tribute, honor) for the medical men of the firm and they didn’t want to abnegate( give up, renounce) their duties. A few aberrations(oddities) were abstruse(puzzling, complex) and the patients that had accrued(accumulate) there were steadily acclimating(adapting, accomodating). All the diseased were acquiesced(allowed) without any charges.

A hero

There is an adage(saying) that the acumen(wisdom) of a some people is adamantine(stubborn). Its a mark of determination. An adonis(handsome young man) with alacrity(enthusiasm), afflatus(inspiration, creative impulse) and adroitness(skill) who performs aerobics(warming-up, exercise) activities affects the ambitious and allays(soothe,pacify) the agony of poor as he is altruistic(kind, selfless). He ameliorates(improve) the amenities(facilities) of his surroundings. He becomes an apple of the eyes of both aerodynamic(flying) and ambulatory(mobile,moving) world and every attractive amazon(strong woman) wants to marry him.

I hate such adamancy   
The akimbo(with hand on hips, bowed) actuary(accountant) was addled(confused) by the admonition(warning). The aspersions(criticism, unpleasant remarks) of the balsphemous(insulting) barbaric(brutal) were brassy(loud, shameless). The statistician had joined the company just a week before but the arcane(abstruse, obscure) allegations of the director were battering(hitting) against her harshly and her anaphylactic(highly sensitive) heart began to pound. Her attire(clothes) had become wet in the august(distinguished, impressive) aura of the office. The anomie(social instability) of the head was an anomaly(oddity) she had never confronted before. She had blandished(flattered) him and even tried tried to seduce the boss with her apocryphal(fake, fabricated) enticing tone but he seemed to be an ascetic(abstainer, dervish) and her efforts to bamboozle(cheat, deceive) him were all vain. The idea of avid(keen, enthusiastic) bacchanal(gala, merrymaking) of the job had turned into a horrible nightmare….

She was a goddess

The argosy(cargo ship) in the armada(group of ships, navy) was slipping above the bayou(stream, channel). It contained battery(collection, array) of baubles(ornaments). The belated(late, delayed) departure of the ship was being berated(criticized) by the astrologers but till then, the weather seemed to be auspicious(promising, favorable). A few surfers were showing their feats on the aquaplanes(water ski) in the surrounding water. In the adjacent land, their was a bloom(blossom, glow) of brambles(wild thorny bush). An isolated and abandoned bistro(cafe,bar) on a berm(a raised area of ground) was going through the stages of atrophy(decline, decay) but yet looked magnificent. The blaze(fire,burning) of Sun was balked(block, stop suddenly) by the the fluffy fur of flowing clouds. The benign(gentle, kind affectionate) beneficence(generosity) was showing itself in the panoramic beauty of that place as cheers and chants could be heard from one of the compartments of bifurcated(splitted, halved) basement of the ship. The blathering(chatter, babble) of plebeians was lively and enthusiastic. Mac was trying to discern the aria(song, carol) that appeared to be sung at the corner along the wall. That song was enthralling him so much that he stood instinctively and walked towards the place. When he reached there, his eyes met the blue eyes of a blonde beauty. The optical connection was soon lost as the babe engrossed herself again in the brio(spirit, zest) of the melody. Her cardigan(jersey) was claret(dark red, scarlet) just like the redness sprouting from the morning sun unveiling at the horizon. The natural talent was amplified by the bravura(artistic skill) she may have been practicing for years. A mob was braying(neigh, yell, whinny) in the compartment but to Mac, she was like a lighted lamp in the midst of darkness. Her aesthetic perfection, spiritual allure and the corporal magnetism made Mac unconscious of his own self and he became a buoyant(able to float, happy) boy. She was so simple and therefore utmost sophisticated. He tried to broach( mention, talk about) but failed utterly as she neglected him completely. Her indifference to him was like the indifference of land people to the people moving in the catacomb(underground tunnel) below. The caricature(funny drawing) on the wall glistening in the light rays of candelabrum(lamp, object having branches holding candles) drawn otherwise to entertain people was mocking him then. He approached her and bonked(hit lightly) on her shoulder but he was beset(afflicted, plagued) by this act as she swiftly walked away through the door in the other compartment of the articulated(segmented,jointed) architectural design of basement.
Zenith of art

