Physiology Important Questions for Nerve and Muscle (Plus Class Test)

Important Questions Physiology (Nerve and Muscle)

Muhammad Mohsin Ali Dynamo
Thought you would find these useful near profs :D

The questions from the class test conducted on 18-02-2014 have been added as well.

1.       Using your knowledge of Neuromuscular transmission, explain why severe muscle weakness occurs in Myasthenia Gravis and why Neostigmine improves muscle strength in this condition.
2.       Explain dif. Mechanisms for transport across cell membrane.
3.       Discuss the role of different ions in genesis of action potential. What is compound action potential?
4.       Describe secondary active transport.
5.       How RMP is generated and what is the role of Sod-Pot pump in this regard
6.       A 20 year old female comes with bilateral ptosis, proximal muscle weakness and she also complains that she cannot comb her hair. She also complains of difficulty in chewing, swallowing and walking.
a. Give your diagnosis with brief description
b. What is Lambert-Eaton syndrome and its treatment
c. Give sequence of events of power stroke
d. Write difference between fast vs slow muscle fibers.
7.       Give mechanism of genesis of resting membrane potential. What is the effect of hyperkalemia on this potential?
8.       Draw and explain the compound action potential.
9.       What is end plate potential? What changes occur in it in Myasthenia Gravis?
10.   Write explanatory notes on:
a.       Troponin-tropomyosin complex
b.      Rigor mortis
c.       Genesis of RMP
11.   Draw and label strength duration curve.
12.   Explain various properties of nerve fibers
13.   How neuromuscular transmission can be blocked? Give the mechanism of blockage of each.
14.   Compare and contrast visceral and multiunit type of smooth muscle
15.   Write and account of excitation-contraction coupling.
16.   What are sources of ATP in skeletal muscle contraction?
17.   Write a note on Wallerian degeneration.
18.   Describe mechanism and characteristics of smooth muscle contraction.


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