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KEDS Trip to PMC

Ayesha Mushtaq Class of 2019 Take a bunch of people from the most prestigious society in the oldest medical school of the country, give them the courage to speak, the desire to prove themselves, the power to move the masses, the fervor to scale new heights and the passion to conquer new grounds; what do you get? The recipe for glory! King Edward Debating Society (KEDS) embarked on one such journey of glory when a dozen of its members undertook a trip to Punjab Medical College (PMC) Faisalabad to participate in the inaugural edition of the college’s parliamentary debating championship, held from the 13 th to the 15 th of May 2016. KEMU was represented at the competition by a total of four teams, one in English and three in Urdu category. The English team comprised Hamid Ali , Maryam Fatima , and Hamza Shahab. The Urdu teams were: KEMU-A: Ruhma Ihsan , Tabish Javaid ,  Jamal Awan KEMU-B: Anas Tahir , Ahsan Khan ,  Zara Zahid KEMU-C: Taimoor Bajwa ,  Mahrukh

MCAT Syllabus Explained

Mahnoor Leel 1st Year UHS issues syllabus of MCAT each year but problem is that the syllabus is quite confusing itself. It becomes difficult to decide which topics to prepare and which ones to leave. So, here the syllabus of MCAT’15 is explained. Most probably, there won’t be much change in syllabus of MCAT’16.                                          BIOLOGY                      Part 1 ·          Chapter 1       “Biology in the service of mankind” till the end of chapter ·          Chapter 2     Table 2.1 on first page + From   Carbohydrates till the end ·          Chapter 3    Complete ·          Chapter 4     §   Following sub-topics from “Structure of a generalized cell” 1)Plasma Membrane 2)Endoplasmic Reticulum 3)Ribosomes 4)Golgi Apparatus 5) Centriole 6) Mitochondria 7)Nucleus §   “Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell” given at the end of chapter Comparison of typical plant and animal cell is not given clearly in the textbook so


Third year has been so far the best year of MBBS because it is the year that you finally get to bury the anatomy books (May they rot in hell) and escape the basic sciences into the fascinating world of medicine and diseases. It’s when you finally start seeing yourself as a doctor.

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KemUnited 3rd Blogger Awards & 5th Anniversary [ Official Event Review ]

Review  by Ayesha Saeed Malik 2nd year MBBS Once upon a time, not very far back, lived a little girl who plundered upon Medicine as a career of choice but found out a little too late that as noble as saving human lives might seem, studying to achieve those goals weren't even remotely close to nobility or seemed humanly for that matter. On one of those similarly morbid days, when her mind teemed with saturnine thoughts of failing her head and neck stage, she heard a 'ping' on her phone. The girl lunged towards it, bearing in mind that nothing could make that seemingly dark day blossom into the vibrant colors of spring, thinking that her rainbow of life had been forever lost to the vile world's cruel ways. But dear friends, what that little girl forgot was that every cloud has a silver lining. And so, this girl's silver lining had appeared in the form of a message. The dispatch bore an official invitation to Kemunited's Annual Ceremony. Now, th