The cartographer(map maker, topographer) was enjoying burgeoning(flourishing) cachet(eminence). The chiaroscuro(shaded, black and white) model of the cay(small island, islet) was more artistic than the cameos(sculpture, statue) made by the greatest artists. The model exhibiting cambers(slight curve on road, twist) and the chicanes(sharp double bend on road), the bonsai(indoor gardening) and the botanical(relating to plants) beauty of the metropolitan island developed by a mapmaker was indeed dumbfounding. Batik(ornamental art, printing patterns on cloth using wax) was the most adorable artwork in Pakifornia but it also seemed to lose its value then. Even the centennial(relating to century) stonework of the basilicas(large churches) deemed the most glorious art in the world had faded in the intense glow of his masterpiece. There was a behest(order, request) from the head of the state requesting him to reach the Prizehouse to receive one of the most prestigious reward of that time, the mark of pride, honor, excellence and flawless fame, the Scarletgem prize.!

  When flirtation becomes phantom

The crass(stupid, mindless) teenager had faced a lot of contumely(insult,humiliation) due to his unveiled coquetry(flirtation). Whenever he came across any comely(gorgeous) girl, he used to converse with her in a clement(mild, pleasant) tone and a cordial(friendly) way. Although a few people considered it to be a copacetic(perfect) gesture depicted by a boy but most religious fundamentalists and contemporary(modern) moralists believing in the highly esteemed status of women contravened(oppose,defy) this habit. Regardless of other people, he himself wasn’t complacent(self-satisfied, contented) with his flirty habits. His conscience decried(criticized) his actions at times. He used to think that it’s not manly to play with female emotions but in spite of these aspersions(unpleasant remarks), he couldn’t stop himself and every corollary(consequence) of his actions usually left him with contusion(injury).

The chimerical(mythical,imaginary,fabulous) chivalry(courage) and chutzpah(boldness) of the classical(outstanding, excellent) Knights roaming close(near) to the coast(beach) with the horses galloping and taking coercive(forceful,violent) steps was really flabbergasting. The coif(arrangement of hair) on the isolated head of the princess which would have attracted so many a people was looking horrible then. The comatose(unconscious, sluggish) king was sliced to pieces and the knights hadn’t commiserated(to show sympathy) anyone. The compact(tight, dense) treasurehouse had been plundered entirely. Whenever the knights commuted(traveled to work), they progressed with a concerted(collective) effort and condoned(overlook, forgive) none. The conciliatory(pacifying, appeasing) steps taken by the empire to discourage the knights had failed and the knights had confounded(baffle, amazed) the powerful aristocrats by confiscating(seize, take possession of) the state and the contravening(opposing, violating) arrogant army was defeated mercilessly. The blood had congealed(clot, become thick) on the battleground and terror ruled the contiguous(adjacent) territories. The cordiality(friendliness) and freemasonry among the knights was extraordinary. After the triumph was corroborated(confirmed, testified),the cloud nine(bliss ecstasy) led to a bonfire. The coterie(set, in-crowd) of knights in the bonfire presented a magnificent and glorious spectacle. They discussed their covert(secret) plans for further attacks and coveted(desired strongly) to exterminate other states. Even the crenelated(strengthened, fortified) forts were easily accessible to them as they knew the secret loopholes. They responded to the cues(indication, sign) with alacrity(eagerness, activeness) and therefore they always won. The defeated masses had to cut and run(flee, escape). The people entrapped in cul-de-sacs(street closed at one end) usually ended up in corpses…


