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PLAB 1 in 40 days A Guide in 2019

By Dr. Muhammad Salik KEMU 12'-17' 

Note: This is a detailed post, if you're in a hurry, just scroll down and read the after the SUMMARY Heading for a more concise and to-the-point info.

So I’m a graduate of 2018 and I decided to take PLAB 1 during the middle of my
Housejob, and I was inspired by a lecture given to us by an Alumni who introduced us
all to PLAB and the UK career route. So I took the exam while I was in my last Housejob
rotation which was Allied Medicine. So lets break things down step by step.
IELTS:I gave IELTS after my final year professional exam, at that time I did not have any clear
idea of giving PLAB exam but I was free and therefore decided to take the IELTS.
Luckily I passed my IELTS in my first go. I used the last four Cambridge series books
and listened to “IeltsLiz” on youtube. My score in writing was the minimum required
Band 7, overall I got band 8.
PLAB 1:So I thought about giving PLAB quite late my housejob, I made up my mind in my third
rotation, in N…