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It Gets Better

By Ammar Anwar 3rd Year MBBS If you've ever had to go through the pain of living everyday with a heavy burden on your chest pressing hard and making sure you never breathe properly; never have a second where you feel liberated from all the stresses and tensions of every day life, friendships, studies, food, survival. If you've ever had to cry yourself to sleep at night and woken up in a puddle of your tears that you couldn't feel over the throbbing pain in your head that wouldn't let you get up and out of the bed. If you've ever felt like you could never get out of the bed, and you just lay there looking out the window as the sun rises and sets, people come and go, accomplish things, goals. And you can't get out of the bed. Not because you don't want to. Maybe some part of you does. But you can't. No matter how hard you try, you cannot go through the arduous task of... living. When you're at a point where living your life seems like an ad