    Alfred, the cynical(non believing, doubtful) dark horse(winner who surprises everyone by winning) was residing in the dacha(country house) in the remote dale(valley). A dam(embarkment) was constructed to obstruct any kind of water flooding. The cygnets(gosling, duckings) wandering near the lake had added to the embellishment of the valley. Defenestration(cast, fling, throw) was going on near the water bank as native children were aiming stones at the farthest point in the lake. His wife, a dappled(freckled) genius, was facing debility(exhaustion, enervation) as they had hiked the whole day. After dead heading(trim, thin out) the ornamental plants, she went into the room and started decanting(tap, drain, pour liquid) the lemon grass juice. “Hello, what’s up Mrs?”, said Alfred in a deferential(polite,courteous) tone as he entered the room. Maintaining the decorum(propriety, courtesy), Liza said, “At your service sir!” and they both smiled. Meanwhile, a flash of memory swept pass her imagination. It was a cloudy morning. A mob of people including delegates(representative, agent) had gathered to enjoy the decathlon(athletic contest). It was Alfred’s debut(entrance, inauguration, first appearance). He was an infamous plebian; people decried(criticized) him for his low status and above all he had deferred(delayed, put off) for the match. The relative demographics(statistics) implied that he was surely gonna lose and deracinated(exterminate, uprooted) by the winners in the earlier rounds, but he was a diligent( assiduous, hardworking) and demure(modest, serious, meek) guy and hated devious(dishonest, dubious, crafty) attitude and had come with highly painful practice. She was standing in the dexter(right) compartment of the elite pavilion, a diptych( a painting on two panels, icon) in her rear wall, her heart throbbing with diffidence (shyness, modesty) while watching a common man participating in such a great event with exuberant enthusiasm. When the match started, the diorama(panorama, view) of the match was wonderful and it reached a deuce(draw, tie breaking situation). Later, in the extra time, as Alfred finally won, a gust of happiness rejuvenated Liza’s self. She didn’t know why she was so happy…


    The dulcet(melodious, sweet, soothing) song sung by the diva(famous singer, opera singer, prima donna) was being doted(admired, adored, loved) by the effervescent(excited, enthusiastic, bubbly, zealous) crowd very much. The downy(fluffy, soft, feather like) melodies and the droll(amusing, comic, humorous) lyrics made the people dance and smile. It was such a great feeling that the music had divulged(make know, disclose, expose) their spirits unto themselves and their souls began to divagate(wander, deviate, ramble) in ecstasy.


    In the el dorado(fantasy, aspiration, promised land) she was manipulating the duplicitous(deceptive, cheating, deceitful) dunce(fool, idiot). She listened to the Edda(heroic poem, epic, narrative, verses, ballad) while doing these heroic deeds. The delusive(ambiguous, baffling, difficult to define) feeling was ecstatic but was all in the emblazoned(decorated, adorned, embellished) imagination. She was in a state of self-encomium(praise, accolade, commendation) encumbering(obstruct, impede) the vice of the world when  suddenly, a blast boomed. The slap of her mother made the embossed(imprint, carve, inscribe) dreaming an evanescent(fading, disappearing, vanishing) perception. The el dorado turned into an ennui(boredom, weariness, frustration).

Jim was trying to equivocate(avoid issue, escape, beat about the bush) and eschew(abstain, shun) that evasive(vague, elusive, ambiguous) issue but the evocative(suggestive, expressive, reminiscent) lawyer was trying to excavate(uncover, dig up, burrow) the details and to Jim, this was making him rigid and execrable(hateful, dreadful, disgusting) creature. That lawyer was gonna exonerate(discharge, liberate) the felon and Jim knew that it would be impossible to recapture the criminal as the exhortation(warning, admonition, threat, motivation) wouldn’t allow the truth to do so. The truth had lost its equipoise(balance, equilibrium) and it was beginning to fear.


