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Muhammad Usama ,a freshie,is a Junior Contributor,Graphic designer and Photographer at KemUnited.His favorite chill-out spot at K.E is Piccadilly.If he's made a V.C of K.E,he'd like to
build better lecture theaters,make Saturdays off and make K.E the best institute in research.The five things he aspires to achieve before leaving K.E are to be a better person,become a good doctor,improve his communication skills,help as many people as he can and most of all enjoy his stay.He likes to surf he could undo one invention,it would be mobiles!

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Finding sunlight in DH through exhaust windows

What We Do In D.H

Get a glimpse of an average day in Dissection Hall. Meet The Budrooh Group who cat-walks in Overalls,the Qasai-gang who shows a macabre interest in cadavers,The D.H Quacks whose focus is to build up a nerdy repo,the high-scoring Curious Group,the route-learner B.D-rutta-group and finally the North American Black Horses!

                                                                  A Month At Dorm

  "...So first night was really weird. Felt like I was in a strange       place. *The Scientist. - Coldplay* playing in the background* And I was literally lying there like Chris Martin. But I had nothing to stare but that roof of the room which was not visible though.Almost everyone had something going on in his mind and it sure wasn't something jolly. Opening up to each at very first day wasn't much encouraged so an awkward silence prevailed."


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