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An Open Letter to New HOs

Dr. Imama Zainab Sattar "An open letter to all the juniors starting their house job “ The day is finally here when you’re actually in Doctor feels! Kudos to you and congratulations to your parents and loved ones! I have kept everything in my heart up till now but today I will share my experience so that may be, just may be even if a single one of you is influenced by this post my heart would be at peace.  On my very first day before leaving for hospital my nano stopped me and said:  "Remember one thing, always be nice to the patients no matter what. No excuses; always be kind to them" And to this day I have never even raised my voice with any of the patients or their attendants.   Yes it is possible. Yes it takes courage and patience. Yes patients drive you crazy, yes the duty hours are hectic! Yes you are sleep deprived, yes you are hungry, yes the patients don’t understand things even the tenth time, yes they lose their X-ray forms, yes they use their

Fundus and Retinal Photography using cell phone camera

The first experience of using a direct fundoscope is tedious but if successful, it's rewarding.Because apart from the importance of clinical signs in retina/fundus, we find that retina is an elegant tissue. Behind the lens there is big world of vessels, and a world of clinical signs. No doubt eye is a window to brain, but to see through this window, we need a good practice with the use of direct opthalmoscope, and patience if our patient is non-cooperative(specially kids). Indirect opthalmoscopy may be easier. However, the instrument for (bedside) fundoscopy is quite complex in its optics, and needs good expertise to use it rapidly to see retina.  During my house job rotation in East Medical Ward, Mayo Hospital,Lhe, my seniors introduced me to this instrument, direct opthalmoscope. The model they carried back then was the same one as in photograph above. With simple instructions given by them, after an effort of 2 minutes , i was able to  see just a glimpse of vessels in retina

Do You Sleep In Class? #MeToo

Syed Hassan Gillani (1st Year) All this furore made up by various sects, parties, NGO's and other ilk about acquiring right to freed of life style, choice, expression, profession, ideas beliefs, ethics and moral codes suggested me that I should play my part in this movement of honouring the basic human values. My issue here is a real one. It is about right to freedom of choice. Am I free to sleep in my classes or not? To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question. (Thank you Shakespeare) #MeToo #MeToo Let's see the issue at hand in a historical perspective. This problem dates back to my first day in the 1st Grade. I have an issue staying awake. I have been rebuked domestically for sleeping for so long hours as early as the history goes. In early ages, I used to commute to school by bus that took 90 minutes to take me to school from home and vice versa. And I used to sleep during this whole journey. But I enjoyed it. In fact, I loved it. There is nothing m

Urdu Blog: Tum Kya Jaano

Rabia Ramzan, 3rd Year MBBS "تم کیا جانو کہ بعض دکھ کبھی نہ جانے کے لئے انسان کی زندگی میں آتے ہیں، وہ کسی وفادار دوست کی مانند ہوتے ہیں جو  آخری سانس تک ساتھ نبھاتے ہیں۔۔۔تم کیا جانو کہ بعض غم دامن میں اٹکےان کانٹوں کی طرح ہوتے ہیں جن سے اگر جان چھڑانے کی کوشش کی جاۓ تو ہاتھ لہو لہو ہو جاتے ہیں اور دامن تار تار، لیکن وہ کانٹے پھر بھی وہیں کے وہیں رہتے ہیں، اور اگر ان  کی موجودگی میں جینے کی کوشش کی جاۓ، تو ان کی چبھن لحظہ بہ لحظہ خون کے آنسو رلاتی ہے۔۔۔تم کیا جانو کہ بعض دکھوں سے نجات کا کوئ راستہ نہیں ہوتا سواۓ اس کے کہ انسان ان پر صبر کر لے اور ان دامن کے کانٹوں کی چبھن سمیت جینا سیکھ لے۔۔۔تم کیا جانو کہ بعض غم یادداشت کی سلیٹ پر ایسی سیاہی سے لکھے جاتے ہیں کہ وقت کی دھول بھی انہیں ماند نہیں پڑنے دیتی۔۔۔تم کیا جانو کہ بعض دکھ کسی سخت جان پودے کی طرح اپنی جڑیں ہمارے وجود کی سرحدوں کے پار لے جا کر ہماری روح کو جکڑ لیتے ہیں۔۔۔تم کیا جانو کہ بعض غم انسان کو جیتے جی مار ڈالتے ہیں اور اس کے اندر ویرانیوں کے سوا کچھ نہیں رہ جاتا، اس کی سب مسکراہٹیں سطحی اور سب قہقہے کھوکھلے ہو جات