    The fakir(ascetic, monk) had recently been extricated(released, freed) from the prison. He had absorbed all the extrinsic(external, outside) negative effects in the prison without letting them change his self. His hadn’t a facile(superficial, effortless) faith, rather it was a fait accompli(accomplished fact, certainty) in his heart. The fascia( connective tissue, instrument panel) beneath his skin thought of God all the time. His fateful( significant, critical, important) conversion to Sufism occurred when he became disciple of a renowned Sufi. He found Sufism a highly feasible(practical, suitable) path. He hated fawning(flattering, unctuous, sycophantic, servile) attitude. He negated the concept of feckless (useless, worthless) life as he believed that the ultimate purpose of life was to achieve the favor of God. He enjoyed felicity (happiness, joy, delight) in the feral(wild, untamed, ferocious) love of God. For him, every day was a fiesta(festival, carnival, celebration). Intuitive figments (invention, idea, thought) revealed on his self and he applied them wonderfully. He never finagled( deceive, swindle, cheat) nor did he flaunt (show off, display, boast). His pure soul was like a florid(embellished, flowery, rosy) rose adorned with a filigree(lacework, tracery, decoration) though he wasn’t a fop( beau, dandy, a man concerned about his appearance, coxcomb). He remained clean and never wore frowsy (untidy, messy, disheveled) clothes. He had forsweared(abandon, reject, deny) all false beliefs and his inspirational self galvanized( stimulate, motivate, excite) the masses.

The galoot(an ugly, clumsy man) had found a flibbertigibbet(fool, idiot, irresponsible) girlfriend. They had met recently and it was such a natural match. The boy though ugly had a gaudy(showy, tasteless) attitude but he gesticulated(gestured, signaled) in a way that made him really attractive. They were sitting in a train moving on a funicular(cable railway) that was ascending on a geodesic(geographic, relating to shortest possible line) pathway. There were green (grassy, leafy) grapevines(vine, climber, c4reeper) in the surrounding of the track. The garnish(decoration, embellishment, adornment) in the interior of the train was awesome as curtains were gilded(paint gold) and the tables were glazed(paint, gloss, enamel) wonderfully. They were involved in a glib(smooth, facile, slick, artfully persuasive) chat. The gambit(plan, scheme, trick) of each of them was to inspire the other.


    The turmoil of the herculean(strong, arduous, muscular, powerful) hawks(aggressor, jingoist, militarist) in the gridlock(traffic jam, blockage, stoppage) and hammer and tongs(hit, strike, fight with energy) was beginning to hone(sharpen, edge, grind) its zeal and the struggle of security force to hector(threaten, bully, intimidate) and immobilize(inactivate) the mob was becoming insufficient. He stood there in the halcyon(happy, calm, blissful) aura above with a wicked (abominable) smile on his face and elegant habiliments(clothing, garment, consume) on his body having a bird eye view of the hue and cry(clamor, protest, noise) of heterogeneous(diverse, miscellaneous, mixed) idealists. The tumultuous mob was never gonna hem and haw(delay, procrastinate) the protest, let alone have a hiatus(pause, break, interval, lacuna). Illicit(illegal, forbidden, prohibited, illegitimate) activities and infraction(violation, infringement, breach) had escalated those days and a number of people were immolating(sacrifice, kill, surrender) to overthrow the elite throne. The impetuous(impulsive, forceful, violent, rash) impetus(stimulation, motivation, power) was a reaction to the implacable(inflexible, cruel, heartless) corruption of the government and the masses had started to impinge(affect, encroach, influence) the authorities. At fist, the people had impugned(challenge, call into question, dispute) the government policies and importuned(demand, harass, beg, implore) the government to give up the corrupt actions but lack of positive response from the government successively had led to this impregnable(strong, fortified, invincible) incentive(motivation, stimulus). Now there were words of imprecation(curse) on everybody’s tongue. Inertia(motionlessness) of government was referred to as inanity(silliness, stupidity, brainlessness) but the man standing at the zenith thought otherwise. There was an infallible(guaranteed, flawless, perfect) glow in his incisive(intelligent, sharp, bright) eyes. The time to replace the old mask with a new one worth worshiping had come. The seemingly intransient(uncompromising, adamant, resolute) people were so easy to fool. The irrefutable(beyond question) track record of the new government would blind them so easily. These thoughts embellished his face with a smile.



