The Ending........

5th Inter-class short video competition with Music Show , thumbs up for all those who made
this event a  big-big  success in all aspects ! Such a team work ! A list of names and series of faces moving on the “ time line” of this event in my mind ! Such a team work ! I am glad I had a hardworking innovative  team : ready to think creative : ready to implement the ideas !

I feel, this event  itself was like” Making a video”.....A "new file" (taking permissions for the video competition) was created months ago. The "Producers" handled  ticketing job much better than what was expected by me. Those on "Publicity" came up with innovative ideas of presenting on the Zero point  all that which was coming up in the event as the outcome !  Music Section started working on the "Music-Overlay tracks" (the stage performances and hosting), they screened all so good , got many instrument players to stage , English Urdu vocalists ,rap singers..... so innovative ,so professional .. .. The "Composition Settings" by all those working on decor were awesome ! Technically, true “applied arts “ ! or , arts applied very technically ! Applause able ! I enjoyed working with everyone of them .The Work on "Video Tracks" by the participants of the video competition was hilarious !! Extra-ordinary ! KAPS provided them with the platform to express, and then they provided every Kemcolian with all the fun they could offer ! Yup I am not forgetting those who added "Light Effects" to the show, the persons on lights control in the event ! Quality "Audio Narrations" by those comparing in the show were the jaan of the event ,these were entertaining and very well coordinated ! "Video Transitions" by those on multimedia control were flawless! Expert Hands ! The part of "EXPORTING" the event (the invitations work) was well timed !Those providing "Memory space" (the hall managers) took real pain in  all the work as its not easy to handle the crowd, to guide them to seats , to control the hall entrance ..and much much more.... ..Then the  “ Coordinators” for bringing refreshments for all of those "Editing" this event, brought tasty stuff :p  .... ...  "Rewards" of rs 5000 for 1st video, rs 3000 for 2nd and rs 2000 for the 3rd video were the generosity of those handling finances...and from those who worked on shields and certificates !!! . . The "Final Output" (the outcome of the event) can’t be expressed by me ! ; Let’s leave it to our audience !

For me , everyone of you who contributed to this event in one way or the other, working in one part of organizing the event or multiple parts, or organizing and looking after everything , is like a pillar who supported centre of gravity of this event, in your absence the balance could not have been maintained !
And dear team mates I congratulate you all that YOU DID IT !

Tauseef Omer
-President KAPS 2011


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