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KEM-Talent Clash

"KEM-Talent Clash" "All dimensions n' diversions are at one point convergent !" On 27th July , 2011....InshaAllah An inter-class event,where, Every kemcolian is welcome to perform n' participate for free. A joint venture by KAPS and KEDS Pre-liminary auditions n screening will be started soon and continued over a month ! You may perform anything alone or in a team of maximum 4 people , in a time of max 3min u have to show your talent on stage. Stage performances will also be projected onto screen in the show by a live camera!! SO come up with anything you have got ! Tricks ? Magics ? Skits ? Puppet show ? Come up with anything you believe in as special ! And finally, the best talent as suggested by the judges and by the "audience response" wil be awarded a heavy prize ! So what talent have you got ? Just keep visiting or keds page at - online registrations f

Your Weekly Dose Of Kellogs

Kellogs Weekly's running a little behind schedule this week. We won't offer any excuses and justifications dear reader. Just our sincerest, most heart-felt apology. And a faint hope that our absence was deeply, sorely and painfully missed! Kemcolians who've been keeping an eye-out for the notices adorning the college walls would probably know that the KELS English Interclass Mastermind Quiz is just around the corner. So keeping with the times, this week we'd be bringing forth for you from our Kellogs archives, an interesting account of the intercollegiate mastermind quiz that was held last year. It was a terrific event and we all had such great fun! Read all about it here and relive the beautiful moments once again. And since no event at KE is ever complete without a bucketful of photographs being taken, distributed and inspected inch by inch, here's our own little photo gallery with the KELS event covered in great detail on film. Look at their proud faces d

KELS Photo Captioning Competition 2011

KELS English in collaboration with KemUnited Proudly Presents Photo Captioning Contest 2011 For all the creative young photographers out there, here's your chance to prove your artisic talents with a literary twist! Come take part in kels english first ever Photo Captioning Contest All you need to do is take photographs based on the theme 'KEMU through my eyes ' and submit them with a cool and witty caption . Photos would be judged on the basis of both the photography skills of the participants and the creativity and imagination that they'd put in their captions. Public response would be judged by the number of Likes on KemUnited facebook page. Photos will be uploaded after the deadline is over. So what are you waiting for people? Grab your cameras and let your imagination work its magic. Last date of entry submission is  3rd May 2011. ***Exclusive KELS prizes (Trophies) and certificates for the first three position holders plus a consolation prize.


SPWS in collaboration with APPNA brings you the " HEPATITIS C AWARENESS WEEK 2011 " having the following programs: 1. Interclass poster competition . 2. Hepatitis- the real picture :- Hepatitis awareness seminar (includes lectures, skit on Hep C prevention n prevalence, interactive session + quiz competition n poster exhibition) on 2nd may, 2011 in KEMU auditorium (12 p.m onwards). 3. Beat Hepatitis C, Treat Hepatitis C- awareness campaign from 3rd may to 7th may at Mayo hospital, Lahore. *Registeration open for volunteers for awarenss campaign. Register today with your respective SPWS cr/gr. Last date for registration: 29th april, 2011 . *All volunteers will get certificates from SPWS and APPNA . Attendance at seminar is compulsory for all volunteers. For details, contact Ahmed Naseer(Project Advisor): 03314823383 or Omer Farooq(Project Manager): 03334306489. Join us on FB:!/event.php?eid=142302135843046

Blogger Profile : Muhammad Usama

Muhammad Usama ,a freshie,is a Junior Contributor,Graphic designer and Photographer at KemUnited.His favorite chill-out spot at K.E is Piccadilly.If he's made a V.C of K.E,he'd like to build better lecture theaters,make Saturdays off and make K.E the best institute in research. The five things he aspires to achieve before leaving K.E are to be a better person,become a good doctor,improve his communication skills,help as many people as he can and most of all enjoy his stay.He likes to surf he could undo one invention,it would be mobiles! Blogs By Usama Finding sunlight in DH through exhaust windows What We Do In D.H Get a glimpse of an average day in Dissection Hall. Meet The Budrooh Group who cat-walks in Overalls,the Qasai-gang who shows a macabre interest in cadavers,The D.H Quacks whose focus is to build up a nerdy repo,the high-scoring Curious Group,the route-learner B.D-rutta-group and finally the North American Black Horses!