This isn’t innocuous(harmless, safe, mild). The inordinate(excessive, unreasonable, extravagant) expenditures will lead us to ineradicable(confirmed, established, long-lasting) poverty and our family will become an indigent(poor, destitute, needy) crap”, she said almost crying. Now he had come up with a itinerant(traveling, wandering, roaming) idea and their life long savings were in jeopardy(danger, risk, hazard). Hearing the jeremiad(long sad complaint, harangue) of his wife, Jack responded aggressively. He had been acting impulsive for a few days and no one in that house knew the cause of that behavior Now he was not gonna let her kibitz(attack, condemn, criticize) his kerfuffle(fuss, commotion unnecessary excitement) again. He said that with his eyes.

He was the kahuna(important person, chief, head) as he had a great ken(knowledge) about the subject. He was walking on the road with a junta(a group o military officers, fraction) and the cars were juxtaposed( placed side by side) along the sides of the road. He was gonna take a trip of the juncture( particular point). It was a necessary but harmful job but his jocund(jolly, glad) and jocular(humorous, funny, witty) spirit was smiling with fearlessness. He was an enthusiastic journeyman(learner, apprentice, novice). A great number of people form all over the world joisted(support, beam, pillar) him. Moreover he \was endued with jaded(satiated, satisfied, exhausted) jingoism(extreme patriotism, nationalism, chauvinism); a person who was in constant joust (combat, contest, battle against ignorance and hatred. Therefore, his soul jigged( jump, hop, dance) every moment.

The mentor living on the mesa(plateau, plain, highland) had a meritorious(praiseworthy, excellent) repute. Neither did he militate(prevent, hinder, hamper) his disciples nor he had any minatory(threatening, menacing) ways to teach them. He wasn’t a misanthrope (cynic, doubter, hater of mankind). He believed in the intrinsic mirth(merriment, gaiety, cheerfulness) of mankind and used to mitigate(alleviate, diminish, weaken) hatred among people. The monolithic(massive, huge, vast) mob of the disciples was like a montage(collage, mosaic, jigsaw); the persons when amalgamated reflected colors of artistic beauty of well-being.

    There was a quite evident lampoon(satire, mockery, burlesque) in the largess(generosity, bounty, beneficence) of the laity(believers, all members of the church, congregation). Many rich lapidaries(jewelers, engravers) of the church apparently being magnanimous(generous, beneficent) and providing lee(shelter, refuge, safety, protection) to the homeless were actually investing to strengthen their dogma and enhance their power. Liturgies(worship, ceremony, service, ritual) of the masses aimed to win favor of God were actually winning the favor of Church; the steadily growing power. The lodestar(canon, guiding star, principle) of the bishops was to manipulate the people through religious control.

 The lissome(thin, attractive, agile, lithe) lulu(outstanding woman, peach, stunner) knitting in the factory took a laconic(concise, pithy, quiet, buried) lacunae(pause, gap, interval) from the macrame(lace, knitting, weaving) when the manicured(neat, tidy, spick and span, trim) officer came there with a magnum(large wine bottle, container). The roof of the factory was a mansard(a roof with double slope, gambrel, roof) when observed from outside but it was a horizontal plane when eyed upwards inside. The gap between plane and slope was a region where an elegant residing place had been established. There was her dwelling. She wasn’t a menial(unskilled, lowly, dull) worker and for the officer, her beauty was a memento)souvenir, reminder) of his deceased wife. She was a melange(mixture, collection, blend) and medley(assortment, collection, mixture) of everything he wanted and he was there to take her to bed.