The Devil's Bride

Azmir Ali (1st Year) Red Dress and Bloody Lips, Waving in a sultry dance, Not knowing what will happen, She was in such a trance, A figure entered through the gate, With a grin on his face, His dark eyes following her gait, The Devil was enthralled by her grace, Captivated by her vestal beauty, The Devil beseeched her to a dance, She was illuded by his charms, By the idyllic feeling of romance, Their dance capturing everybody’s gaze, The scene blurred by a mysterious haze, Holding her frail body, The Devil knew it was time, Fire swallowed all her body, Leaving neither a penny nor a dime, Searched the people on their legs, Searched the people on their rides, But nobody knew that she, Had become the Devil’s Bride.

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The Day Sir Shakeel Solved a Dilemma

Syed Hasan Mohi-ud-din Gilani (1st Year) They say "the children have the most inquisitive minds."  We, as firstulas, are the children of KE - or at least, that is what our seniors think of us. *sigh* SENIORS! I want to talk about their types but let's save that for later. From guiding us through stages and substages by giving us three-night, two-night and even one-night packages to make it through them, to luring us into believing that we need to chill and take-it-easy. From mocking us on our cluelessness about the use of H&E pencils to passing sarcastic remarks on our wishful drawings. They always keep saying to us "you know nothing Jon(iors) sno(t)." But who can blame them? We could never figure it out which pencil was basophilic and which one was eosinophilic, and the mystery remains unsolved. And their relationship advices -this is a topic in itself. Don't push me now. Their psychoanalysis of teachers is so perfect that we feel like they have

Dengue Fever - Summary for 4th/5th(Final)Year Level

Dengue Fever - Summary for 4th/5th(Final)Year Level Dr M. Tauseef Omer, FCPS Resident,Dept of Paeds. Medicine, Mayo Hospital , Lhe. The article is covered in the following headings: Spread of Dengue Virus Classification of Dengue Fever Immunity against Dengue Virus Misconcepts Preventive Measures against Dengue Presention of Dengue Fever Counselling DENGUE VIRUS & Its SPREAD BY MOSQUITOES: Dengue fever is a viral infection caused by  dengue virus  which has four serotypes said to be serotype 1, 2, 3 and 4.  In Pakistan the most common serotypes involved are 2 and 3. The vector of dengue fever is  aedes aegypti  mosquito but in Pakistan it has been seen that in 50 percent of the cases  aedes albopticus  mosquito is also involved.  Only the female mosquitoes  of these before mentioned types are responsible for spread of dengue virus as they lay eggs and need proteins for that purpose and they get that protein from the blood of human beings. Male mosquito

URDU Blog : ‫مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے

By Noor e Ahmed, Class of 2019  ‫مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے     کبھی خوشیوں کے آنے سے  ہمیشہ مسکرانے سے کہ مرگِ شادمانی میں ذرا سی دیر لگتی ہے  مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے  کبھی سب کچھ بتانے سے  کبھی سب کچھ چھپانے سے  کہ بےجا ترجمانی میں ذرا سی دیر لگتی ہے  مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے  کسی کے پاس جانے سے  اسے اپنا بنانے سے  کہ دل کی بدگمانی میں ذرا سی دیر لگتی ہے  مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے  کسی خواہش کے ہونے سے کسی حسرت کو پانے سے کہ ترکِ بندگانی میں ذرا سی دیر لگتی ہے  مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے محبت آزمانے سے کسی کے دور جانے سے کہ ختمِ زندگانی میں ذرا سی دیر لگتی ہے  مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے  کبھی خود کو ہی پانے سے کبھی سب بھول جانے سے کہ یونہی بےدھیانی میں ذرا سی دیر لگتی ہے مجھے تو ڈر سا لگتا ہے۔۔                                 ‬‎نورِ احمد ۔