If you’re a Kemcolian and are into videos n music (and psychiatry cases :P), 23 rd April must have been YOUR day!! Yup, tis was the day KAPS presented its much awaited ‘Interclass Video Competition and Music Show’. 'Happiness lies around us'- Pursuit of Happiness, Humkhayal, 1st Year WHAT AN EVENT!!! With videos that were bigger and better than last year and musical performances that rocked the stage, it was truly a day to be remembered! Creativity soared sky high with every year making excellent video contributions… though Wapda’s contribution to the event seemed the most noticed! Oddly, ‘going nuts’ seemed a popular theme this year. Spooky! The event also highlighted the winners of the live sketching and photography contests. To Make A Rose Bleed- By Zauraiz, 3rd Year Videos exhibited included Mirage, The Pursuit of Happiness, Ishq Laahasil, To make a Rose bleed and many more though the ‘Oscars’ went to the following: Qabr Sai Mazaar Tak Concept by Harri

The Ending........

5 th I nter- c lass s hort v ideo c ompetition w ith M usic S how , thumbs up for all those who made this event a  big-big  success in all aspects ! Such a team work ! A list of names and series of faces moving on the “ time line” of this event in my mind ! Such a team work ! I am glad I had a hardworking innovative  team : ready to think creative : ready to implement the ideas ! I feel, this event  itself was like” Making a video ”.....A "new file" (taking permissions for the video competition) was created months ago. The "Producers" handled  ticketing job much better than what was expected by me. Those on "Publicity" came up with innovative ideas of presenting on the Zero point  all that which was coming up in the event as the outcome !  Music Section started working on the "Music-Overlay tracks" (the stage performances and hosting), they screened all so good , got many instrument players to stage , English Urdu vocalists

Mayo's Kitchens Get Honorable Mention in Today's The News

That the world is getting a crazy place to live in with every passing day, is no big secret. As the French street artist JR, winner of TED prize 2011 very appropriately puts it, "You have dictators ruling the world, population is growing by the million, there's no more fish in the sea, the North Pole is melting and...we're all becoming fat. Except maybe French people!" And things are no different at home. There are so many things wrong with the way the country's been run, so many things amiss in how our nation and our society is evolving as a times it just feels like this big bowl of spaghetti. You lift out just a little with your fork and end up having a huge pile of tangled 'serpentines' looping around in your plate.You pick out some and the whole lot comes slithering in. But that's the way things are. Somehow, some way you've got to toughen it out and make your way around all the burgeoning towers of madness, hypocrisy and gloom


SPWS in association with APPNA brings you the 'Beat hepatitis C, treat hepatitis C' Poster competition.All students of KEMU, belonging to MBBS, BDS, Vision sciences, physiotherapy and allied health sciences are invited to participate in it with their brilliant ideas. Rules: 1.Water colors, oil pastels, poster colours and crayons are acceptable. 2. Make posters on chart paper or cardboard. Scholar paper will be prefered(available in 22 by 15 inches). 2)Use of material such as glaze paper, kite paper or other material on top of it is allowed. 3)Size should not be more than that of a standard chart paper(approx 22 by 28 inches). 4)It should be handmade. No digital posters, printed material or poster/picture frm internet will be accepted. 5)Caption is compulsory,Uniqueness n relevance of the caption will be rewarded. 6) 1 poster can only be submitted against a single name only. No teams are allowed. However, 1 participant can submit more than 1 posters. 7) Posters should depict som

KELS Interclass Mastermind Quiz

KELS ENGLISH PRESENTS INTERCLASS MASTERMIND QUIZ COMPETITION COME BE A PART OF THIS ULTIMATE BATTLE OF THE BRAINS! Test your strengths and skills by participating in the most exciting event of the year. Quiz categories include *History and Geography *Art and Literature *Entertainment *Religion and Mythology *Sports The fun-filled, brain-teasing competition would comprise two rounds: PRELIMINARY ROUNDS would take place on 3rd May 2011 between all participating teams. A total of 30 questions would be asked from ALL categories. In case of a tie, a tie-breaker round would be held for qualification to the grand finale. GRAND FINALE would fall on 5th May 2011 between the five top teams of the preliminary rounds(one from each year). VENUE: Patiala Lecture Theatre 1 TIMINGS: 1:30-2:30 Each team should comprise THREE members only. As many teams can take part in the competition as possible but only ONE team from each year will qualify f

Cool KEMU Car-stickers

SPWS Presents KEMU Car-Stickers High Quality, Heat Laminated, King Edward car stickers available with the respective SPWS representatives in each class. Price R.S: 70/- only.......All collection from this sale shall be directed to the patient welfare fund. So start contributing today and pay your share in saving precious, and more importantly, deserving lives

Do you want to increase your knowledge and have some electrifying fun at the same time ?