    There were motley(miscellaneous, mixed, varied) montages(mosaic, collage, combination, jigsaw) based on different motifs(design, theme, decoration, idea) displayed in exhibition. Modish(fashionable, stylish, modern) Sarah was moseying (amble, saunter, ramble) in the gallery viewing the moot(debatable, questionable, disputed) paintings and sketch works. While she was dumbstruck by a mordant(critical, caustic, ironic, sinister) sketch, a bell rang through the corridors. It was a call for moratorium(suspension of activity, stoppage). Already in morass(bog, confusion, quagmire, marsh) about the sketch, she had to go with a big question mark in her mind. May be it was another, a bit greater mumbo-jumbo(non-sense, claptrap, rubbish) in the murky(dark , gloomy, muddy) pond of confusing drawings. She was a great critic of art but that day even extensive musing(ponder, consider, influence) couldn’t help her discern the myriad(countless) paintings. There was nary(not a single) painting she had understood with utmost satisfaction. She was feeling the nadir(lowest point) of her intellect and this was very disturbing.

The mountebank(quack, imposter, charlatan) mulcted(deceived, cheated) very easily because he had secured his niche(ideal position, cavity, function) as an accountant with excessive bribery and countless recommendations. He had nexus(connection, tie attachment) with very wealthy aristocrats throughout the country and now he was there enjoying an optimum(best, perfect) position to loot. That was one of the biggest hospitals of the country which remained obstreperous(noisy, unruly, loud) with thousands of patients and nuclear families(extensive families). He used to sit there in his office wearing an onyx(black) jacket and a classical obi(belt) doing his job; corrupt accountancy. A few people came there with obsequious(unctuous, sycophantic, flattering) obeisance(bow, respect, honor) to win his favor but he wasn’t an obtuse(foolish, stupid) person and judged everyone on the basis of his status and intellect. Though corruption is an onerous(tough, burdensome, strenuous) job, but  it is much interesting and rewards better. As a hobby he did origami(paper modelling). This was better than doing otiose(useless, futile)_ daydreaming. His over drafts(debt, deficit) were decreasing day by day and soon he was gonna be a rich bitch. There was no oxymoron(contradiction, paradox, anomaly) his actions and saying. He had learned to life aesthetically. Usually, he avoided paddy(angry state, temper, rage) but when infuriated, he behaved like a feral lion. He only ate foodstuff palatable(tasty, acceptable, delicious) to his taste buds. During the pandemic(widespread, epidemic, prevalent) palaver(fuss, confusion) of people in any hazardous seasonal disease, his gaiety increased multiple folds. He wasn’t a paper tiger(weak person, hollow man, straw man). Rather, he was a paragon(ideal example) of perfidy(treachery, duplicity, deceit).


The parlous(unsafe, dange
rous attack) paroxysm(spasm, fit, convulsion) was paring(reduce, remove, lessen) but the pathos(sadness,tragedy) inflicted to him by the loss of his girlfriend was ever increasing. Variety of patisseries(fruit cakes) were brought there to enliven him but he was engrossed in his peerless(matchless, incomparable, unique) girlfriend. She was the most non0perfidious(non-cunning, non0treacherous, loyal) person he had ever met. Her love had permeated(soaked through, diffuse, filter) him and caused a perfect positive permutation(change, variation, alteration in his character but now, there he was, questioning: “what was my peccadillo(small fault, lapse, misdemeanor)?”


    The persnickety(fastidious, careful, choosy) and perspicacious(wise, sagacious) prelate (bishop, parson, priest) standing beside the pilaster(pillar, column, support) was encouraging the phalanx(mass, multitude, legion) of people with a quite phlegmatic(cool, calm, unemotional) attitude. The acts of his piety(devotion, religiousness, holiness) had masked his picayune(meager, trivial) sins and he was there, placating(sooth, calm) the masses with his divine voice. The porcinely(hoggish, piggish) plague and the placebos(fake drugs) had distressed the people completely and the priest was trying to instill in them a platonic(spiritual, non-sexual, non-physical) spirit so that the plethora(excess, surfeit) of agony might be alleviated. He was portraying(displaying, exhibiting) the intrinsic goodness of Christianity and postulating(putting forward) the ways to overcome the suffering. His peroration(speech, harangue, lecture, ending) was a potpourri(mixture, collection) of love kindness and belief and the precis(summary, abridgement) of his address was the remembrance of Jesus Christ’s suffering for the humankind.