SARD  | KE Research Society brings you people an exciting General and  MEDICAL KNOWLRDGE  Quiz competition... Its an  OPEN  event ... ANY KEMCOLIAN CAN TAKE PART ! Specially for  1st and 2nd yr MBBS  !!! Important Dates: Last date for registration   18th April, 2011   Date of Event                   21st  April 2011 Venue : Auditorium Time   : 11 am to 2 pm Sample Questions 

KAPS On-The-Spot Photography Competition 2011

Winners - KAPS On-The-Spot  Photography Competition 2011 (Judged by a professional artist Mr. Babar & Advisor KAPS Madam Tauseef ) 1st Prize Muhammad Awais (2nd Year) 2nd prize Sara Ashraf (2nd Year) 3rd Prize Fatima Akbar (3rd year) All Photos In On-The-Spot Photography Competition 2011 are : “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.  ~Ansel Adams”

Your Weekly Dose of Kellogs

Hello there! We're back again today with some more choice bits of colourful reads from Kellogs. For those of you who just went 'What on earth is she talking about DUDE?!', you're welcome to join the ride by going through this first! And now without further ado, we move on to our selections for this week. Starting up, we have Farkhanda Qaiser giving us an exclusive tour through the various entertainment places for kemcolians and some much needed advice on shopping in Anarkali. For all you girls out there, this one is a must-read. Kemcolians Chronicles Part 1. Next up, we have Iqra Ahmad giving us her own interesting account of the three famous, equally loved-n-hated departments of KE: Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Read on to catch up with all the dirty little secrets. Clash of the Titans That's it for this week folks. Don't forget to post your comments dear readers because we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. If there's anything

Study Less , Learn More Part 4

Why do Names of Carpel Bones remind Lulu of a boat, a full moon , an empty cube ...? How much imagination do you use while learning your subjects ? If I talk of a beating heart , can you imagine that ? Yes ! Reason ? You've seen animations of beating heart numerous times . Its easy ! If I ask you to name the types of muscles in the body , you'll easily recall them as bipennate ,  cruciate , trianglar etc etc . Right ? Reason ? You've seen the diagrams in GA . Good ! Now if I ask you to imagine the NAMES of tarsals or say the carpels , can you imagine THAT ? Not that easy ! Reason ?  They have no animation. No diagrams either. You have no mental imagery for them. They are just a heap of alien-sounding words. Aren't they ? Be it the Latin-Greekish terms for gazillions of tissues in Anatomy or tongue-twisting names of drugs in Pharma, students find it hardest to memorize and retain them. Reason ? There is no underlying pattern or STORY of the informatio

1st / 2nd Year Anatomy/Histology photos for spotting

Anatomy/Histology photos for spotting Read the instructions here 1st Year Histology Slides for Prof Folder 1- Labelled Folder 2 - Labelled Folder 3 - Lablled Embryology Models Some are labelled Anatomy Museum Models  (unlabelled) Upper limb, Lower limb, Thorax 2nd Year Histology Slides for Prof. Labelled These slides appeared in the prof exam Histology Slides for Prof (Without labels) Anatomy Museum Models    Mostly Embryology. Unlabelled. Gross Anatomy Spotting Stomach, Liver, Kidney, Spleen Head N' Neck: Pharynx, Cut-section of head Neuroanatomy: Cerebellum, Brain Histology Practical Notebook Drawings Histology Practical copy photos Could be handy while completing the copy

Top Eat-outs Around KEMU !!

By Farkhanda Qaiser Part 2 Updated (Click here after reading) Options Explored! Well, yeah the title might sound odd...but trust me, the food is one of the best parts about KE or should i say Anarkali. The variety, the delicious mouth watering taste of Anarkali food is ONE-OF-A-KIND and its a luxury that only us kemcolians enjoy. You doubt that? If so, go to AIMC, and try their tasteless pheekay fries and dry shawarmas and then you will realize what i'm talking about...! Now here's a list of places which you should definitely try out and i can bet that they will become your much-haunted aboards in the coming 5 years... 1-Al-Karim Bakery First of all, the ever famous Al-Karim which according to kemcol data, earns half of its income from kemcolians. The best item is the band-makhan burger. If you're an over-obesity concerned girl then let me tell you that it sure has alot of calories so make sure to share it with a friend of yours. The egg sandwich is t