From wrenches to riches- He's the man!
  • The gentleman wearing the suit and holding the portmanteau(suitcase, bag, luggage) in the prize distribution pomp(ceremony, splendor, show) was a prolific(productive, bountiful, inventive) prig(moralist, puritan, prude) and a provident(careful, wise, judicious) proponent(advocate, supporter, promoter) of social welfare. He had procured(acquired, got) a prowess(skill, courage, expertise) in helping the poor and needy by launching quintessential(typical, ideal, exemplary) schemes and managing prodigious(huge, colossal) welfare institutes throughout the country. He had faced a lot of quagmires(difficulties, troubles, confusions) and privations(hardships, deprivations). The envious people had tried to prelude(prevent, stop, prohibit) his humanely vision and relegate(downgrade, put down) his spirits but he was determined and had never felt premonition(forboding, suspicion, feel bad) about his job. Many a time, he had to confront a queasy (unwell, nauseous) temperament but querulous(complaining, petulant, peevish) words never touched his tongue. Now, he was standing in a queue(line) amidst the quorum(meeting, assembly, gathering) of the rambunctious(loud, noisy, boisterous) and appreciating elites with radiant(luminous, glowing, beaming) eyes and a reactionary(conventional, rightest) smile and his rakish(immoral, wicked, dissolute, jaunty) and rapacious(greedy, covetous, avaricious) rivals turned red-hot as they heard the speaker recapitulate(summarize, epitomize, sum up) his achievements.
 Catch him if you can!
  • His reclusive(unsociable, solitary, isolated) and cunning attitude was dangerous for the reciprocal(mutual, shared, requited) reclamation(safety, protection, restoration) of the company and it needed to be reconnoitered(examined, investigated, explored) and rectified(corrected, amended, settled). He created indirectly a red herring(misleading clue, disturbance, fuss, commotion) that relegated(downgrade, degrade) the members in different ways. Apparently, he was trying to renovate(modernize, restore, update) ad resuscitate(revive, bring to life, restore) the company but the intrinsic purpose of his actions was filled with selfishness. Many a time he had to renege(go back on one’s words, retreat from) and use witty remarks to mask his true intentions. Although most of the company members were roiled(irritated, annoyed, vexed) by him but still he was different. His physique was robust(strong, vigorous sturdy), his personality was charismatic and he always had rosters(agendas, schedules, registers) ad rope-a-dopes(strategy, scheme, boxing tactics). These attributes had made the ruddy(rosy, healthy, glowing, fresh) manager fall in love with him and this fact had retrenched(save, conserve, economized) his position in the company.
I wanna be like her ^_^
  • Beyond the sierra(steep mountain, highland), the sanguine(hopeful, optimistic, buoyant, positive) veteran overflowing with sagacity(wisdom, knowledge) sitting in the sampan(small boat, vessel, craft, ship with a sampler(piece of embroidery, tapestry, embellishment) in her hands and a sarong(loincloth, skirt, lungi, dhoti) around her body was doing needle work. She was embodiment of sanctity(holiness, piety, goodness). People usually exhibit scruple(hesitation, uneasiness) in doing good deeds but she was a born pious. She hadn’t attended seminaries(monastery, school for priest training) or Seders(Jewish feasts, supper, dinner). She was a free woman. Goodness was her nature as she had never been a sandbagger(cunning, guile, cheater) in her whole life. She satiated(disgust, satisfy, fill) none. She wasn’t a sceptic(doubter, pessimist, cynic). She had an unwavering belief, limitless love and boundless knowledge. During work, she never scuttled(rush, dash, heavy, destroy, impede) because she always remained in a state of peace. Nothing physical or spiritual could sear(burn, hurt, wound,pain) her sedate(placid, relaxed, quiet, steady) self. Now she had reached a senescent(aged, dying, senile, declining) period of her life but her life history confirmed that serendipity(happy chance, good luck, fluke) was her kismet(fate, fortune, destiny). As the nature tried her repeatedly, so did it rewarded her seriatim(come after other, in turn, respectively). Surely she was a God sent shaman(religious specialist, healer, kahuna). She was enviable!
  • She sidled(sneak, slip, slide, creep, sink) beneath the semi-transparent covers to take siesta(afternoon sleep, nap, rest, doze). She was about to sleep when she felt a silhouette(outline, shadow, shape, figure) of someone. She opened her eyes and uncovered herself to see. A handsome young man was standing there. She was doing a sinecure(paid job requiring little work, easy thing) in that spa(holiday resort, hotel) so she had to get up. The man eyed her cravingly. There was a snide(hateful, disparaging, insulting) glisten in her eyes and a skittish(nervous, confused, lively) scowl on her face. Abruptly, she threw a glass forcefully which turned smithereens(broken pieces, fragments, splinters, chips). She roared in a stentorian(loud, thundering, splinters, chips) tone, “Why the fuck are you here? that’s my sleeping time.” The customer was taken aback by her specter(ghost, threat spirit, menace) but replied softly, “I really need that now. I’m here for a short sojourn(stay, visit, stop).” “Why the hell don’t you take a smorgasbord(self0servce, meal, buffet), fill yourself up and let me sleep a bit. I ain’t gonna skew(alter distort, warp) my routine for anyone.” she said. “I ain’t gonna squander(waste, misspend, misuse) my time here. I ain’t a spurious(fake, bogus, fake, sham) mediocre, I’ve filthy money and I ain’t doing any specious(misleading, reasonable, false, deceptive) conversation here and I don’t want to hear sisyphean(useless, futile, pointless) words anymore.” he replied getting angry. Although the situation was looking sticky(difficult, situation, plight, predicament) but the offer of excessive money woke her up and she force a stilted(artificial, unnatural, affected, false) smile. “I want you to make love for about half an hour with stoicism(patience, forbearance). I want you to make it in your sui generis(unique, distinctive, special, individual) manner. I don’t want superficial(shallow, hasty, external, artificial) attitude and if you stipulate(promise, give guarantee, lay down) what I’ve stipulated(specified), I”ll give you superfluous(extra, excess, unnecessary) money. I don’t want you to succumb(surrender, yield, give in) to sleeping or do any surrealism(argument, fantasy, imagination) here. Do you understand my stratagem(pan ,trick, scheme, tactic)? Are you ready to do what I’ve asked for? Yes or NO?” Till then she was widely awake. She stood up and swiveled(rotate, turn) in a surrealistic(fanciful, ideal, classic, romantic) way allowing her surplice(wide, loose, clothing, gown, cassock) to slip down her tactile(touchable, material, physical) body. Her undergarments were exposed. She wasn’t wearing tchotchkes(cheap jewellery, trinket, baubles), rather she tasseled(decorate, inlay, inset, stud) expensive and elegant jewellery. There was a tinge(color of redness in her undergarments. The colorful tattoos, gorgeous necklace and glistening ring, all were totemic(symbolic representative, illustrative) totem(sign, emblem, token) of attractiveness of womanliness. He rushed like a titan(giant, colossus, monster, mammoth) towards her He had transcended(top, go beyond, surpass, exceed) in his lust but she was standing there in a triacly(overlay, sweet, emotional) manner. The trepidation(anxiety, worry, fear) was gonna end an tussle(fight, scuffle, brawl) was gonna start. The torpid(inactive, sluggish, idle) air vanished as the hearts began to undulate(rise and fall, swell, oscillate) rapidly and the trundling(move heavely, rotate, twirl) of hearts was the only thing that could be heard in that unmitigated(absolute, complete) silence...


  1. May Allah bless you for easing the lives of intermediates in need. Ameen. Thanks alot!!!!! =)

  2. This is amazing. Thank u.
    Can u plz tell me whether i should learn only 4 to 5 synonyms and usage of each word or do i need to learn the 15 to 20 synonyms given in the kips vocab book introduced this hear. They are very difficult to memorize and we end up in disappointment. And kips k test me wahan se hi atey hain jo merey ghalat hotey hain. 😐


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